Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clever decoy

Neighbors had complained to the mayor about the noisy pub on
the corner of 3rd & Lambourne. Seems that the old cronies got
together every Friday & Saturday, played cards, drank beer,
told lies and jokes until 2am Saturday morning, when the pub
had to close.

Officer Redding, parked down the street, was not amused. He
checked his watch, noted it was 01:55, time for the old drunks
to start leaving. If he hadn't been assigned this crap detail
he'd be down at the I-80 truck stop about now having a nice hot
cup of coffee. Redding pulled out a cigarette and was about to
light up when the door of the pub slammed open and an old
geezer stumbled out. Redding put the smoke back in the pack; he
was "on point" now.

The old man stumbled around, fished his car keys out of his
pocket, dropped them a couple of times, finally found them and
weaved down the sidewalk and across the road to his car.

Redding started his engine, watching carefully as the old man
fumbled to unlock his door. Other patrons leaving the pub
seemed a little tipsy, but nothing like the old goat trying to
get into his car. As soon as the old man's car started to pull
away from the curb, Redding was on him like a hound on a bone,
siren, red lights and loudspeaker. Redding wanted these
complaining neighbors to know the city was doing its job.

"Outta the car, old man!" demanded Redding. "But officer, I
haven't had anything to drink!" complained the old boy. "Sure,
you haven't, oldtimer, sure you haven't", replied Redding as he
put the cuffs on the old guy and hauled him downtown.

At the station, the old man blew into the breathalyzer and the
needle didn't move. "What the...you HAVEN'T been drinking, old

But that's what I tried to tell you back there, officer!" "Well
then, why were you stumbling all over the place?" asked Redding.
"Well, officer, tonight when we all got to the pub, they
elected me to be the 'designated drunk' when the place closed

Different perspectives

Ernest Shackleton's recruiting advertisement for his 1912 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition:

"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success."

If Shackleton were advertising in the 2000's:

"Members wanted for adventure trek. Low cost, cool sights, lots fun nights, thrills galore, insurance available. Get your picture in Outdoor magazine."


George M. Adams observed that "encouragement is oxygen to the soul." If we plan to go on living, we need oxygen; if we plan to go on serving the Lord, we need encouragement.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The times are tough

Almost every day I have to deal with cash. Looking at the sales for the day can be an up and down experience. When the sales are low for the day and expenses are high, it is very difficult to be optimistic. More so when I know that there are huge unpaid bills still in the drawer. Credit cards bills are the ones that came to mind when the sales are low. How and when can I pay all the bills and still have extra money to spend?

No, I am not a shopaholic and I do not make unnecessary purchases at the shopping centers. I use my credit cards to pay for the necessary purchases. It is just that the cost of living has increased, while there has not been a change in income. The amount that I can save every month keeps on getting smaller. I seldom use my credit card to do online purchases as the risks of identity theft are real. For those of you who are not familiar about it or have just received your first credit card, do have a look at this IdentityHawk Commercial. There are also many other companies similar to IdentityHawk that provide identity theft protection.

The times are tough and will definitely get tougher if I become a victim of identity fraud.

Shopaholics should check out their credit score

The Star Online today reported the shocking reasons why most Malaysians are living beyond their means. The report also stated that a good number of Malaysian consumers are shopaholics and having poor management of personal finances. Unnecessary spending at shopping centers resulted in them living beyond their means. This is unfortunate as many are facing the possibility of being declared a bankrupt at the age of 40.

While having credit cards can be very useful and convenient, uncontrolled purchases using credit cards should be avoided totally. Consumers should know their buying power limits and one way is to find out their credit score. With the convenience of internet, they can search for free credit score offer. Such services can make a lot of difference in helping consumers plan their purchases and control their finances.

The habits of uncontrolled spending should be nip at the bud. Children should also be taught on how to control their usages of money. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children to value money. The report made a shocking finding that many children did not know where their money came from. Many of the children surveyed thought that their money came free from the ATMs. It reminded me of the phrase, "Money don't grow on trees".

Teaching our children good habits can take time. And time is what most of us believe that we don't have. It is better to spend some time everyday to build good habits in our children than to waste thousands of dollars as the result of bad spending habits in the future.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Would God trust you?

Did a study on Joseph, the "earthly" father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was not as popular as his wife Mary and I have yet to hear any sermon on him preached in the church, except the sermon which I myself preached in Philippine a few years back. After doing some study on him, I found him to be quite an extraordinary guy.

He had to suffer much because of God's plan for this world. Why did I say that? Try to imagine these situations: -

1) How would you feel when your fiance/wife is pregnant and you are sure you are not the father to the child?

2)Then your fiance/wife tells you one out of the world story that she did not have sexual intercourse nor did she used any modern technology to get her herself pregnant but that she is supernaturally being made pregnant.

3)You have to choose either to let your fiance/wife bear the public shame which could cause her to be stoned to death, or to marry her and take in the shame upon yourself.

4)Do you risked your wife's life and the baby in the womb just because you have to register for a census? You and your wife (who is almost due) have to walk or sit on a donkey and travel for a few days to register.

5)How would you feel when people that you don't know come and worship your baby?

6)How would you feel when foreign people come and worship your child and told you that this child would be a King someday?

7)How would you feel when you are told that this child of yours will be the saviour of mankind and that you too will one day bow in worship before him?

8)What would you do if angel visited you and tell you to flee to another place because someone wants to kill the child? And you can't go to the "police" because they are the instrument used by the authority who ordered the killing?

9)How would you feel when your child conveniently stayed back at the place where he wants to be, without informing you and you thought that he is missing. You tried to find him for 3 days without any success.

Despite all that Joseph had to go through, God trusted him to take care of Jesus. Joseph did not abuse Jesus even though Jesus is not his real son. Joseph taught Jesus the trade of carpentry. And Joseph provided an excellent role model of an earthly father to Jesus.