Saturday, January 22, 2005

Tsunami Mercy Mission

I'm going to Acheh Province, Indonesia.

Be joining a medical team from Melaka. There'll be 11 of us, from
different churches. Be there from 24 Jan till 1 Feb. Specific place
that we are going to is called Melabo, the worst hit town in the

Why am I in the medical team? Well, that's a good question. I'm going
there to teach the local contact in Medan/Acheh on how to use the
fogging machine. We'll be bringing a fogging machine to kill the
mosquitos and also whatever insects that is in the area. Am I an
expect on that? No. Just that I've used it before ... well about six
years ago in Honduras.

Latest news... I might not even got the chance to use the fogging
machine in Acheh due to transportation problem. Anyway, will pray that
everything will be transported to our base camp without much problem.

Also I've learned to do balloon sculpturing for this trip. Didn't got
time to learn a lot but only the dog, monkey, bear and bird designs.
Hopefully I can use my knowledge there in Acheh. Also I will take care
of the photography while we are there.

Well, looking forward for this trip.