Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vomit it out

Its been a long time since the last time I vomited. Last night was the latest incident. Penang Asam Laksa came out. Together with sambal and rolled pineapple tarts. I am not sure what the ingredients are in the Laksa but I know my stomach don't like it. By 10pm my eyes started to feel painful (like detox effect)and by 11pm I cannot tahan de. Took my lazy chair out and just lie down until the last customers left. Then I quickly switch off all the switches, close down the shutter and drove back home. I am not sure how many drivers have I scolded in my heart for driving "too slow" last night. Immediately when I came out from my car, all the vomit came out. Ewwwhhh.. vomit out all that I can vomit... Penang Asam Laksa. Then went into the house and after brushing my teeth, immediately went to bed. No energy to service my wife.

Competitive business

Everyone is talking about economic slowdown. Often there will be news of factories closing down their operation. Many companies are retrenching their workers. Some choose to reduce their operation days to minimal. At the end of the day many companies would have to do what they can to avoid loss. Even General Motors and Chrysler in US had to depend on government loan to sustain them from bankruptcy.

Cyber cafe business is no exception. When the public are hard on cash, they would think twice on spending on entertainments. This means that the money that they would spend in my shop would be used for other necessary needs resulting in less income for my business. Economic slowdown affects everybody.

I can see the other business along my shop. There are many signs that they are affected too. There are three beauty salons shops in the same row. And looking at the situation they are in now, I can say that beauty salon jobs are not easy. One of the hairstylist is doing quite well as he has a flair with girls and most of the factory girls would go to him to have their hair rebonded, perm or coloured. Because of his flair with his customers, the other beauty salon is left with less customers and might have to close down operation. Sad but that's the reality in business. It is very competitive.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Ho ho ho... I got a present for Christmas

Yes, I got one this year. And it is a wonderful surprise too. Didn't expect to receive any as I know that wifey did not buy anything for me, nor do I bought any for her. Only for the children. But lo and behold, during the church Christmas evangelistic meeting at night, I was one of the blessed 30 persons who received a gift from the blessed draw. And I got a Hellboy II promotional gift bag. Suitable to be used when I go cycling.

And another good news is that Mother also got a gift, a 3 pcs handmade decorative vases. She was also asked by Pastor Lee Neo to pick out 5 names for the blessed draw. Brother Daniel's family was blessed with 3 gifts. So the Bong's family was blessed with 5 gifts out of the 30 gifts prepared by the church. My children was so excited to know that their daddy and granny received presents. And they are the ones who unwrapped the presents.

Christmas and presents

Now that Christmas Day is over, many would give a sigh, some sigh of sadness because the beautiful wonderful celebration is over while some sigh of relief because life returns to normal. I have always wanted to have a quiet peaceful Christmas but it seems that that wish does not come true this year. This Christmas is busy with activities, from the morning Christmas service in church and then a dinner cum evangelistic service at night. In between, there is the opening of presents by the children. This year their mommy bought for them toys instead of books. I remembered that we bought a book for Annabelle for last year Christmas present. This Christmas she got a scooter board from her mommy.

I remembered my first book present from my sister long time ago. I read it again and again and I really treasured it. Then when I was a teenager, I love reading books like Secret Seven and Famous Five, and would dream of having my own investigative group to solve various riddles and mysteries. Those were the days when books captured the hearts and mind of the readers. Now, it still does but it just that I have no time to read books. Instead I prefer to go online and read whatever information I needed to find. It is time for my children to find the joy of expanding their mind through various story books. Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day everyone.

The price is going up

I asked my wife, "What's the price of gold now?" She just shrugged her shoulder and said, " I don't know". "Check the price online lah" I asked her as she was there in front of the computer. Upon checking the price, she told me it is RM105 a gram. Wah, the price has gone up since last week.

After putting our extra money in the gold account, I was interested to check the gold price regularly. Often when we passed by a gold shop, we would check the price to see whether the price is going up or going down. We did not buy the actual gold as we do not have a safe place in our house to put them. So putting them in a gold account is a better choice for us.
And everytime we passed by the gold shop, my mind wants to buy jewelery for my wife. I know I can't afford the expensive jewelery now so maybe buying from holsted jewelery would be sufficient. The quality is superb and looks like the real one. Anyway, I told my wife that when the time comes, she will get her wishes. I thank God that she is not fussy about it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Felt aimless

I hate this feeling. Being aimless in life. It is a sick feeling. Going through life without much to look forward to. No target, no goals to achieve. Well, at least not in the near future. Felt aimless.

Don't get me wrong. I know what I want to do with my life. Or at least I know what is in store for me in the future. It is just at this time when the situation is such that I can't do anything that I think I should be doing. Business working hours are not fixed, depending on the part time staffs schedule. Of course, the income is not more than enough to enable me to want to do the things I want to do. So I'm stuck in the unpredictable timetable routine which disables me from doing much. No time to exercise too, lack of regular sleeping time already shown its' toll on my body.

Aimless...but then I will continue to trust in the Lord. He has a better plan for me.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What would you do?

If you are pregnant and the scan shows that the baby is having cleft lips? What would you do when you are told by the doctor that the baby might also be deaf and dumb and some other difficulties? What would you do?

My wife friend's colleague is now in her 21 weeks pregnancy, same as wifey. The friend's colleague is considering to abort the baby. WAITTTTTTT.... DON'TTTT DO THAT.

Would you ABORT the baby?

What would a Christian do? Let me rephrase that. What would I (as a believer in Jesus Christ)do about it? I guess that is what the Holy Spirit has been asking me since I heard the news. What would I do? Deep down I know what I must do. Adopt the baby. What? Am I crazy? Well, the last time I check I am not in any mental ward hospital...so I think I am still okay. But why adopt the baby?

Let it be known to all that our lives are given by God. That each and every lives are precious to God. And if it is precious in God's sight, it must be precious to us too. And being a believer in Jesus Christ necessitates me to show God's love to everyone (in varying degrees at varying times). And in this circumstances, to show to the baby that God loves him even though the parents may not want him alive.

Now, I am not condemning the parents. They may in their ignorance and in their own religious beliefs think that they are doing what is best for the baby. I would not want to dwell or argue on that. What they can do is to let me adopt the baby instead should abortion is their decision.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Striving Hard

The word "striving" basically means hard work, endurance to achieve a goal. And that is what I am doing now. I am striving hard. No, not to build up my business, although at times I seems to be doing so, but to finish my studies. It is not an online degree but by way of correspondence. I enrolled for the degree a long time ago and I still have about 5 more subjects to finish. Whether I like it or not, I have to strive hard to finish my studies. Studying is not one of my favorite things to do but I know I have to do it.

So with the striving hard month by month, I hope (hope only) that I can finish my degree by end of next year earliest. It will take me about 3 months average to finish one subject. Go go go...go for it.

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Birthday party for Clarissa

Her Mommy wants to do a simple birthday party for her. What is supposed to be a simple party turns out to be a not so simple party. More like a medium party with a total of 15 children, 3 teenagers and 15 adults. Haiyo... quite a big turnout lah. I'm not so fond of having parties. I prefer quiet solitude than being in the hoohahs. But I guess children would love parties where there are cake and presents. Anyway... happy birthday my dear Clarissa. May God's blessings be upon you throughout your life. Don't forget to serve Him all the days of your life. Daddy loves you very much.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What do I want for my birthday?

I didn't realize that my birthday is coming soon. Too soon I may say. Too fast as I didn't expect it to come flying by. My wife has already asked me as to what I want for my birthday gifts. As usual, I would have no idea as to what I want for my birthday. So my standard normal routine year by year answer would be, "Hmmm...don't know lah".

I guess to some wives out there, that kind of answer can be a relief as they would not need to spend much money buying gifts. But on the other hand some may find is irritating as they would have to crack their head and figure out what to buy as a gift. As long as I get a quiet day to relax and enjoy myself, I would be very happy indeed. No gift also never mind. Maybe just a meal together at KFC or Pizza Hut using the free voucher coupon that we received from Bonuslink would do just nice.

Even though I have told my wife many times for many years, she would still buy me something for my birthday gifts. Sometimes others give me presents that is of no practical use for me. Times like that I wished they would just give me any gift card instead. Then I would be able to buy the things that I really want to use like sports items. No wastage of money for both sides.