Monday, September 29, 2008


Lord, I feel so distant from you. It seems that we have been disconnected many times for a few weeks now. And the many times when we were connected, it seems just for a little while. My spirit is drying and thirsting to be filled with you again. Quench my thirsts for you O Lord. I don't want to live my life without your touch, without your anointing, without your presence in my heart, mind and spirit. How can I be filled with Thee O Lord! To seek Thee and to enter into Your presence wherever I may be. May Your power, joy, peace and love radiates in me. Oh how true the Psalmist says, to be in your presence a day is much better than to be without you a thousand years.

You are the vine, I am the branches. Without you, I will die. Without you, I can do nothing. Flow your essence through me and let me grow and blossoms, and bear much fruit for You.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Prolink Load Balancer

Bought one Prolink Load Balancer from Fida Systems Sdn Bhd. It is 4 WAN ports load balancer. That means it can be connected to 4 internet lines.I have one unit of 2 WAN ports Load Balancer but because I wanted to add additional streamyx line, I had to buy this 4 WAN ports Load Balancer.

Okay, how do you configure the 4 WAN ports Load Balancer? It is quite simple. You need to understand how the Load Balancer works. You can do this by reading the manual which comes in softcopy format. If this is your first time using the Load Balancer, I would suggest that you read through the manual.

No, I would not list down how to install the Load Balancer. That would be too long. I just want to point out these two things.

- When the streamyx contractor come to install your streamyx line, tell him NOT to configure the ADSL modem to router mode. Just make sure you know the Streamyx Username and Password. If however, he has configured it to router mode, just reset it to factory default.
- It is better to configure the Load Balancer directly, meaning the LAN cable from the Load Balancer is connected directly to the PC instead of going through a hub.

The others are as mentioned in the manual. Make sure you read the manual thoroughly.

Missing her

I missed my wife now. She normally comes to help me out in the shop at 6pm till 9pm. This week the children (all three of them) are down with fever, cough and flu. That means that wifey had to stay at home looking after the children. Today, she herself is down with fever. I miss my wife. Lord, let your healing touch be upon my children and Michelle.

Added the 3rd streamyx line

After much consideration, I decided to add in another streamyx line for my internet cafe. Right now I am subscribing to a total of 3MB of streamyx broadband. I do hope that with the additional 1MB, there would not be any lagging or slow connection for my customers. I hate it when the streamyx line is down and I have to turn away my customers. It is a big loss for my business. This additional streamyx line costs me about RM1.3K. I had to fix another phone line which costs me RM350 including deposit. Then I had to buy 4 WAN Load Balancer from Fida System which costs me RM850 and 8 ports router which costs me RM66. Streamy Combo for Business package costs me RM150 a month. I pray that this investment will give me good returns in the short and long term.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seven Deadly Stresses

Stress can kill. Yes, that's true. Maybe not immediately but in the long term. I received an email from Bill Gothard about the seven deadly stresses and I know it would be a good insight for all of us. Read through.

I have some very exciting news! It relates to the commands of Christ we have been learning about through the Daily Success e-mails. God promises that if we keep His commands before our eyes, He will reveal Himself to us. This is precisely what He has done by allowing us to
see how His commands relate to health.

We have learned that there are seven deadly stresses that are major causes of health problems. These include the stresses of anger, guilt, lust, bitterness, greed, fear, and envy. Each stress has a direct effect on a system of the body. Anger affects the cardiovascular system, guilt the nervous system, lust the endocrine system, bitterness the digestive system, greed the immune system, fear the respiratory system, and envy the musculoskeletal system.

When people resolve the stresses in their lives, the related symptoms of their diseases often clear up. What is even more exciting is that there are seven commands that directly relate to each stress! For example, by applying the seven commands related to anger, we can
resolve the stress of anger in our lives. The same is true for every other stress.

All of this is explained and powerfully illustrated in a brand new health manual titled How to Resolve 7 Deadly Stresses. You can secure a copy of this "revolutionary" manual by visiting or by calling 1-800-398-1290.

There is an accompanying Website, , that further explains the truths in the book. I believe that you will be encouraged and benefited by these two resources for life and health.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Renewal and Inquiry

Went to MBMB to renew my business licence. It is due end of September and renewal for 3 months period. It costs me RM90 to renew my licence. For whatever reasons, MBMB only gives out temporary licence to internet cafes. Most probably they want to monitor the activities of the cybercafes in Melaka. I find it very troublesome to go to MBMB every 3 months to renew my licence. Waste of petrol and time for something that should be done once a year.

While at the counter I asked the clerk about the possibility of opening another branch at PK. She says there should not be any problems but I suspected that she does not know much about it. She consulted another colleague who seems to know more about the conditions of opening a cybercafe. She said I can inquire from the officer in charge but the officer would only be in the office after 12 noon. Knowing that nothing much I can do there, I went back to my shop to start my work....full day today. Will have to find time to drop by at the officer's office.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Glad to be of service

Miss Tan works as the Operational Manager in one of the local banks and she has helped me a lot with my banking work. Out of a sudden she came to my shop and ordered a bottle of honey. Yes, I do sell honey way back then but I stopped selling it now. While she was in the shop, another customer of mine Jack came in. He wanted to photocopy some bank documents and I introduced them to each other. Soon they were talking about loans and credit cards. Miss Tan requested Jack to go over to the bank so that she can process Jack’s application for loan. Jack has been telling me of his intention to buy a house and is looking for bank loans. Upon preliminary assessment of Jack’s income, Miss Tan told him that she can work out something for him.

Well, I am happy for both of them. Glad to be of service to them. Oh ya, I was surprised when Jack told me that he does not have any credit card and he has been using his mother’s supplementary card all these years. It is of late that Jack decided to make proper his income statements. Without proper income statements, he cannot buy a house under his name or apply any bank loans.

credit cards

Anyone interested to get a bank loan or credit card. Call me. I will be happy to serve.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When will I?

When will I be able to cycle to work again? When will I have the time to go to the bank during the daytime? When will I be able to spend time with my mother during weekdays? When will I be able to spend time with my children at home during the weekdays? When will I be able to go out for movies?.... when?

But in all things give thanks to God.

I need to be healthy all the time.

Now that I am stuck here at the shop six days a week from morning10.00am till 1.00am the next day, I need to take care of my health. There is no exercises sessions for me except on Sunday evenings. Furthermore, it is not advisable for me to cycle to work as it is dangerous to cycle back home at 1.00am. What I do not want to happen is seeing my body getting weak and prone to sickness. Falling sick is not an option for me at this time. I do not want to contract any fever, flu, cough or even Community-Acquired Pneumonia. I want to be healthy so that I can provide good service in the shop.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

Friday, September 05, 2008

They like my toilet

I noticed a few of my customers make full use of my shop toilet. Even when they are not using the computers in my shop, they would come in just to use the toilet. They should have use the many restaurant's toilets that are available but somehow they prefer to come to my shop and discharge their human waste in my toilet.

Hmm....I should look it in a positive way. I guess my toilet is much cleaner than the other toilets available around here. Yes, I do my best to keep the toilet clean. Dirty toilet gives a bad image of the company. Furthermore, if the toilet is dirty and smelly, it would definitely affect the customers. Haha... I should consider charging a fee if they want to use the toilet only.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

No wifey this evening

Wifey is not coming to the shop this evening. Looks like I would not be able to bath today while at work. I hope I don't sweat a lot today. I really don't like being sweaty at work. Makes me feel unclean and uncomfortable. Tried putting up a sign on the door stating that the shop will close from 7.00pm till 7.30pm but the customers still comes in. Even the Malay customers still use the computers during that Buka Puasa time. In the end, there's no break for me to bath and eat. Will have to bath quickly if I am too sweaty. Wifey, wifey where are you?

Completing my study

After many delays, I will finally be doing my SLR student learning requirement in two weeks time. As the subject requires me to share in a group, I was not able to find the suitable time or the opportunity to do my sharing. I am supposed to share on what I have learned from the course and apply the principles in my sharing. It would not be easy as the topic is a difficult topic to apply. It is not something that you can apply everyday. Anyway, I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to complete my SLR by this month. And I am hoping to take the final examination for this subject by end of this month too. After that I might want to take another subject from ICI. It is not an online university although I would be glad if they can consider providing online courses.

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Mini Lobsters - Don't Eat

Received an email from my brother about MINI LOBSTERS. It seems that these mini lobsters are being served in many restaurants especially Chinese restaurants.

Do not eat these mini lobsters.

These mini crustaceans are literally the garbage cleaners in the sewage treatment plants.

The 'dirtier' the water, the fatter these mini lobsters

Their lungs are full of worms and their flesh saturated with poisonous metals.

Unscrupulous merchants somehow found a way to get these marketed to eateries.

Do not order this dish.
Pass this to those friends who may want to try these mini 'lobsters'.

FYI, lobsters are categorised as "unclean food" in the Bible.

Rainy Days = Slow Internet Connection

This is an unproven theory but it is something that I have observed for the past 2 years. I am not sure of the technical reasons of it. But as a cybercafe operator, I loathe to see rainy days. The Streamyx broadband lines that I subscribed would be narrowband and my customers would complain of slow connection. Mind you, I pay for TWO (2) streamyx lines. So I am seriously considering subscribing to another line. Scouted for alternatives to streamyx but unfortunately there are none available for my area.
Haizzzz..... rain rain go away, come again on Sunday.

Coffee Enema

Have you ever tried coffee enema? Well, I did coffee enema a few years back. What is coffee enema? Well, it is part of a detoxification process where you use coffee as the medium to dislodge and discharge toxins from your body. This is done by inserting a catheter into your anus and letting the coffee enter your anus through the catheter. Then you have to wait for at least 15 minutes to let the coffee do its magic. After 15 minutes make sure you discharge all that you can discharge in the toilet bowl. Well, does it work?

Yes, it works. However, due to lack of patience and the difficulty in getting the coffee, I stopped doing it. If you are thinking of doing coffee enema and is looking for the equipment, check out foley catheters or do a search on coffee enema.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Totally exhausted

Yesterday was very tiring. I was totally exhausted by 11.30pm. Eyes pain and head dizzy. I can't wait to go home and sleep. Then wifey called and asked me to buy Nasi Lemak for her. She had her "mengidam" again. By 12.10mn, I told my customers that I'm closing the shop. Had to remind them again 5 minutes after that. By the time all of them left, it was already 12.30mn. I could not care less to count the money or mop the floor. I was too tired to do all that. I only want my sleep. Switched off all the computers and then off I go to look for the Nasi Lemak, on the way back. Unfortunately, the mamak/malay shop is closed. Reached home, brushed my teeth and off I slumped myself on the bed. Moments later.... I woke up...its already 8.30am.

Remove Blackheads with Egg White

My wife told me that the best way to take out blackheads is by using egg white. Yes, no need to buy expensive facial care products. Just buy one chicken egg. Break the egg and remove the egg yolk. You only need to use the egg white. Another thing you need to have is cotton gauze. Cut the cotton gauze to different sizes in accordance to the location of your face. Soak the gauze in the egg white and paste it on your face. Let it dry. Only when it is dried you can peel it off. The blackheads would also be pulled out with the gauze.

Then don't forget to wash your face.

I hate blackheads

I can’t seem to remember when the last time my wife did a facial on me was. No, I am not talking about the full professional facial session for my face. I am only thinking about putting the peelable masks. It is the one where you peel it off and all the blackheads will come out together with the mask. She did it often last year on her own face and on mine once in a while although she has not gone to any of the cosmetology schools in texas. I too like the feeling of the mask being peeled off from my face and seeing the blackheads coming out together with it. It makes me feel that my face is cleaner. I think I will ask her to do it for me.

Webcam with My Children

Since I am working full day, I don't get to see my children awake except for Annabelle if she comes in my room before she leave home for kindy. The other two woke after I left home. Today I got to see all of them because they woke up early.

If not, before their bedtime, I will have a chat on the MSN video with them. Thank God for the advancement in technology and internet. If not, they might forget how their daddy looks like.

Clarissa is out of kindy

Her mummy decided to bring her out of kindy and drill her at home. She has been to kindy for more than a year but has yet to improve on her ABCs. Only when we drilled her at home she managed to remember it. Furthermore, we were informed that she is not paying attention when the teachers taught the class. After much thinking, she is now under the care of her mummy. And knowing Clarissa, her mummy is going to need lots and lots of patience and love and compassion and willpower to teach her. All the best to you dear.

Investment in gold

With so many changes happening to us in the last 2 months, we have yet to continue depositing into the gold account. With M resigning from her job and staying at home looking after the children, our income has dropped to only 20% of our total income. There are so many things that we have to cut down and investing in gold or buying
gold coins is no longer the luxury that we can afford. Although investing in gold coins is definitely a good choice and one which we would recommend to others, we are limited by our income. And yes, M’s income formed the bulk of our total income. And yes, we have been living on M’s income all this while with me contributing to the household’s expenses only. However, we are praying for God’s providence upon our lives. In God we trust.

No exercises

I wonder when I can get my exercises. Working the whole day definitely robs me of my exercises. I can cycle to work in the morning but I do not think I want to cycle back home as it is dangerous to cycle back home at 1am. Another setback is that I can’t do any form of exercises while working as I do not want to sweat out. I need to bath if I sweat out and bathing is not a luxury that I can afford while attending the shop all by myself. So for now, I hope that I can figure out some ways to keep fit and healthy.

Tough Job

It has been three days that I have to work whole day (from morning till morning). One word sums it up, “tough”. By evening, I would feel tired and it does not look good for my customers to see a tired, non-jovial staff at the shop. I had to keep reminding myself to smile always and try my best to serve the customers. Sometimes it works but many times I forgot to smile. If this continues, it would not be good for the business. I want returning customers. It’s a tough job.