Monday, July 19, 2004

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The desires of your heart...

Each one of us has desires. That's a beautiful gift that God has given to us. Along with it, we are also given a freewill, the factor that governs our desires.
Yet, many people are afraid of the word desires. It has bad and negative connotation... desires means bad and immoral desires. No doubt that most of us are not holy or perfect morally, but a man who can control his desires is more powerful than the whole battalion of soldiers.
I battle for control over my desires every day. It is a constant battle. Either I control my desires or it controls me.
Buddhism teaches us to try to get rid of our desires. I think that is a losing man's principle. It is the same as saying that if you cannot control something, you must get rid of it. What if I can't control my wife, can I get rid of it? What about my children, my parents, my siblings etc. Would it be better if we learn how to control our desires.
Now, my desire says that I want to stop writing. Will post later.
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Saturday, July 17, 2004

David and 30 Mighty Men

Was reading 2 Samuel today.
It's interesting to read about the 30 Mighty Men of David. They all are loyal followers of King David. And a few of them killed giants when they are with David.
A leader attracts those of the same kind. David showed to the people that he is a mighty warrior and had killed many of his enemies inbattle. I'm sure the 30 Mighty Men was attracted to David because David was their role model. David brought out the warrior spirit from each one of them. The birds of the same flock gather together.
To whom are our personalities "attracted" to? That determines your kind of "flock".

Thursday, July 15, 2004

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Family Togetherness.

When was the last time your whole family got together? Is it important
to you to always be together with your family members?

The following are the excerpts taken from The Star dated 15 July 2004
at Star Two on page 23.

"Today's parents spend 40% less time with their children than their
parents did in the past. As a result, our children are picking up
values from foreign domestic helpers, the television and the Internet.
Without proper guidance from parents or involved adults, many of these
children may suffer emotional problems when they grow up."

"A recent study conducted by the University of Southern California,
found that happiness is not about getting richer. It is about spending
quality time with loved ones, and enjoying good health"

"Some parents treat their friends with more respect and kindness than
they do their children."

"Babies develop a strong attachment with their parents in the first
three years."

Fun activities that help build a strong family: -
1) Plan special meals.
Children are the ones who are happiest when families get together for
festive celebrations, anniversaries and reunions. Parents can also
create special lunches or dinners once a week in which the whole
family can join in to make it a fun and meaningful occasion.

2) Organize a treasure hunt
Gather your family together and make a list of things that you will
try to find in your own treasure hunt. It can be as simple as
searching for simple items in the garden.

3) Keep a family journal.
The family journal can be in the form of photos, videos or even a book
for jottings. These can help keep those warm memories alive. Do a
project where the whole family can have fun making family videos or
writing stories about each other. I can see the smiles on everybody's
face years down the road when the videos are played back.

4) Volunteer your services.
Encourage your child to develop a penchant for helping others.
Volunteer works strengthens the family unit. Helpfulness learned as a
child will last a lifetime. Volunteer work is a good way to forge a
sense of closeness that comes with doing good deeds together.

5) Join in family games.
Outdoor games help children not just to develop strong bodies but
build stronger and deeper relationships. Traditional games such as
gasing, catuk ayam, congkak, batu lima, teng-teng, etch have been
replaced by digital and electronic games which hardly promote
cooperation and sharing. Teach the traditional games and let your
children pass them down to the next generation.

6) Trace your family tree.
Start a family tree research project to discover stories about
relatives and friends. Your children can learn about the family
history through this, and pick up important lessons about life from
the stories of family members who have overcome the odds. This is a
great way to teach family values to children of all ages.

7) Spend time chatting.
Spend at least 10 to 15 minutes a day just chatting with your child.
Children tend to open up when they are relaxing with their parents.
They would share their problems and their achievements of the day
during these special moments. Make sure you give your attention to
them and to what they say but be slow to comments or make any

8) Read to your child.
Make is a daily affair to read aloud to your child not matter how old
she is. Stories you enjoyed as a kid can also thrill your child. Start
a storybook collection.

9) Get connected.
Families need a place to connect with one another. Find places in your
home or in your neighbourhood where your family can feel safe and
connected. The parents' bed is normally the safe haven for the
children, where they would go there to cuddle up or share about what
happened to them during their day. Look around for these special
places where you can connect with your child.

10) Get energized.
Physical exercise help to overcome fatigue and stress after a hard day
at work. Exercise can also help to bond the family together. Parents
and children can take a few moments daily to stretch and jump around
together. Healthy bodies build healthy minds.

* Wow, these are very good tips. I think I'll start doing some of
these activities.

David Bong

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Celebrating my mother's birthday.

Mother is 69 years old today. Still active as before, much more active than myself.

Michelle cooked for Mother the sweet Mee Sua and hard boiled 2 chicken eggs. Olden days way of celebrating one's birthday. Mother was touched by the small gesture. A small way to show love.

Brought her to Jusco for dinner and shopping. Thereafter bought a birthday cake for her. Glad that I've done whatever that I can think of to bless her on her birthday. I realise there's nothing that I can do to ever repay what she has done for me. Because of that I praise God when I think of my mother.

Take care of your mother when they are still around. Don't wait until they die because then they won't know a thing.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Wisdom and Wealth.

Wisdom or Wealth?

Solomon was granted one request from God. He could have chosen
greatness but he chose wisdom. He knows that he needs wisdom to rule
the kingdom of Israel. He asked wisdom because he wants to be able to
serve his people.

Many people wish for things for their own pleasure. James reminds us
that we do not have because we do not ask God. But when we ask, we do
not receive because we ask for own pleasure. Solomon asked not for his
own benefits but for the benefit of his people.

Do you want wisdom or wealth? Chose you this day what you ask for.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Family bonding.

Today, went up to Shah Alam to meet one of my brother. Mother follow
along. Reached there Brother Ann and family just arrived. Had lunch
together and thereafter Bro Chai & family and Sister Mary & the two
daughters came. Had a good time of fellowship. I guess the children
enjoyed it most. By 4pm, we had to leave. Though the time spent there
is short but we enjoyed it just being together.

Praise God for the efforts taken by the family members to gather
together. Yes it costs money to travel there but its worth it. When
you die, you'll wish that you'll more time with your family.

How are you and your family members?


Heard the message on the character Discretion.

Discretion is about making choices between right and wrong. We must
always chose the right choices.

How many of us can say that we always made the right choices in life?
Maybe we do need to exercise wise discretion in our everyday life

David Bong

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Saturday, July 10, 2004

TNB and the trees

On the way to work I saw this scene.

A group of TNB men were cutting off the branches of the trees along the road. They have to use the crane to help them cut off the branches. It makes me wonder of a few things.

Why do the state municipal allows the planting of trees that can grow so tall as to reach the electric cable?
Why waste the people's tax money by buying unsuitable plants/trees to plant along the roadside?
Why waste TNB's money for having to ask their worker to chop off the tree branches?

Doing without planning not only cost lots of money, time and energy but it also show poor management on the part of the government.

Do we now pity the trees or the TNB men?

Friday, July 09, 2004

A servant attitude and job responsibility

"We need to have a servant heart in all the things that we do." These past few days I've been learning about Servant Leadership. Yes, we need more people with a servant heart. Most people do not want to serve but to be the master of everything.

However, it is sad that one tend to blur the distinction between servant attitude and job responsibility. To be called a servant is to have the attitude of a servant. Others should not take it that that person should and can be asked to do any types of work/responsibility. Servants are also given specific responsibility. Even in the ancient time, servants are assigned to specific duty. The master knows that one servant cannot be asked to do everything under the sun. That would not be profitable for the master. One would never expect a male servant to be asked to work at the farm and to cook for the master at the same time. Other female servants would be the appropriate person/servant to do the job.

Likewise, let us bear this distinction in mind. Let us not expect a servant to do everything but only the specific duties that is given him. All of us have specific gifts/calling/ministries that is our responsibility. What we need to do is to carry out those gifts/calling/ministries with a servant heart.

Share your thoughts.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Just a Thought!

Words have the power to give life or death. Words therefore must be used carefully and in all instance should be to give life.
All of use are growing older by the day and going nearer towards death. Use words then to give life and delay that process of death.

How many of us take the effort to think first before we say some words to others. Words once spoken can never be retracted. Be careful then of the words you want to say to others.

I always wanted to journal my life with words. Now, I pray that I'll will be consistent in doing so in this blog.