Monday, February 20, 2012

They moved out finally

Had a tenant that always pay late even though we reminded her many times every month. It's very tiring to sms her about it but there would not be any reply. Even when she paid the rental money, we would not know about it. We will only know whether she paid the rental when we check our bank statement online. Some times she would pay less. Even the utility bills are not fully paid. I know that if she leaves, we will have to fork out extra money to pay for the outstanding bills. Even the deposits are not enough to cover the bills. Whatever it is, I'm more than happy to see her moves out. Yes, I'll lose out some money but I know this is much better than the hassle that I have to go through every month waiting for the rental money from her. I just want to move on and God willing, we will be able to find prompt paying tenants for our apartments.

I have not pack my bag yet

That is what my wife told me. She has not pack her bag yet. She is now near her 9 months pregnancy. We have been advised by the nurses to get all the necessary items for the delivery of the baby. All the items should be packed in a bag which we can just take and bring when the time comes. You will never know when the baby decided to come out to see our faces. I think wifey will pack whatever that she has for the time being. There are a few things that she need to buy. With this coming baby, the room will definitely be crowded. There will definitely be some "spring cleaning" done for this room. The only problem is that there are so many necessary things that we cannot simply throw away. Even to pack it and store them in another place would be a difficult task. No more spacious room to go back to until the baby is moved to another room. And that would be like another 2 - 3 years some more. Anyway, I'm really looking forward for this coming baby. I know God is blessing us with this precious gift and we will try our best to raise him up for His glory. Wifey, make sure you pack your bag okay.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What can I do to save some cash around here?

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott My family has never been one to preach about saving money or being frugal. As I was growing up my mom was always at the mall shopping and spending all of my dad’s hard earned money on shoes and handbags and of course adorable clothes for me and my two brothers. This was all great and awesome all the way through college when they were still paying for absolutely everything I needed including a very nice car. The problem is that now that I am an adult I have no clue what I am doing with money. As far as I know all I do with it is take it to the nearest high end department store and spend it like crazy. I quickly had to learn what it meant to save money and be a bit conservative. My apartment complex neighbor told me about Ambit Energy and how I can get special rates and shop around to find good rates on my electricity. This is something my mother never would have known. Good thing too because she would have spent the savings on a new wallet.