Monday, October 25, 2004

Itchy hands

I got itchy hands. Just want to scratch and scratch. Sometime nice
sometime painful.

Friday, October 22, 2004

My color


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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

feeling the pain

wahhhh... now I'm feeling the pain... the pulling pain (berdenyut-denyut).

Hopefully it wont take so many days to heal. Lord, heal me. Thank you Lord for your healing touch.

Accident today

met with an accident today on the way to work. One big brown dog
suddenly cross the road. The dog was looking at the other side of the
road when it want to cross the road. Couldn't brake on time. Hit the
dog, my motorbike skidded.

Thank God there is no vehicle behind me. Then someone sent me to the
nearest clinic. Now, at home. Thank God for His protection and mercy.
In all things and circumstances, give thanks to God.

Below are the photos of the victim... i.e. me and not the dog.

right hand
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front view of the victim
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close up on the face
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left knee also kena
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my small finger feeling the pulling pain.
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Team members with Pastor Joseph and family
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testimony by Belle, one of the team members
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breakfast on Sunday
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team members with the car
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the team member's car that was stuck in the mud and got splashed with mud
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the children enjoying the song with actions
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Gunung Ledang from the kampung
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one of the kitchen in the village
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The headman (Batin) that almost shot one pastor about 10 years ago.
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Mission Trip to the Orang Asli at Gunung Ledang.

The team is from MultiMedia University, Melaka consisting of 8 students, mostly first year students. Met them at Durian Tunggal and drove to Kampung Jus to meet Pastor Joseph Boon Chai. After lunch, we rested. Managed to get some sleep for a while. At 3.30pm we traveled to Gunung Ledang. The journey took us about 45 minutes. Along the way, we had to stop for a while because of construction work. The road up to the village is not tarred and uphill. The cars had to go up slowly as the road is not even with potholes along the path.

The OA children were excited to see our group. After visiting the headman (Batin) of the village, we spend some time visiting a few families. As this area is new to the ministry (pioneering work), much effort must be made to build relationships to reach out to them. I was told that in the past, when another pastor tried to come it to evangelize, the Batin took out his shotgun and wanted to kill the pastor. Thank God for giving Pastor Joseph the wisdom as to how to go about ministering to the people here. As Pastor Joseph, Pastor Joanne and I talked to the adults, the children flocked around the team members. We conducted the cell group at about 6 pm. The team members presented songs, sketch and storytelling using balloons.

On the way back, one of the car got stuck in a muddy hole. A few people had to push the car before it is back on even road. The car was made dirty by the splashing of the mud. We reached Jus at about 8.30pm. Had our dinner and thereafter took our bath. At about 11pm, I had a short briefing with the team members. Most of them had not gone for a mission trip before. They shared what they have observed and learned from the trip to the OA village. By midnight, we all went for our sleep.

Woke up at 7am. After washing up, the members were served with breakfast. Coffee, bread and biscuits. Every Sunday at 7.45am, there will be a short prayer meeting. Then at about 10.15am, the Sunday Service will start. Enjoyed the BM service very much. The songs, the team presentation and testimonies, and the sermon have been a blessing. Pastor Joseph preached about David and how he persevered on to trust in God even though he faced many problems in life. Lunch at 12.15noon and we traveled back to Melaka at 1.15pm.

This is my first time sitting in an Orang Asli Sunday service. One thing for sure, this ministry needs a lot of support especially financially. Hard work, perseverance, hard ground, relationships, endurance, listening patiently, sensitivity, and God’s calling – these are some of the words that will always be associated with the Orang Asli Ministry.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Broadband finally arrived.

Hurray!!.. Finally, the broadband has arrived to church. The Telekom
guy called in the morning and said that he was on his way to the
church. It took him 2 hours to set up such a simple thing. But can't
blame him... the church computer don't have network card... some more
very old pc. He kept on sniffing... think he is catching cold. Told
him to take cod liver oil and vitamin C. He agreed and said he knows
about it also.

The wifi connection will be done on Thursday evening. Once that is
done.... no more online monopoly. And faster downloading and uploading
of files too. I'm happy...... yeah, yeah, yeah....

Monday, October 11, 2004

Preaching on "Persuasiveness". Notice the hand gesture... like my pastor.
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Had a wonderful time preaching on Saturday. Indeed I can feel the
presence of the Holy Spirit in the church sanctuary. Praise God for
His anointing. I pray that the church members will learn to be more
effective persuader for Christ. That the world may come to know the
love of God and accept their salvation which comes only by believing
in Jesus Christ.

After the preaching I felt relieved... mainly because it's not so easy
for me to preach. It is a huge task to preach... cannot simply preach
for preaching sake. Somehow... every preacher's prayer is that the
Word that is being preached will touch the hearts of the listeners.
And that the Holy Spirit will minister to every persons in the church.
It takes me more than 5 full days to prepare for this preaching. Not
easy especially when I'm supposed to share on a topic that I myself is
not good at. But... God is good. Thank you Lord.

Went to play football on Sunday evening. Our team won 4-2. Managed to
score one goal. Long time no chance to score coz had to play defense.
Praise God.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Annabelle photos are in.

Already uploaded Annabelle's photos to Photobucket. Can see her photos
already in the slide window.

Working today even though it is Melaka Governor's birthday. Will be
preaching tonite about persuasiveness. How lah... seldom persuade
people but have to preach on that.

God... help me!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Pastor Joseph

Originally uploaded by Starhawk.
Pastor Joseph teaching the story of the birth of Christ to the Orang Asli in Kg. Lubuk Lawang. Since the OA couldn't read, pictures are used to illustrate the story.


Originally uploaded by Starhawk.
Cell group meeting for 5 OA families in Rompin. Enthusiastic children singing praise and worship songs.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Photobucket photos

Just found out the the free account for has just deleted all the pictures from my album. They do that every month. So that explains why there are no photos on the Annabelle window. To be a premium subscriber will cost US$25 for a year.

For the mean time, will try and find other sites for web hosting.

Monday, October 04, 2004

taking care of Annabelle

Today, I have to take care of my daughter Annabelle. My mother in law
had to go to the hospital for check-up and I'm left alone to take care
of her.

Thank God she woke up at 10.15am. By that time, I had already bathed
and ready to take care of her. Played with her for a while. Noticed
that she shitted ... then washed and bathed her. By then she is
already hungry... so gave her morning cereal. She finished it without
much complain. Then played with her again until lunch time. Michelle
came back for lunch and brought her to in-law's place for lunch.
Annabelle didn't want to eat her rice... asked her to switch on the
VCD player for her daily Barney & Friends show.

Took her back to the house and now she is sleeping soundly in the
room. So far, so good.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Doing my cybermissions course

Right now, looking at the course requirements. Had to do this course
at night as I'm busy in the office. Anyway, hope to be able to
complete this course on time.
Interesting ideas. And also the church wants to embark on this
strategy to reach out via cyber. Maybe starts with the basic and
discipling using cyber.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Broadband delayed coming to church

Today, I waited and waited. No calls... no sign of the Telekom men. What lah... say only want to come but didn't come. Fed up. Some more, this morning while I was online, Pastor came in and he wants to use the internet. But I was still online.... so he cannot use. Maybe he is not happy but what to do. Only one line. First come first serve.

Also, my house phone bill came today. Internet bill goes up to RM49.55. It's time to switch to broadband already. Will get the RM44 per month package. Thought of getting the unlimited package but I don't need to be online all the time. Anyway, let's see how it goes.

Now.... broadband is coming not only to church but also to my house.

Hai ya.... today didn't eat my oat drink. Tomoro must eat.