Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dating on the bike

I loves to ride my motorbike. It makes me feel free when I am on the road. When you ride, you can feel, smell, and see more things than if you drive. I have been riding motorbike since I was 19 and enjoyed riding until now. Yes, I do have a car but I prefer to ride motorbikes than driving. There are lots of sweet memories about riding the motorbike.

When I first got to know my wife, she rides a motorbike to work. We would go out for a date riding a motorbike. Her arms would be around me and I can feel her body close to mine. That is the beauty of biker dating. Sometimes, I would let her ride and I be the pillion rider. Hehehe... then it is my turn to hold her tight.

If you are a biker and would like to get to know more biker singles, you can check out Search the profiles according to your age preference or location. Hope you will find someone there and go for a ride together.

Much to be done

Had another friendly soccer match this evening. The score is very disheartening.... 8 to 1. Okaylah... the other team is very good. They scored the first goal in the first minute. Our defenders were still daydreaming when they scored the goal. The other team played well, with teamwork and good passing. These skills are what lacking in my team. Hoping that they will learn from it.

Maybe it is good to stop having friendly match for the time being and let them play for fun first and build up their skills.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

POS system

POS has nothing to do with the post office though the sound may cause people to imagine about it. POS is the abbreviation for Point Of Sale. So, what is exactly POS. It is a business or place where a product or service can be purchased. It could be the mall, sundry shop or market. Retailers normally consider a point of sale to be the area surrounding the counter where customers pay.

Now that you have an idea of what POS is about, you might recall seeing some of the POS machines used in different places. Every supermarket would have installed one kind of POS system. There are many POS products in the market and if you are a retailer, you will need to consider carefully your retail needs and the capability of the POS product and system to meet your need. If you have a small store, it is good to consider buying used point of sale machines. There are of course various products in the market such as the ibm pos equipment or the NCR point of sale.

It is not just about buying the equipment; you will need to find a good supplier that will help you to install and also to maintain your POS equipments. Check out Vision POS should you want to know more

Service to the deaf and dumb

It is nice to know that the internet cafe is not only for gamers but also for those who are physically impaired. Right now, there are 5 deaf and dumb customers using the computers in the shop, chatting away (with sign language). Instead of using Yahoo Messenger, I notice that they (the deaf and dumb customers) only want to use Camfrog Video Chat. I do hope that they will tell more of their friends about the service provided here. Might need to install Camfrog on all the computers if more of them want to come here.

Safety precautions

About a month ago, one of our neighbors was robbed. The robbers went into the house during broad daylight. As nobody else is in the house, the robbers attacked my neighbor and hurt her. They also ransacked the house. Thank God, another relative of her came to visit her. He found her lying unconscious on the floor and quickly called the ambulance. She survives.

That news really caused me to think about the safety of my house. What if someone has ill-feeling for me and tried to break into the house? What about the safety of my mother? What if they set the house on fire after getting what they want? All these questions make me think about getting home insurance for my house. It is always good to have some financial help when tragedy happens.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Save water, Save life

I think this ad truly conveys the message.

Play Game For What!!?

Why you want to play online game? Why waste time? That was what I always wonder when I heard of youngsters playing online game. Why waste money? LOL.

I just made another RM10 selling one the weapon in MS online game. Sold it to one of my customers. So far I've sold or helped others to sell about RM150 worth of game money or game items. Looks like I am changing my focus for the online game. Instead of just playing for nothing, I would try and make real money while playing online game. hehehe... God has given us the abilities and skills.... even in online game.

I Have A Dream!

The famous words of Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream!”. And after that speech, many others follow suits, daring to dream big dreams that change the world. It reminds me of the Scripture that says God gave visions to the young and dreams to the old. I too have lots of dreams, especially when I go to sleep with lots of things in my mind. Some are good dreams, some are more like nightmares. Hehehehe..

Shaun Passley also has a dream. He saw the need and benefits of integrated web-based applications for personal and business management. With that dream he founded Epazz in 1999 and that vision has expanded to include the business world and the public sector as well as higher education institutions. Epazz has created portal software called BoxesOS. What are the benefits of BoxesOS? It gives the user tools for creating, managing, organizing, archiving and sharing content. It can provide customized web applications to the corporate world, higher education institutions and the public sector.

Those who have big dreams to establish successful business and organizations would benefit from BoxesOS application. Now, I must continue working and strive to build up my business.

Students and Apartments

Last Sunday we went to meet with the tenants for our apartment. The tenants are students in the nearby university. They are from Botswana and have been renting the apartment for about a year. One of them is moving to another state to continue his study and the other tenants want to discuss about the rental.

They are able to find another student to replace the outgoing tenant. However, because this student is staying in an apartment fully equipped with a washing machine, they requested whether we could furnish the same for the apartment. After discussing the matter carefully, we agreed to buy the washing machine for the tenants.

As we went back, we saw many terrace houses with “To Let” signs on the door. I think many students prefer to stay in the apartment as there are various facilities that they can use especially the swimming pool. If you are studying in Columbus Ohio, you might want to check out Columbus Ohio Apartments. You can easily find the apartments you want through the website.

Photostat Machine broke down

Went in to work this morning. Along came a customer to photocopy his identity card. It went well. Able to photocopy it. Then came another customer. Tried to photocopy the document but suddenly the machine produced a scratching sound. Haiya..... I know there is a problem with the machine. Tried to switch off and on it again but the sound is still there.

Called the supplier about it. He came and told me the motor is spoilt and had to change to a new one. Cost RM380...wah...wah....wah...wah..... going broke lah if this happens often. I have yet to get back my capital and now I had to come out extra cost for the repair. Hmmm.... can I increase my photocopy charges...... . Maybe not lah.

Writing service

I am always amazed at people who have been given special talent and skills. They can do better work and the results are often outstanding. I loves to read the blogs of people who can write well. They are able to express their feelings, emotions and describe things in such a way that the reader can vividly feel and imagine. These talented and skillful people can make full use of their talents and skills as a service to others. At you can pay for their service to provide you with any custom writing for your essays, term papers and research papers. You need not wait for a few days to get your essays done. These talented people can write your assignment in 3-6 hours, 100% plagiarism free. Wow...this is one service that you might want to consider if you are not talented in essay writing like me.

My Health Blog

Did I tell you that I have another niche blog? :D

The blog is all about Health as the title goes Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit. I think the title itself speaks about the blog.

You need any health tips, do check it out.

Please visit, I need traffic there too. Still PR ZERO! :(

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Car Lift Instead of Another Car Porch

Wifey finally decided to buy newer car. By January next year we would have 3 cars at home because she did not want to sell her old junk because it has no resale value. It is still good for local driving. She still wants to use it to drive to work.

I will have a problem of building another car porch for her new car. We have the space but I don't have the time. It would be cool if we could get a car lift like the above. The new car will be placed on top and it will be saved from scratches by the chickens and dog urine. Dogs just love to urinate on car tires!

My Niche Blog

Wifey has been “nagging” me to start blogging in the domain that I bought middle of this year. But I just do not know what to write in that domain. I just want the domain name, Starhawk has been taken so, I just settled for Starhawk2u. Starhawk is my online game nickname and also my Internet Café name. :)

Anyway, since everyone is going for niche blog and this blog is a jumble of almost everything under the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars, I decided to write about parenting only in that domain, From Daddy’s Eyes. Do hop over if you have the time. So far, only one post there. Hehe.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

3 certain things for women

Someone said that two things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Any woman will attest, the third certain thing in life, is menopause. The symptoms of menopause - hot flashes, mood swings, aching joints, and other unpleasant changes to both mind and body. These are just some of the symptoms of menopause. There are more symptoms and you can read about it all in the book by Marie Tolan.

No performance

Went to the kindergarten at 8pm. When we reach the place, there are already so many people at the house. When we met the principal, we realized that we are actually late. The event started at 7pm..... lol... Annabelle did not get the chance to dance. However, there are lots of food brought by the parents and we enjoyed eating the variety of food there. Eat until stomach full.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Choosing your computers

All of us want cheap computers if we can find it. When I say cheap computers it means that we want a computer that is not only cheap but comes with up-to-date technology and the latest gadgets. And not only that we also want it to be of good quality, the one that we hope can last forever and ever without giving us any problems. Hahaha….the above may sound ridiculous but I think this is what most of us would want when we go to any computer sales or PC Fairs Exhibitions. We want the best value for our money.

Working in the computer line makes me realize that two main factors should be your top deciding factors when you want to buy a computer beside your budget factor. Firstly, determine the kind of usage for that computer. If your need is just to type word documents, you do not have to buy that latest graphic card. And secondly, would you need to upgrade in near future. This would determine the specifications of the computer that you are buying. If you think that you need to upgrade the computer in near future, make sure the hardwares of the computer are upgradeable or you will end up buying another computer instead of upgrading it.

Daughter first performance

Today would be the first time I will go and watch my daughter perform in school. She will be doing a song performance at her kindergarten New Moon Festival. Do not know what to expect actually. Would I be so excited like the parents shown in the movies? Maybe not. I know what my daughter can do and I am happy with it. Not so much of comparing with other children.

Get Your Tickets Easily

There is a difference watching a sports event on television and watching it live at the sports stadium. I once went to watch a soccer match at one of the stadium in the city and the experience was fantastic. We queue for the Tickets and once we are in the stadium, we can already feel the excitement in the air. It is totally different from watching it on television while sitting in your living hall. The atmosphere, sounds, excitement, and the “vibrations” could easily pump your adrenaline high. That is why so many are willing to brave the crowds, traffic crawls and spends extra money just to be at the stadium.

If you are thinking of buying Sports Tickets or Concert Tickets you can check out, a leading ticket hub in Europe. It is easy to find the events and then buy it online via Viagogo. If given a chance, I would love to watch the final for France 2007 – Rugby World Cup on October 20th. I thought of joining a rugby team when I was in school but there was no rugby team in the school I attended. Now that I am over the age of adrenaline pumping sports, I am contented with just watching others play.

Where to go?

I received a brochure from StarCruise promoting their holiday packages. There is a package for a 5 days cruise trip to Phuket, Singapore and Langkawi. It sounds interesting but the cost is also a bit on the high side. Of course there are other shorter trips which costs less but the destination is not attractive to me. My wife would prefer a holiday in other countries like New Zealand or Australia.

Looks like our next holiday would be either Australia or New Zealand. Most probably we will try to go to both destinations. Australia is a sure place to go as I have a sister living there. We would sure want to go and visit her as part of our holiday. There are many cheap Melbourne Hotels that we can stay in. And when we go tour Sydney or Brisbane, there are also many cheap Sydney Hotels or Brisbane Hotels that we can stay in. I would definitely want to go and visit the Sydney Opera House during my holiday trip there.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Business capital

If the business partnership materialized, I will be busy for at least two months. Think of all the preparations that need to be done before the shop can start operation. I need to handle the business registrations, the licenses to obtain, the contracts to sign and many other things to do. And when it starts to operate, there will be other challenges to face. Finding the suitable workers, the accounting to monitor and most important of all the marketing strategy. All these are good challenges to keep my mind active again.

I would prefer if my future business partner would have the capital to see the business through for at least half a year. At least, within that time period, we would be able to see whether the business would do well or not. If not enough capital is provided, we might need services like online payday advance from I will meet the future business partner to discuss more about this matter.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Business info

Went to the SSM office to inquire about the business registration. Talked to one of the customer service officer and asked her whether a foreigner can be registered as a business partner. Well the answer is as below: -

- if you are registering as an Enterprise, no foreigner are allowed to be registered as a business partner.
- if you are registering a company, then it is possible to do do. However, there are various other requirements that you need to fulfill in order to set up a company in Malaysia.
- however, if the foreigner has got his Malaysian PR status, then he is entitled to be registered as a business partner.

Well, looks like the new business will be under my name.

Most embarrasing moment

I have been tagged by my wifey on this topic. Well, one incident that I can still remember is when I was in my Form 4. The school announced the list of names of those students that got good results for the Form 3 SRP Examinations. My name is in that list. And since my surname starts with the alphabet B, my name was top in the list. The teacher asked all the names mentioned to come to the front. My name was called and I went to the front. I was not sure what to do but having the inkling that the Principal wants to congratulate us, I went to him and hold out my hand to him. However, the Principal does not respond, ignoring me and there I was standing in front of the whole school trying to shake hands with the Principal and the EVERYBODY saw that there is no response from the Principal.

Only after all the names was called and they are all together, only then the Principal starts to shake hands with us. Embarrasing lah to be in that situation.

Lapband - Weight Loss Method

There are many ways that one can try to get rid of those extra body fats. Of course the more popular ways are by exercising and weight loss diet. As for me I think it is better to combine both the exercise and diet programs to get a better result. You need to exercise at least three times a week with a minimum of 30 minutes for each workout. Well, this is the minimum requirement and if you can do more workouts the results would be better.

In the past, women have a special way to keep their body in shape. They use corsets and girdle at all times, ensuring their body having the feminine shape. Now that this kind of slimming method is no longer used, the women are facing more and more challenges to keep their body in shape. Now there is one method the obese women should consider. It is called lapband i.e. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding. In this procedure, an inflatable adjustable gastric band is inserted through small incisions and positioned around the upper portion of the stomach. This procedure will create a small stomach pouch and passageway into the lower part of the stomach, allowing you to feel full and satisfied while you eat less and lose excess weight. I have seen this procedure shown in a documentary and given the advancement of the procedure, it should be more appealing to those who are serious in cutting off the extra fat in their body.

Put up the fence

It is always human nature to react to situations. If nothing happens to them, then most probably there would be no changes in their routines. Only when certain emergencies or unexpected changes occur would people start to do some improvements in their lives. When mother was sick at the end of last year, the whole family members (brothers, sisters, and the in-laws) came together to discussed on how to do some Home improvements. We decided that we need to install a water filter to ensure that the water is clean and would not be the cause for mother's illness.

Another plan is to ensure the house is secured from intruders. As for now, anybody can just go near the house. Of course there is a dog that will bark and give us a warning but it is an inefficient method. Sometimes the dog will bark but most of the times the dog will continue sleeping. And so the plan is to put fencing around the house compound. Yet, until now, as everybody is back to their busyness and own priorities, all these plans are left aside.

Another plan that should be considered is to put up double glazing windows at mother's room. This is not only to enhance the look of the room but also for security purposes too. Well, when everybody starts talking about mother and the plans, I will try and propose this to others.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Food for longevity - 4

Blueberries. High in antioxidants, Tufts University researchers say a half-cup of blueberries a day can retard aging and can block brain changes leading to decline and even reverse failing memory.

Tea. Green or black tea has equal antioxidant benefit. One cup a day can cut heart disease risk in half Harvard researchers found. Make from loose tea or tea bags, instant and bottled tea has little effect Tufts University shows.

Food for longevity - 3

Whole grains. A University of Minnesota study suggests the more whole grains you eat, the lower your odds of death by 15%. Whole grains contain anticancer agents and help stabilize blood sugar and insulin, which may promote longevity. Whole-grain "dark" breads, cereals such as All Bran, and "old fashioned" oatmeal are an excellent source.

Salmon, and other fatty fish. Contains high amounts of omega-3 fat that performs miracles throughout the body, fighting virtually every chronic disease known. Without it, your brain can't think, your heart can't beat, your arteries clog, and joints become inflamed. You need one ounce a day, or two servings of salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring or tuna per week.

Nuts. Eating more than 5 ounces a week can cut heart-attack deaths in women by 40% and help prevent deadly irregular heart beats in men a Harvard University study found. Almonds and walnuts lower blood cholesterol. Most of the fat in nuts is the good-type monounsaturated and/or omega-3. Unsalted nuts are best.

Bakery shop

What do I know about bakery? Nothing at all besides the fact that I loves to eat a certain kind of bread. And the fact that it is made of flour, sugar, salt and other ingredients. I was wondering about the new business that I might be going into. Well, it is not my plan but will be totally the business plan of this Jordanian guy. It sounds interesting to own a bakery shop. Maybe when I go there, I can have free bread to eat.

I have a rough idea of how the shop will be like. The front portion of the shop will be made into a dining place for the customers. They can sit, relax and enjoy the various types of bread and food stuff. I am planning to put some drinks refrigerators and also a few multivend machines at the shop. Well, all these are still in the planning stages.

Food for longevity - 2

Red Grapes, including red grape juice and red wine. Red grapes have moderate antioxidant power, while purple grape juice has four times more antioxidant activity than orange or tomato juice. Red wine (not white) has about the same antioxidant capacity as purple grape juice or tea. French research show that drinking red wine in moderation increases longevity, but excessive drinking has the opposite effect, so limit to two glasses per day. Drink grape juice

Garlic. German researchers have found that garlic is packed with antioxidants know to help fend off cancer, heart disease and all-over aging, and prolong cancer survival time. Let crushed garlic "rest" about 10 minutes before cooking to preserve disease-fighting agents.

Spinach. Second among vegetables only to garlic in antioxidant capacity and is also rich in folic acid, which helps fight cancer, heart disease and mental disorders. New University of Kentucky research shows folic acid may help prevent Alzheimer's disease. Eat both raw and steamed for best benefit.

Food for longevity - 1

Tomatoes. A major source of the antioxidant lycopene that reduces the risk of cancer by 40% -- notably prostate, lung and stomach cancers -- and increases cancer survival. Tomato eaters function better mentally in old age and suffer half as much heart disease. Concentrated tomato sauces have 5 times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes, and canned tomatoes have three times more than fresh.

Olive Oil. Shown to help reduce death from heart disease and cancer. Recent research shows that heart-attack survivors on a Mediterranean diet had half the death rates of those on an ordinary low-fat diet. Olive oil is also high in antioxidant activity.

NOD32 for virus protection

After a refreshing three days being away from the internet shop, I was hoping that there would not be any problems during my absence. I was hoping that my staff would be able to take care of all the problems or challenges that appear. However, that hope is really quite unrealistic, knowing my staff and the challenges that always appear in running the shop.

I went back to the shop knowing that I would have to do some troubleshooting on my computers. Attacks from viruses are very common. At least two of the computers are infected by the Mozilla Firefox Hate virus. No, that is not the official virus name but the nickname I give to this virus. This virus disallows Firefox browser to be opened. A dialog box will appear when trying to open Firefox browser saying that “I do not hate Firefox…but please use Internet Explorer..”. A paradox of words and intention. If you do not hate Firefox, let people use it. Why want to disallow people from using it!

For problems like this and other types of virus attacks, you should try using NOD32 that incorporates the best security software for every categories like anti virus, anti spyware, exploits, and firewall, all in one software.

Be yourself

I find that often people react negatively especially to criticism. I hope this quotation will be a gentle reminder for us to be who we are in God.

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self centered; Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish, and having ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people my cheat you. Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone may try to destroy overnight; Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you have anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it’s between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway.

Yahoo Photos is closing

Received an email from Yahoo. Yahoo will be closing one of its services Yahoo! Photos and they are asking all their customers to transfer whatever photos stored in Yahoo!Photos to other photo-sharing services like Flickr, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Photobucket or even KODAK Gallery.

So if you do have any photos stored in Yahoo!Photos, be sure to transfer it before September 20, 2007 or else all the photos will be deleted. Better act now... do not procastinate.

Nice getaway

We went to stay at one of the hotel during the weekend. We were there not for a holiday but to attend a camp. It has been a long time since the whole family went outstation together. The two daughters were very excited a week before the trip. Their mother has been preparing them mentally about the trip and they looked forward to it.

During our stay there, we had a few hours of free time in the afternoon. That is what the children and their mother is looking forward to. A time for them to dip in the swimming pool. Even my son loves to be in the water. It was worth going for the camp. Now my wife is planning to go for another getaway holiday. Maybe we will go to Riviera Maya Resort and really indulge ourselves there.

Starting another business

I was approached by a Jordanian who wants to open a bakery shop in Melaka. He is the brother of one of my tenant. He came to ask me about the procedures involving opening a business in Malaysia. Advice him with whatever that I know of. Told him to look for someone in Malaysia that he can trust to partner him in his business. Then I did offer to him to look for me should he need more advice or help.

A week later he called and came to my shop. Seems that he is unable to find any Malaysians for his business and asked me whether I want to partner him. Hmmmm...... surprise, surprise. Will blog about this more later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gac your skin

It is just in the recently that the pharmaceutical and health industries begin to return back to nature in their product research. We are beginning to see more and more research results that were done on natural resources particularly on plants. This is indeed a good move especially as there are still vast untapped potentials that these natural resources can offer to mankind. We have heard of the nutritional benefits of Aloe Vera, Noni, Mangosteen and even Acai. Now, there is another research done on one of the fruit from Vietnam called “Gac” or its scientific name Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng. Gâc is a bright-red fruit that grows abundantly on vines all over sub-tropical Asia especially in Vietnam.

What is Gac good for? Firstly, it is nice to be eaten. Secondly, it is valued for its medicinal potentials. Thirdly, it is recently found that this fruit contains high concentration of powerful antioxidants called carotenoids – specifically beta-carotene and lycopene. Carotenoids function as protection of the plant against excess light. This natural Beta-carotene is found in yellow, orange and green leafy fruits and vegetables. It is found that Gac contains as much as 10 times more Beta-carotene than carrots.

It is because of these benefits found in this fruit that a product call R.G. Skin Revitalizer was made. It contains pure fruit oil from Gac and help to protect your skin naturally. Natural protection for your skin from nature itself.

The books have arrived

The books for my course subject arrived yesterday at noon. Will be starting the study hopefully by end of this week. Should not be a tough subject to handle.... only 2 credits. Lets hope everything will be smooth. Hoping to finish it as soon possible....but do not know when lah.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Learning Bachata Too

Don't be surprised if I tell you that I love to dance. I may look big and stiff but this body of mine can move. Thanks to my wife, she encourages me a lot to dance and taught me a few dance steps like Cha-Cha, Waltz, and Salsa. I just bought a line dance VCD but have no time to start learning yet. Now I am thinking to learn aventura bachata . I heard that this dance is famous in salsa dance club. My wife will sure be surprised with my new sensual and romantic dance move.


This is the Ramadan month where the Muslim fasting from food and drinks for the whole month of Ramadan. Well, I fasted too. :P Not from food and drinks but from playing MoSiang! hahahaha.

Well, I was away for church camp in PD which means, away from my PC so I was forced to fast! Anyway, the good news is I will break fast tomorrow! I will be working full day as my staff has been working straight full days for 3 days. It is time for him to rest and for me to get back to work and play MoSiang. :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

London sightseeing

My family missed the London Bus recently. We wanted to sit in the London Bus and tour Melaka but when we reached the bus stop it was already late evening. We waited and waited but there is no London Bus that passes by. We waited for about an hour before we decided to go elsewhere. Maybe we will try again some other day.

Yes, there are London Bus here in Melaka. My wife is really interested and keen to sit in one of the buses. I think if we are in London, she would definitely want to go for London Sightseeing. We can buy the London Pass that offers free entry to 56 tourist spots in and around London. Popular attractions like the Tower of London, London Zoo, Kensington Palace, London Aquarium, and St Paul's Cathedral are some of the few places that the London Pass card holder can visit. Visitors can also choose to purchase inclusive travel with their London Pass and with it they have unlimited travel on London's underground, bus and train network. Sounds like a great deal to me.

Signed up for further studies

I am amazed at myself. Yes, amazed. Amazed because I decided to continue studying again. Yes, I enrolled for another subject for my second degree. It is only 2 credit subject so it would not be too heavy to finish it. Hoping that I would have the motivation and self-control to study it consistently. Left about 11 credits to finish the degree. Might as well complete it while I can.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Marriage problems

The problem with most marriages is that the couple failed to keep the romance alive. Yes, there will be other things that you will need to handle once you are married. And all these things can cause your romance to die down. Conscious efforts must be put in to keep the romance alive.

If you need some help on keeping the relationship alive and beautiful, you can check out this website Lots of stories and beautiful adoring letters that will make your hearts alive again with love. The dating tips for woman and man are applicable not only to the unmarried but also to those who are married. I go out dating with my wife once a week and I can tell you that it really helps to maintain and boost our relationship. Will be looking forward to apply the tips given in the website.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Discipline in online game

Wow... what are you talking about? you might ask me.

Well, in Mosiang online game, there are many guilds. What is a guild? In layman terms, it is a group. The person who create the guild will be the guildmaster. He can elect his Vice-guildmaster and invite other players to join his guild. There are different level of guild.

Well, I am a guildmaster. And in my guild there are only 14 players. Some are good players but some are a bit rowdy players. Their characters are different. Well, today I had to discipline one of them. When they join the guild, I told them that they are not to kill other players (open red and kill). I had to set this regulations as they bear the guild's name and logo wherever they go. And if they misbehave, the guild will be remembered and any confrontation will be directed to me.

Today, one of my guild member killed another player. The other player disturb his spot in the map and my guild member open red and kill this other player. I knew about it because they are chatting in the guild chat (where every guild member can read). I went to the map they are in and saw my guild members (three of them ... real friends). One of them is still in the open red status. To their surprise I hit him and killed him. Of course he was very angry and immediately he left the guild. His friend also left the guild. One more member might or might not leave the guild at this moment.

I really do not like to enforce discipline especially to adults. I kept on thinking about my action just now. Well, I am not sure how the other guild members would react to this incident. I guess if they do not like it they could simply leave the guild. Leadership is tough especially when you have to be tough with your followers.

Backgammon online game

Not everybody likes to play online strategy game like me. Some would just prefer to play the simple yet interesting game like Yahoo Games, BigFish games and others. There are others who loves to play online backgammon. Well, I am not into backgammon but I know it is not easy to master the game unless you are a genius... just kidding. You need not be a genius to play the game but it sure requires some thinking and strategies. If you are into backgammon, do check out this portal

Play better without pressure

Went for the football game yesterday evening. Divided the players into two teams and let them play. Wow... they play better with scores of goals by both teams. Hmm... Wonder why. Maybe they can be themselves without much pressures. And sometimes being themselves is the best in certain situation. Well, hoping that they can be themselves at the next friendly match. Have not yet fix the match but will try and do so after the church camp.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hear ye, hear ye

'Hear ye, hear ye!" or "Fellow citizens, lend me your ear". These and a few other famous opening lines was used in the past to get attention from the public. The people will be hushed and after a while everybody will be listening to what the speaker is saying. If it is a matter of great interest to them, they will continue to listen. If not, the public will make noise and the speech is drowned, not heard by anyone except the speaker himself.

Now, not everyone has the opportunity to stand before the public and make a speech. Only the political candidates or the guest of the event would have that privileges. If you are very outspoken and wishes to have your views about any issues, there is one place that you can do so. is a neutral political forum where you can voice out your opinions from politics to other issues that is happening around the world. Just register and make your opinions known to others.

Another cough remedy

One customer dropped by at the shop to ask me to check her computer. While checking and explaining to her the various possibilities, she noticed that I have been coughing. My cough is the loud cough triggered by the presence of phlegm inside my throat. The phlegm will appear when I am in a cold or air-conditioned place, or even in a windy place. Then she told me one remedy that seems to be effective on her. Here is the remedy. Sharing this just in case you would want to try. May or may not work.

- Take a lime. Wash it clean.
- Cut it into half.
- Take 2 drops of black ketchup and put it on the half lime.
- Put the lime in your mouth and suck it slowly.
- Do this a few times in a day.

All the best in trying.

She is a staff nurse

Just came back from a cousin's birthday party. The food was nice, catered from a restaurant in town. My two daughters also ate the food, meaning that the food is nice as they are a bit choosy when it comes to food. If the food is not nice, then they would not want to eat it, even though cooked by their mother.

Meet another cousin, the sister of the birthday girl. Asked her about her work. She told me that she is a staff nurse at one of the premier hospital in the country. I was quite surprised as I thought she was in another line of work. Anyway, being a nurse is definitely a good career to be in. The demand for nurse is great and she can find work anywhere in the world. Even a technician can work in the hospital as a medical technician but he has to get medical technician certification from accredited health care schools. I guess this line of work might not go well with me as I do not really like the smell of "medicines and disinfectants" in the hospitals.

First guild war

Yesterday was our first guild war.... well...not exactly a war ...haizzz.

Since the members are so desperate of war, I decided that I should let them taste a bit of that experience. Just ngam ngam (coincidently) when all the members are at one place, there is an invitation for war. It was almost 1am which is time for me to close the shop. So I accepted the invitation but nothing happened. Hang around there for awhile but still news from the other guild. So I log out and close shop.

When I reached home and on the game, I was informed that the other guild is already there. They came when I was not around. LOL. And my guild members all have gone to other places. Anyway, I still went to the war field. Wah... the other guild have so many members...all pro. Managed to meet up with the other guildmaster named fatty. Wah....he is already level 45 and I only level 37. Nice chap named Benjamin (his real name). After chatting for a while and because I was the only one left (with the exception of one more guild member named Jonat), fatty and I decided to declare peace between the two guild. hahahahaa.... that's the first war for the guild.

Trusted places to go

The best marketing strategy is by word of mouth. Well some people might dispute that but I still believe that it is the best way to influence people. I would go to a place that is highly recommended by people that I know. It is all a matter of trust.

Likewise, Trustedplaces is a great new community web site that builds on that strategy. You can share your opinions on places that you know, trust and recommend or in some cases avoid to your friends and to everyone. Your opinions matters because you have experienced it. Let's say you are in London, you plan to go to a bar in london but are not sure whether that bar is a good place to go,you can check out Trustedplaces and see what other people say about that bar. Hmm...wonder what they will say about my internet cafe.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Panorama trip postponed

Went to town yesterday evening to check out the Panorama bus trip. One of the bus passed by and wifey did not want to board it.Ask her why and she said she wants the London Bus, i.e. the double decker bus. OIC... her main purpose is to sit in the double decker bus.....hmmm... on the bus as she wants to sit on the top of the London bus.

Waited and waited but no London bus. So we drove home to our Bukit Rambai home while the London Bus....hmm...maybe still on the way from London.

Working from home

Would you want to have an office like the above? Well, I do. It looks very elegant and have the CEO office ambience combined with home atmosphere. The black desk, chair, cupboard and cabinet give it a stylish and professional look. If you would like this kind of office, do check out The above is one sample of Furniture Home Office sets that they offer. They do have other furnitures like bedroom furniture and Living Room Furniture. Oh is FREE shipping when you buy from them. Check it out.

Applying for a maid

Well, we decided that for the best interest of Mom and our family and everybody, we will apply for a maid. It has been quite a while since this idea was brought up but due to some changes in circumstances, it was not carried through. Now that things are a bit more stable, we feel that it is time to get a maid. Truthfully, we do not really need a maid as everything are doing fine. However, with a maid, more things can be done, at least on my side as it will free me from having to be at home all the time.

We will see how things goes.

Maybe I need a tutor

Did post about me going back to study. Yes, I am planning to finish my second degree even though my nightmares are about studying. Well, not exactly about studying but about not being prepared for examinations. I think I might need innovative tutoring program from Score Learning. They have Innovative Tutor but it is only for children ages 4 to 14. So instead of me, maybe I will let my 4 years old daughter take it. I want my daughter to be prepared for examinations anytime, anywhere.

Aiya... still coughing

Unfortunately, this body succumbed to the cough. This kind of cough is very irritating. ONLY when the weather is cold or windy, the cough will appear. So I have to stay away for air-conditioned places like shopping centers or offices. I need hot weather and hot stuff food. Today will be a challenge for me to work the whole at the shop.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Home improvement plans

If you are looking to enhance the atmosphere of your house or bedroom or even your compound, you should check out Hopefully you already have the beautiful impression of what your bedroom or compound will look like with the intended lighting fixtures, but if not, do not worry so much.

Just browse through the hundreds of thousands of lighting fixtures, lights, lamps or outdoor lighting pictures shown in the website. You can find top manufacturers products featured in the website such as Fine Art Lamps, Flos, Fontana Arte, Ambience, George Kovacs, Maxim Lighting, Minka Lavery, Murray Feiss and many more. You can shop or browse for these products by lighting brand or by lighting application or by style. It is easy to browse through the website.

Oh ya… just another note to all. Farreys do have energy saving lighting for indoor or outdoor purposes as well. You might want to consider that for your home improvement plans.

Studying again

Well, at last I summoned all my courage and strength and...... send an email. Yes..... send an email do need lots of courage and inner strength.

You see, I have stopped studying for my second degree for more than a year. So, it is not easy for me to consider continue studying for it. But I did. So... just now I send an email to the Course CoOrdinator asking for my current status for that degree. Hopefully I am still able to continue studying...after so long break.

Let's see what happened next.

More and More are in Debt

More and more people are getting themselves in debt due to the demand of current lifestyle and cost of living. I am blessed with a wife that does not demand so much and is very spendthrift too. I am also blessed with a brother that gave me the cash to start my business. Loan without repayment period and without interest. I am also learning to be contented with whatever I have. I don't have car loan because as long as my car can transport me from one destination to another, I am thankful.

However there are some people who have so many loans that they can no longer afford to pay them. All their income goes to paying loan to the extend that they have to borrow from loan sharks which is sure going to kill them with their high interest rate. My advice would be for them consider a way for Debt Relief.

Debt Settlement is the fastest and least expensive option to get Debt Relief without filing bankruptcy. The Debt settlement companies will negotiate with the creditors on behalf of the client to settle for an amount much less than the balance owed. In return, the debtor will make a settlement payment for the balance owed. Creditors are usually willing to settle the balance of debt owed if the debtor is under a financial hardship. If the debtor chooses to file bankruptcy, then the creditor would receive nothing. So better than nothing.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sweet tooth

When I was young, I like sweet stuffs. If my mother give me pancake to eat, it must be eaten with brown sugar. The Milo must be sweet. During mooncake festival, I would only eat the mooncake filling and throw away the outer layer. The same goes with other cookies or food stuff. The best of all is the chocolate bar. Of course there are not many incidences where I have the chance to eat chocolate bars but I loved it very much when my older sisters or brothers brought back chocolate bars. And when they came back from holidays, they would bring back bulk candy for everyone in the house. Wah... I would be very happy to receive those precious gifts.

Now that I am older, my taste has changed. No longer have sweet tooth. And I tried not to add any sugar to my drinks. I guess my body is not able to take so much sugar. Must keep my body healthy.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Online Game - Lunia

Ok... for those who are playing online game, this is for you. Lunia (Record of Lunia War) is a game that you should consider having a look. Lunia is an Arcade Action RPG game. It promises lots of excitement and actions for the players. And it is free... yes... there are free game, meaning that you do not have to pay anything to play the game unlike the real arcade game machine at the shopping mall. The only thing you need to do is download the game client and install it in your computer. Make sure your computer is fitted with the recommended graphic card and have the recommended specifications. Normally old computer would not be able to support new online game as it requires faster processor and bigger memory.
If you have any questions regarding anything about the game, you can check out the Lunia Forum. See what the other players have experienced and learn from them. You can even ask questions relating to the game. Should you need any technical help, you can inquire from Lunia Technical Help. Okaylah...start downloading the game client and happy playing.

Powder and the children

My Barnabas loves to play with the talcum powder. I do not know why but he would love to pour the powder to the floor and wipe it with his hands. He will put the powder on his face and hands and legs and even on his hair. And when his sister Annabelle or Clarissa join in the fun, the whole place will be covered with talcum powder. Within minutes without any supervision, the whole bedroom will be aromatized with talcum powder.

Wonder whether I was like that when I was still a toddler. Hmm..maybe not... this must be from the mother.

She loves tan man

My wife fell in love with me because I am tan! Hahaha. Seriously, she does not like man who is too fair. Well, if you are living in US, I doubt you can find many Malaysian like me there. There are not many Babas (Straits Born Chinese) in US. The closers race that has my skin colour would be the Latin.

If you are interest to look for latin singles , then check out this latina dating website. It's free to become a member. So many handsome hunks and beautiful tan ladies around. Thank God my wife did know about this website earlier, if not she won’t be marrying me! :P

TMNet review

Received a call from TMNet agent asking for my comments. He asked various questions regarding TMNet streamyx services and the quality of services provided. Basically, there is no other major competitor for streamyx and as such there is nothing much to compare with. With my previous bad experience with the streamyx line that often got disconnected and left all my customers feeling dissatisfied, my rating for Streamyx is low. My comments to him is that hopefully streamyx will increase its bandwith from its meager 1MB. Well, there are 2MB package offered by streamyx but it is very expensive. While internet services in UK have already reached 8MB in bandwith that was offered to home user, here in Malaysia we only have 1MB. Sigh... waiting for ... also do not know what to say already...

If 3 Million MoSiang Money equals to 3 Million Ringgit

I arrived home around 2am on Monday morning after work. Normally I will come home to an empty a house where everyone is already sound asleep. That day, I saw my wife still sitting at the computer blogging away, I noticed that she is at the Hawaiian Travel Blog. She just turns around and said “hi” then back to blogging. No running to me to hug and kiss me, to welcome her hubby home. She is more addicted to blogging than her husband. :(
Anyway, I shared a good news to her. “Dear, I made thirty today.” “US Dollar or Malaysian Ringgit?” she asked. I told her that it is Malaysian Ringgit 30 selling MoSiang Money. That is equivalent to 3 million MoSiang Money. This is her reply, “Hai…so little ah, if 3 million Malaysian Ringgit then I can immediately book one of Big Island vacation rentals and then 2 tickets to Hawaii for our second honeymoon.”
Hawaii again! *smack head*

Blogging for Hawaii Vacation

With Mother away, I can’t afford to sleep late or else I will have not enough sleep because my children will come home by 12.45pm from my mother in law’s house. If she is around, she can help to keep an eye on them until I am awake. That is the blessing of living with your own mom.
Since wife is busy blogging in the morning, I helped out by cooking the rice to feed the chicken and the dog. She has been talking so much about Hawaiian vacations and she is digging the Hawaiian Local Travel Information to get as much information possible about places to stay, places to visit, things to do, where to find great food etc so that it will be a well planned vacation. With the amount of money that she is going to spend, I am sure she is going to make every single cent count.

New pet for Annabelle

Annabelle got a new pet. This time it is a lizard. Found the lizard in the cookie bottle that was left open. And there is one fly that could not get out. Managed to put the bottle cover on and trap the two of them inside. When Annabelle came back from school and saw the lizard in the bottle, she said, "I got a new pet!" LOL.. a house lizard for a pet.

Well, will just leave the lizard and the fly in the bottle for a while before execution time. Execution will be scheduled when Annabelle is not around.

Pursuing higher education

I still have not finished my second degree. Due to other priorities, I find it quite difficult to find time to continue my studies. The internet business and the family responsibilities are taking most of my time. My wife who wished to pursue a Masters finds it difficult to even consider the various possibilities due to her work and family responsibilities. Maybe what we can do is to take our course at The University of Wales Online . I should consider taking MBA since I am already doing a business. Furthermore, their online MBA was ranked among the top 32 in the world by the Financial Times recently. Hmm.... will I or will I not?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Do I need Colloidal Silver?

I mentioned in my previous post that my body currently feel very week. Started coughing a little bit. I have not been having enough rest lately because I was pursing getting the 2nd Real Skill for my character in MoSiang. That has taken a toll to my health and it affects my immune system. Besides Essential and Profavanol, I wonder whether colloidial silver will help increase my immune system.

From what I understand from the website, colloidal silver works on behalf of the body’s immune system, eliminating unhealthy cells and eradicating microorganisms before they develop into illness or disease. This sounds great. It is like nature's antibiotic to the body. No wonder our ancestor invested so much using silverware to keep their food and drinks fresh from invasion of the bacteria. I can’t afford to buy silverware because silver is way too expensive compare to those days. The cheapest would be drinking silver. :)

Search engine for buyers

Search engine. We may not realize it but it is now a very important part of the world wide web. It is the core of internet usage. Without it the internet world would be immobilized. Information would not be easily accessed. The major search engines that we know of like MSN, Yahoo, and Google and many others have their own unique way of getting the results that you are looking for.

Most buyers would search online about the product they want to buy before actually make any purchase. And more likely than not they will not buy it online but go the nearest store and make the purchase. Now it is even easier to do a search online with If you want to buy products like televisions, washing machine or even KitchenAid Refrigerators, you can do a search in It will show you the products that you are looking for and the shops that sells those products in your locality. It is very easy and you do not have to waste time going from shop to shop hoping that the product is sold there.

Another football match today.

Today the RGFC will be playing against the football team from Cheng. They are players from the residential area association in Cheng. Hopefully, RGFC will give their best effort and win the game. So far their game have improved a lot and I expect to see better performances from them today. I am not whether I want to play today as I am still feeling a bit weak.

Not feeling well

I can feel my body getting weaker. The immune system is down and the coughing starts to rear its ugly head. I really need to boost up my immune system or else it will be 1-2 weeks of flu and coughing. That is what I do not want to happen. Will be taking Usana Essentials and Proflavanol regularly to boost up my immune system.

Can I pay by credit card?

I remember once that one customer came to the shop to use the computer. He also bought a drink and some titbits. He used the computer for a few hours and printed a few pages of documents. When it is time to pay he went to the counter and asked the total amount he has to pay. I told him it is RM20.50. He then opened his wallet and took out his credit card and passed it to me. I smiled at him and gently told him that I do not accept credit card as the mode of payment. He smiled back and took out cash and paid the amount.

People are so used to paying by credit card even though the amount payable is a small amount. I guess it is very convenient to carry. And it is quite easy to apply for one. If you are thinking of getting a credit card, you can check out this website There are more than 100 different cards that you can choose according to your needs.

Oh ya... even though you have a credit card, please pay cash when you use the computers at my shop. ;P

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mother is going away

Mother will be going to Rawang to stay at Bro Ann's place. She will be there for at least 2 weeks. That means there will be more things for me to handle while she is away. There will be the chickens and the dogs to feed. There will be the blue clitoris flowers to pick everyday. And there will be many other small small stuffs to look after.

Do hope she will enjoy her stay at Bro Ann's place. I know she will be taken good care by Bro Ann's family.

Chatting online

Whenever I go online and check my email, I will see who of my friends who are online. Of course there are those whom I just ignore and not say hi to them. Not that I do not like them or anything but it’s just that I have nothing to say to them at that time. There are some that I want to say hi to and ask them about their latest updates. I can send email to them but that would not be spontaneous or fast. The better way is to chat with them with a chat program. Sometimes it is not even necessary to have a separate chat program as it is already installed in the website. I can just go to the website and chat with other people.

Even in the online game, the players can chat with other players. It is quite fun to be able to chat with other players and ask them about their game status. I was thinking about creating free chat rooms where all my game members would be able to chat freely about everything. Well, most probably they will talk about the game and asking about tips on how to be better in the game. Whatever it is, it is good to be able to chat with them.

Do I Have Salary This Month?

Business is slightly better towards the end of the month when the student needed to hand up their assignments. There are a lot of printing and photocopying to be done. This contributes quite a big sum to the sales. The month of August has finally ended. I have yet to calculate the profit. I wonder whether I will have salary this month if not I can only dream about spending my holiday with my family in one Maui vacation homes.

Taking about Hawaii, those who has fix income, why not start saving now and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Hawaii. Check out the Hawaiian Local Travel Blog. You can get a lot of information about places to stay, things to do, places to shop and great food that awaits you. Once I have a steady income, I will start saving for a vacation for my family. Have not been able to do this since I got married.