Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The weather makes me lazy

Last night I told myself that I want to go cycling in the morning. Yesterday, I managed to cycle from my house to Gedong Lalang, Taman Bkt Rambai, Tangga Batu, Pantai Kundor, Everly Resort, Lereh, Batang Tiga, Klebang Besar, Pulau Gadong, Solok Setulang Daing and back to my house. It took me about an hour to cycle the distance of about 20km. I was very happy with the exercise and hope that I could do it again today.

When I woke up this morning, there was this laziness that sticks to my body. I look out from the window and saw the weather... oh blazing morning sun. Immediately my desire to go cycling disappeared. Kabussh. So there goes my exercise for the morning. Instead of cycling, I decided to cut down the jambu air tree beside Bro Chuan's room. Well, at least there's some physical exercise there.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clean sunny day

Its been a long time since I saw clean sunny day. Last Sunday, while riding my bike to church, the air was fresh, the blue sky in the horizon with thin layers of clouds. There's no signs of air pollution. It was a new day, a fresh day.

The night before, it rained. That's the main reason the air was fresh in the morning. Ahh...I love the feeling of being rejuvenated just breathing in the fresh clean air.

Unfortunately, these "clean fresh air" days are becoming fewer and fewer in Malaysia. Sigh...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Italian Job

No, it is not about an Italian guy doing a job or doing a job that is Italian. It is a movie title. The story is about a group of con men stealing a safe full of gold bars worth 37 million dollars. And these guys are Americans. Hahaha...American con men stealing gold bars in Italy. I like the creative plan they have to do the job.

So what would you do if you have 37 millions dollars of gold divided among six of you? One of them said, "buy gold coins" or something like that. Or maybe he advised his other team member to invest in gold. Kinda funny because they already have gold bars in hand and yet they still want to invest in gold. Anyway, if I do have that kind of money (cash and not gold bars), I too would invest in gold coins.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Total body workouts

So far my only form of exercise now is cycling. That is cycling to and from work. That too is not done everyday.This week, I cycled on Monday but had to drive to work on Tuesday and Wednesday because of bad weather. Today, the morning weather is clear so took the opportunity to cycle to work. I realized that though cycling is a good form of exercise, it is not a balance total body workouts. Cycling gives a good workout for the legs but not much for the upper body.

Maybe I will add in jogging in my exercise schedule. Hmmm....will time permits?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cycling at night

Dangerous. More dangerous than cycling at daytime. Furthermore, the battery powered signal/blinking light that I bought for RM23 does not work. So I cycle at night for 11km from my shop to home without any blinking lights. Praise God that He has kept me safe thus far.

It is a different experience cycling at night. You can only see places that are lighted up. The things that you would not normally notice during daytime you will suddenly take notice. Places like hawker stalls or restaurants that are closed during daytime becomes alive at night. But you have to be careful when looking at all these places, just make sure you know what is in front of you. Small road holes are BIG danger to cyclist especially on a busy road.

One positive factor is the cool temperature at night. This really helps to cool your body down and you would not sweat as much as cycling in daytime.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wishful thinking

Have you ever imagine that you will find a bag of cash along the road? Well, I do, lots of time. Usually I ride my motorbike to work. Many a times while riding back from work, I wished that I'll come across a bag or many bags of cash. And I would find cash in RM10 and RM50 notes totaling to thousands or even to millions of RM. So far, all have been wishful thinking. Never have I come across any bags with cash in it on the road. Garbage bags are plentiful.

What would I do if I come across the bags of cash? Well, one thing for sure, I would buy gold bullion with the money and save it for my children's needs in future. bad of me, don't want to return it to the relevant authorities. Well, it is just wishful thinking, so let me imagine that I can use the money.


I believes in the value of fasting. And before starting the business, I fasted regularly every week. However, when I started the business, I neglected it. My body's weight went up and down depending on the seasons of my life. Lack of exercise and sleep are major concerns. Everytime when the body is weak due to lack of exercise and sleep, I will fall sick.

I guessed it is the natural way for the body to tell me that things are out of balance. Now, my body is weak, my stomach is growing bigger due to overeating and lack of exercise. Looks like I will have to fast to cleanse my body. Will fast lunch at least once a week. Must get back my regular spiritual discipline of fasting.

High expenses

Sigh...I did not achieve my target of clearing my business debt by May 2010. Was really hoping that I could settle it by May, but that did not take place. With 2 weddings, additional repair to the photostat machine, renewing of insurance and road tax for the old car and motorbike, and many other additional expenses, all the income runs dry. Furthermore, the daily sales dropped as most of the college students went back home for their 2 months holiday.

Praise God we did not starve to death. Just that I was really hoping to clear my business debt as soon possible. Now praying that the daily income would increase and no more wedding cards to give angpau's to.