Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Better investment

If you ask me what is the best form of investment at this time, I would ask you to invest in gold or precious metals. The price does not fluctuate easily unlike the share market or the Forex. However, if you are those who prefers to take risks, then go for the share market. In share market, it is either you earn big or lose big. The risks are there.

If you want long term investment, then invest in gold, be in in gold coins or through other forms of gold. You may even find banks that offer gold savings account. If you prefer to see the actual gold, go and look for gold coin dealer. Monex is one company that you can check out. It has a long history of dealing with gold and other precious metals. If you are interested in rare coins, then check out Monaco Rare Coin.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to be a Bachelor again...

It's easy. Send your wife and children to a holiday trip. And then you'll be alone again, all by yourself.

That's what happened to me now. Well at least for 3 days only. They are all in Kuching. As for me, I'm stuck in my shop the whole day.

Do I enjoy being a bachelor again? Well, definitely NO. I prefer to have the presence of my wife and children. It's definitely much better than being alone at home.