Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sickness is sickening

Yes, nobody likes to be sick. It is sickening to be sick. When I was sick, I want to be rest as much possible. But being a businessman this may not come as easy as I thought especially when there are not staff available to look after the shop. I can imagine those who suffer from various kinds of sickness including Mesothelioma Cancer or any types of cancer, would wish that they can have a complete rest.

How good it is to be able to rest until we recovered fully. How good it is if we can rest without feeling the pain, drowsiness, headache and whatever ache. It is good to know what are the pains that you will go through especially if it a prolong sickness. To be able to do that, we need to read more from books or do some research from the internet. For example, read more about Mesothelioma and the stages of Surviving Mesothelioma so that you can understand the causes of and the ways to handle this type of sickness.

Just remember that sickness is sickening and some type of sickness is really sickening to some people.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Coughing and cold weather

I was surprised that my cough does not deteriorate while I was in Genting. I was expecting that I'll be coughing and coughing until I cough out blood because of the cold weather in Genting. Praise God, that didn't happen. Yes, there are occasional coughing but it is rather mild compared to the cough in Melaka a few days before that.

Could it be the clean cool air in Genting that makes my body recovered slightly, compared to the humid polluted air in Melaka? Whatever it is , I thank God for the cold great time in Genting.

Having me for 24 hrs

After the trip to Genting, my wife said something during our conversation.

"You know, its been a long time since we (the children and my wife) have you for 24 hours for 3 days."

That really makes me think and reflect back. Ya, its been a long time since I've spent 24 hrs together with my family. Monday to Saturday, my children would only see me for a few hours, sometimes they won't see me at all throughout the day. Sigh... . Today's children generally suffers from lack of time with their parents. In our pursuit of monetary gains be it from lack of it or from the greed of wanting more, we have sacrifice essential valuable time with children. I don't want to wake up one day with lots of gold coins in my safe box but have lost all love, care and affection from my children.

When was the last time you spend the whole day with your family?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Different approach

We had one of our church members as our insurance in the past. She did a great job in terms of updating us of our insurance policy or if there's new good plans. Whenever we have a new baby in the family she would ask whether we would like to buy insurance or accident cover for the new baby. And the best thing is that we have the freedom whether to buy or not to buy. She does not pressure us to buy when we are not ready. And we appreciate her for that.

Recently there is another insurance agent who took over the task of giving us the same service. However, her approach is more direct, always wanting to secure a deal. Such approach does not bode well with us. After all, it is our money and our plans. We will decide when we are ready to buy a new insurance policy. She came the other day and introduced two new schemes to us, well at least it is new to us. She told us that we are entitled to buy the company's funeral cover and should we die earlier than our children, the guardian income insurance would ensure financial stability for our children. She insisted that we signed up there and then but told her that we are not ready for that yet.

Hmmm....all these huhas about insurance reminds me that at the end of the day, all men die. And it reminds me that I must be ready to meet my Maker anytime.

Not warm enough

My wife told me that I'm more reptilian than mammals. It's simply because my body does not generate more heat than hers. Most of the time when she touched me, I can feel the heat from her body... like really hot, almost like boiling water. OK...not that hot but she's hot. And to her, my body is icy cold. OK...not frozen cold but I'm cold to her. hmmm maybe like that character in Twilight...hahaha.

Must raise up my metabolism rate so that I can warm up to her...hehehe.

Mom have nothing to watch

Ever since the antenna for the tv broke down, we have not been able to get all the tv channels back on the screen. Yes, even after replacing the old with a new antenna, we are not able to get a clear reception for the main channel. It's a bit unfortunate for mother since she likes to watch that channel. It has lots of tv series that has become her favorites. A few of them are Indonesian tv series, which she will watch with the Indonesian maid.

Now we are thinking of subscribing to Astro again. In the past when we subscribed to it, the reception for all the channels are clear. However, when mom is not here for a long period of time, we decided to cancel the subscription and nobody has the time to watch tv. For now, the main factor is what mother wants to watch as she be the only person who have time to watch.

How to show to her that we love her and are concerned with her needs? Of course, most of us would prefer to buy gold for our loved ones. My mother too loves to buy gold as presents for her children. But to fulfill her needs of being entertained at night we might get a new LCD plasma tv for her. Let her enjoy the best when she watches her favorite tv series. A new home theater set for mother. Hahaha... maybe with a new home theater set, more will stay at home and watch movies. Spend time at home instead of going to the cinema.

Teaching them from small

When I was small, I would be delighted to find a coin on the road. Even the smallest coin at that time has value and I can buy at least 3 pieces of sweets. Even if the coins are dirty I would picked it up and clean it. The dirt on the coin does not diminish its value. I would put it in my piggy and once the amount is big, I'll buy something nice for myself. Of course that is a very rare occurrence. But to find coins is indeed a joyful experience.

Now, things are different. The value of coins have drop tremendously. I can hardly buy anything with the 5 cents coin. And even if I saw one on the road, I don't think I'll pick it up especially if it is dirty.

But I get irritated when I see coins all over my house. My children have their own pocket money and sometimes they play with their coins. I don't mind them playing with coins but I get irritated when they do not keep their coins after finish playing with it. They just leave the coins all over the house. Many times I had to scold and teach them to appreciate their coins. Yes, it may not be gold coins but if accumulated the value of their coins can buy them their toys. I think I must warn them that if I see any coins all over the house, they can't ask for any gifts for one year.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The world is shouting

Every time the match is on, the world is watching. At every mamak stalls or restaurants where the owner sets up big screen, the customers would flock there to watch their favorite team. And every time a goal is scored, the world shouted. Whether you are watching it at Madison Square Garden or Rose Garden Arena, the atmosphere is exhilarating. The adrenaline rush is worth spending the night out with other football fans. That's the effect of World Cup 2010 and any other WC previously.

It is not just the soccer fans that are shouting during the matches. Other sports fan like baseball, tennis, cricket and other games too would feel the adrenaline rush whenever a point is scored. Buy your baseball game tickets at Yankee Stadium and watch the game there and you will know the excitement of watching a live game. And when a point is scored, feel your adrenaline rush and shout your heart out. The world is shouting.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Economic uncertainties

I read in the paper today that many are protesting against their governments decision on austerity spending. France, Greece, Italy and a few other countries are facing economic uncertainties. Greece is already a "bankrupt" country. It makes one wonder on how solid one own country economy is. One thing for sure, investing in currency is very risky. The value of my country currency is definitely very "yo yo". I guess that's why those who play Forex trading make gains and losses everyday.

I would prefer to have a more certain increase of value in my investments. Instead of keeping your money in fixed deposits or buying shares, I would prefer to buy gold coins as an investment. Gold prices increased an average of 20% per year. That is basically 20% of interest for your investment which is more that your FD or shares dividend. Well, if you do not want to hold the actual gold coins, then go for gold saving accounts. That would serve the same purpose.