Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grass & Soil

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I am an outdoor person. I like the fresh air and the feeling of grass and soil under my feet. If you were to ask me which home improvement that I would like to do, I would definitely say my lawn & garden. Due to the hot weather the carpet grass in my lawn is dying. I would like to see it green again. At present now, I just use a hose to water it but the best is adding an automatic sprinkler system. I did some organic farming before and dug a well for it. Am planning to use the well water to save my water bill. For ideas on how to improve my lawn & garden, I visit LuxuryHousingTrends.Com.

Dinasours' Bones

Brought my children to play outside at the house compound today. Brought them to a portion where there is no grass and there's a small mound of soil.

Annabelle: Daddy, there's dinasours' bones here.
Daddy: Where?
Annabelle: Here, in the ground.
Daddy: Where?
Annabelle: If you dig in the ground, there's dinasours bones.
Annabelle: Daddy dig lah.
Daddy: Maybe got Annabelle's bones.
Annabelle: No.
Daddy: Where's Annabelle's bones?
Annabelle: Annabelles bones ... in my hand.

Hehehe... don't how to disturb her anymore.

New Voice

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Not many of us know about but if you are looking for new voice, is the new voice for independent Artists looking for the chance to be discovered! From solo, trio to bands, the best outlet possible to be heard globally on the Internet. It is owned by First Beat Media Inc., an online entertainment media company that is committed to being the best source of information to discover unsigned artists.

If you are a fan of Hard Rock Bands, this is the place for me. As for me, I will check out their Christian and Christian Rock artist/band. There is something for everyone. There are classical, country, blues, jazz, hip hop, new wave and even death metal. I mentioned only a few; do check out the website for more. Enjoy listening.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Barnabas is the Velcro baby

Got this email from BabyCentre UK about babies 8 months of age. Every week I'll received an email about my baby's progress and development. Not exactly Barnabas personal development but a general email about babies according to their age every week.

"If you asked many babies of this age what their ideal world would be like — and they could tell you — their answer would probably be a world in which their primary caregiver never, ever left their side. Some people call these babies clingy, others call them demanding... and they are demanding. If you leave the room to go to the loo, they cry piteously. If you go into the garden to hang out some laundry, they whine until you come back. If your baby is like this, remember that the best ways of helping him through this anxious phase are to understand his concerns: he really, truly does not know if you will ever come back, once you are out of his sight. To help him feel confident about your coming and going, and to reassure him that you will always come back, never slip away when he isn't looking. If he knows that you could vanish at any moment, he may well become even more anxious..."

This is really true of Barnabas. Very clingy to the mother. At one time he is happily playing with a toy, then the minute the mother leaves him, he'll know and the crying or whining or sometimes sounds like wailing will start. Irritating at times. What to do except to just leave him like that and do our necessary stuff.

Wirefly deals at eBay

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If you are planning to upgrade your cell phone to the latest model in the market and loves shopping at eBay, check out Wirefly. Wirefly sells surplus cell phone inventory on eBay. So you can get a great deal on Wirefly phones without plans. But if you don't mind commiting to 2-year plan, is offering a free cell phone plus free shipping throughout the United States with FedEx.

If you have not heard about Wirefly. Let me tell you. Wirefly is the leading independent retailer of cell phones and cellular service on the internet, featuring award-winning comparison tools and free shipping. Wirefly is the #1 authorized online agent for Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel. They have Motorola, Nokia, SE, Samsung and many others.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I got tagged... 5 reasons I blog.

Got tagged by my wifey. Here are 5 reasons why I blog in random priority.

1. Other people blog, so I want to know what it's all about.
2. To learn about html coz I can change the layout according to my own taste/preferences.
3. Of course I want to jot down a little bit of my thoughts and ideas.
4. Yes, as a record of what happened in my life.
5. Its a wonderful way to share the Good News and also to earn extra income.

Well,... I think there are more reasons to it but lets keep it as it is.

As usual, I won't tagged anybody.

Curiousity that pays...

Payperpost did it again. Keeping people in suspense. They say that they are coming up with BIG NEWS in the future. So what will it be? Well this is what I think it will be. But before that let's analyse what they had done.

Indeed they have been the leading role in paying bloggers what bloggers do best. They have come up with "transparency" badges. And recently they have updated their server to give a better service to everybody. Though there are some problems with the server at first, that has been quickly rectified to the relief of many.

One possibility that could be the BIG NEWS is that PPP will provide ways for bloggers to earn more income by having "Pay Per Click" opportunity. Not only do members can earn money by posting in their blogs, they can now earn money when they click on the PPC badges or oven PPP badges. Its more like a merger between PPP and Adsense. In that way, the companies who want to advertise their products will also have bigger audience/customers. At the end of the day, everybody is happy.

Now, I wonder if my "prediction" is correct, would PPP give bigger reward than just US$10.00. At least US$50.00 to those of us who guess it correctly will be a nice prize to offer. Well, I'm being humble here, don't want to ask for more.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blogger Power

Tagged by my wifey.

The project Blogger Power is a campaign to safegard the internet for children against pornography.

A Request To All Webmasters Of Adult Sites:

“Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more “free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information.”

Payung sama dia...

Semalam malam atau pagi ni jam 00.40 tengah malam/pagi, gua nampak satu kereta polis peronda lalu depan gua punya CC. Wah... gua tak suka kalu dia orang datang kaco. Itu syarat untuk buka CC dari Majlis Bandaraya kata gua hanya boleh bukak CC hingga jam 12 malam saja. Masa tu sudah lebih masa.

Betul-betul juga ada sorang polis pakei baju biasa datang masuk gua punya CC. Dia tanya sapa tauke CC. Gua jawap gua lah. Dia tanya gua samada gua tau CC boleh bukak sampei jam berapa. Gua jawaplah jam 12 malam. Dia tanya apasal CC masih belum tutup. Gua jawap sebab ada customer masuk jam 11 lebih dan masih belum habis masa diorang. Lepas tu dia beri amaran supaya gua tutup CC atau kena saman. Gua kata gua mau tutup CC. Lepas pot pet pot pet sikit lama lagi dia pun blah.

Lepas dia blah... ada seekor polis lagi pangkat koperal datang masuk CC. Dia tanya sapa bos. Gua jawap gua lah. Lalu dia tanya tadi ada bos dia datang. Gua kata ya. Terus dia cakap, "Kenapa tak payung sama dia?". Masa tu gua tak berapa pasti apa maksud payung tu tapi gua agak mesti itu pasal kasi rasuah. Jadi gua jawab sama dia yang gua tak payung payung. Kena lah pot pet pot pet lagi. Dia mintak gua punya name kad, gua kasi lah itu Usana punya name kad. Lepas tu baru dia blah.

Macam manalah negara mo maju kalu polis asyik mo dapat payung. Manyak lagi CC lain bukak 24 jam, tak heran pu dia orang. Ini gua punya CC bukak sampei jam 1 pagi sudah mo buat kaco. Lagipun bukan diaorang yang boleh saman, itu majlis bandaraya yang boleh saman. Bukan hal jenayah. Tapi salah gua jugak kan, bukak lebih masa.

Entah malam ni diorang buat kaco lagi tak. Harap-harap takda lah.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

One Account

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From the many type of mortgages that I have come across, The One Account Mortgage interest me the most coz it helps to save money from paying more interest.

It is like a normal current account whereby it brings together your mortgage, current account, savings, loans and credit cards into one account plus your monthly salary (while it is in your account) is offset against your mortgage balance. So you only pay interest on the lower amount.

Since it is a current account, you can get cash whenever you need them. On top of this you can repay extra money on your mortgage any time you want without penalty. When you get your bonus, dumb it there. When you are in need of extra cash, you can also take a break from mortgage repayments. It is very convenient and flexible, and save money too.

Negative ions... not good for me.

A friend and his family visited us for CNY. His wife inquired about my business and my health. After our conversation, she told me that I look thin. Wow... that's a good compliment to most people. I was a bit chubby a year ago. Now, it is just nice... no more big protruding tummy. Though I have slimmed down a bit, I know that I'm not in the pink of health. I'm definitely not fit physically.

Then she told me that it is not good for my health if I stay at the shop most of the time. She said that the computers generate negative ions which are bad for health. She told me that I should get air ionizer. I was surprised to hear her comments and knowledge about negative ions. Then I realized that she was a cancer patient and she must have done a bit of reading about all these stuff.

Now.... I'm searching for air ionizer to be placed inside my shop.

Spend Wisely

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I am not a credit card person. I prefer to use cash than card. So that when the statement come, I don't have to scratch my head seeing the bill amount. It is so easily obtained now that coz many people in debt due to over spending. What they want to buy, they just swipe. Buy first, think later kinda thing. The credit cards company do set a certain credit limit but one person can have more than one credit card. Meaning you can have double or triple the credit limit.

If you spending is pilling up with high interest rates, look for credit card that offers %0 balance transfers. Some credit card company offers up to 13 months with no interest charge. You can save some of your money from paying those interest.

If you plan to buy expensive item, check out the 0% credit cards. With it, for the first 6 months you won't be charged any interest for you purchase.

Above all, spend wisely.

The Commands of Christ

Whatever we are excited about and interested in we tend to share with others, and as a result they begin to share in our enthusiasm. I for sure have greatly benefited from reading the emails about the Command of Christ and putting it into practice whenever I can.

Bill Gothard wrote, "Many of you have shared with me the great spiritual benefits you have received as a result of your study of Christ’s commands and meditation upon them. One man wrote: “The Daily Success e-mails have been incredible! I am amazed at how perfectly the truth from Christ’s commands that are shared address the deepest needs of my life.” Another wrote: “God has used the daily e-mails to speak to me right where I’m at, and with such wisdom. I just wish everyone I know could benefit by them.”

This man’s wish can become a reality. If you or your friends want to receive the Daily Success e-mails at no cost. Just visit this site to send an invitation.


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If you always make long-distance phone calls, you would love VOIP. It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a method for taking analog audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.

With VoIP you can make free phone calls. By using some of the free VoIP software that is available to make Internet phone calls, you are bypassing the phone company (and its charges) entirely. If you're interested in trying VoIP, then you should check out some of the free VoIP software available on the Internet. Like Skype.

For huge organization, you might want to check out Cisco Unified Communications. Cisco is a recognized leader in IP voice and data communications. Unified communications applications are actually integrated within an IP network to provide structure and intelligence that can help organizations integrate their communications more closely with business processes, and ensure information reaches recipients quickly, through the most appropriate medium.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I murdered her....

I went back home, tired. Had not enough sleep bcoz a few customers had to finish their work late. The door was closed so I didn't expect her to be in.

As I entered the house, it was dark as all the doors are closed. Feeling thirsty I went to the kitchen to get a drink.

There she was. So happy, so engrossed with the thing she is doing. So passionate was she that she didn't noticed me.

When I saw her, I was so shock. Many things suddenly rushed to my mind.
Even as I approached her, she was still unaware of my presence, being in the world of her own, touching and licking the object of her passion.

As I looked at her, a gush of hatred rushed through my mind and heart. I wanted to smash her with a stick. But I couldn't think of any stick nearby. And I also don't want her to realize my presence.

Then with all my might I raised up my right leg and stomp her. It hit her hard. So hard that her intestine burst. Not a sound was heard from her. She died on the spot.

Her blood flowed out, dirtied the floor. As I raised up my leg, I was suddenly filled with regret and compassion. I didn't meant to stomp her that hard.

I have killed her. Quickly I went to the living hall to look for tissue paper to wipe the floor. Couldn't find one, so I took a new roll of toilet paper.

With the toilet paper I wipe the blood on the floor. Cleaning her intestine is a bit messy, but I couldn't leave any evidence behind.

Then I picked her up..... and throw her outside.

Kesian the poor mice.

Want a Mint?

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This is a Mint Credit Card. This is so much better than the Mint sweets or leaves...hehe.

All of the credit cards that we hold has the standard square shape. In 2003 MINT introduced the Mint credit card. It comes in two versions, a standard credit card, the square ones and the MC2 card which has the bottom right-hand corner removed; this was the first change to the shape of credit cards in the UK for 37 years. They are offering 0% interest on balance transfers and purchases until December 2007.

In September 2006 Mint launched yet another card called the Mint Gift Card. It is basically a pre-paid credit card that you can give as a gift. Some people are hard to please with material gifts, instead of just giving them cash, you can get one of the Mint Gift card for them. They can use it almost anywhere in the world where Visa Electron is accepted. You can also personalise the card with a special message.

Mom back to the hospital

Mom went for a follow-up at General Hospital, Melaka today. This is a follow-up on her dead finger tip. Bro Luke, Sis Roselyn and Chau Soba brought her there. I think they went straight to the Emergency Entrance and from there the doctor said that she must be admitted. The specialist will see her (if he comes)first before deciding the next option. Most probably they will do a surgery to remove the dead part of her finger. Praying that everything will be alright.

Big Money

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The new segmentation system in PayPerPost really awards bloggers with high traffic blogs. So, all you effort is not wasted. And also, did you know that PayPerPost only charges a 35% service fee compared to ReviewMe that charges a 100% markup. Meaning half of the money the advertisers paid for you to write about them, they took it!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Longest holiday...

Ever since I started the CC, I've been working almost everyday. The only exception is Christmas day. This CNY I took the liberty to give myself 5 days off, Saturday till Wednesday. Though it sounds so long but time passed by very fast. Now, I'm back to work as usual. Even then, during those 5 days my mind sometimes wonders about the shop/business. I guess it is already in the blood.

Soap Opera

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I love watching TV. I will watch anything that is interesting from the square box. Soap Opera is one of it. I just found out that there is a website for Soap Opera Updates. This is cool.

They have the most in depth daily updates, exclusive soap star interviews, late-breaking news articles, lively message boards, gossips (not for me) and more! To those who can't wait for the show or miss an episode or two. Check out the Soap Opera Spoilers.

Even though they are just 5 to 6 months old. I don't find anything missing there. They have everything that I wanna know and also very up to date. I don't even have to buy magazines to read about the latest news about my favorites. Keep it up. :D

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


My wife is excited about the cash that she is going to get from writing sponsored post. Besides giving to God, she is planning to spend it for her long awaited holiday. The destination will be Genting Highland. It is affordable, cold and it will be fun for my girls. They having promotion now. One night stay at First World Hotel and Outdoor Theme Park for 2 person for only RM49.88. I think we will go in March, if wait longer, I might not have assistant by then.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Get Loan Online

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If you are in really need of extra cash and do not have a credit card to use, you can consider this option, Online Cash Advance. Check out the link.

You can be APPROVED for a Payday cash Advance Loans today if you meet the following criteria required by most lenders: 18 years old, employed with steady income with minimum wage of $1000 per month, have an active checking account, proof of identification and your current address. If you meet all the above, you can proceed to apply for it. It is very simple just fill in a form online and submit it. The loan will be processed within minutes.

CNY is here

This CNY feels very much different compared to previous years. Since Mom is not around, things at home has been at status quo, as though nothing is happening. Furthermore, my working schedule does not always give me time to do much at home. There seems to be no CNY atmosphere. I think it is partly also because I'm older now and as such don't really look forward to CNY.

Newey, the only thing that I look forward is the family reunion. Very rarely I'm able to see all of them at one time except for CNY or family tragedy.

To all my Chinese friends and customers.... Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Credit Card Debt

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A lot of people, I mean really a lot of people is going into Credit Card Debt. One of a close friend of mine is deciding to sell his apartment to settle his credit cards debt. I was one of them too. For me, I just spend less and save more to pay my debt.

Well, that is one of the way to eliminate credit cards debt. However there is another way to eliminate credit card debt that is thru Credit Card Debt Consolidation.

With a credit card debt consolidation loan, all your credit cards are combined into one consolidated loan. You make payment for that loan to the credit card debt consolidation company each month, which in turn, pays the various credit card debts. However, it will not reduce your total principal balance but you can save on the interest charge with lower interest rate from the card debt consolidation company.

Natural Remedy for Cough...Ginger

If you have cough like mine, where you tend to cough when the weather is cold, or you are in an air-cond room, or at a windy place, then use ginger as the remedy. I would call this type of cough as cold cough because only when it is cold the coughing gets worse. And when it's cold, there will be phlegm coming out and this will be the source of the irritating cough.

Of course the best thing to do is to take cough medicine. But sometimes cough medicine does not work, which is most of the times for me. Certain things that I find helpful are: -

1. Drink warm water regularly.
2. Drink DOM Benedictine (if you have one) before you go to sleep.
3. Eat citrus fruits like oranges or starfruit
4. Last but not least, drink ginger water. Pound the ginger and put hot water. Drink it throughout the day. Better still if you can squeze the ginger juice and drink it as it is.

And last of all, trust God to be merciful to you and heal you.

Valentine's Day Gift

For me, I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. To me, everyday is a Valentine's Day. You don't have to wait for V-Day to express your love to your beloved. Have I buy any gifts for my girl for V-Day? None that I can think of. Ya...poor her but she understands. Well, I don't buy gift but I do spend time with her on that special day. Pampering her with massages and just giving her my full attention.

Was my Valentine's Day Gift Fab or Flop? This, I will bring you back 15 years ago. Just 2 days before the V-Day, that's 12 February 2007, I received a love letter from a girl expressing her love for me. You can read the detail here. That was and still the most fabulous gift ever. I got myself a Valentine for V-Day and a wife 10 years after that. :D

I am a practical person, I give gifts that is of value. Some of them are listed at BELISI on Valentine's.

It is so warm...

The shop front air-cond broke down last month. Now the weather is dry and warm. This does not help with the coolness in the shop. It can be very warm at the counter. Need to put one unit of ceiling fan. That is really a need. Will get it done after the CNY.

Praying that sales will be good during the CNY holidays. Also praying that everything will go on smoothly, without any problems, while I'm celebrating CNY at home.

Birthday Cards

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People like me who are very busy most of the time with business and children hardly have time to shop for birthday cards or any other cards. Fortunately, most of my friends has email, I will opt for online Birthday Cards. Furthermore, it is easier to keep email addresses compared to house addresses which can be very long and with online cards, I can save the stamp money and also the envelope cost.

Here is another site that offers online cards. I like the drop down menu and after you choose the occasion that you want to the send card for and who it is for, you will need to click the word "Fetch". I was like...fetch??? Are you asking a dog to fetch my card/s??? Then I saw an image of a dog on the page, biting on a card. This is so cute.

Besides cards, you can also send gift/s thru this site. You can send it with your card. There are pendants, ballons, confetti, candles and lots more. Don't just send cards, send gifts to your love ones and friends too.

There are a lot more offered by the site, like reminder, address book and lots more. Check it out ya. :D

Friday, February 16, 2007

It is settled.

It's settled now. Since she can't remember what she said for whatever reasons, and since it is troubling her so much, I decided that it is better to tell her the fleetingly sentences that was uttered by her.

Now, things are settled. I know at least one area has come back to normal.

Review Me and Get Paid

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So, don't wait long long ya. :D

Chop Chop Chop

I slept last this morning, around 5am. Got up at 9am to send the chicken for slaughtering. 12 of them. 4 suffocated and died. That 4, they do not want process. Oh well, what to do. Throw it away lah. Requested them to chop it up for me but they said too much work, no time. them money also don't want. So I chopped them up myself. 8 chickens all together. By the time I finished, it is already 12.30noon. Eat my pack lunch and off to bed.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Models on Mobile

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The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is one of the highest selling issues of any magazine in the world, made its debut in 1964, featuring beautiful women, the latest swimwear and scenery. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has been the source of some controversy through the years. Perhaps the biggest controversy in SI Swimsuit's history is super model Cheryl Tiegs' famous white fishnet swimsuit photo from the 1978 edition. Although the suit had been opaque when dry, it became quite transparent as soon as Cheryl had taken a dip in the water!

Valentine’s Day is over and let’s divert our attention to the release of 43rd annual the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This year is no exception as Beyonce was chosen as the 2007 cover girl. The singer and now movie star ("Dreamgirls"). Beyonce appearing in a yellow-and-pink bikini designed by House of Dereon. It is the same label Beyonce started with her mother, Tina Knowles.

Besides looking at them in the magazines, we can actually carry them around in our cell phones. You can have your favorite SI models by downloading cell phone wallpapers from SI Mobile at only $1.99 each and are available for all major wireless carriers. The images are exactly the same as what you see in the magazine. There are over 50 supermodels to choose from including new 2007 SI swimsuit model Bar Refaeli (who recently broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio), Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller, Ana Beatriz Barros, tennis star Maria Sharapova and Molly Sims.

If you like the old timers, Classic SI cover girl wallpapers from past years that are also featured on the site include three-time cover girl Elle Macpherson ('87, '88, '94) and Kathy Ireland ('92, '94). You can also download video clips from the photo shoots, "video ringers" (ringtones with video), animated screensavers and more.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

15 years ago....920212

Long long time ago.... not so long also lah... only 15 years ago... the story begins.

We were young then... very much younger... like in our teenage years.
She was the girl of many boys heart. Let me call her as M. I known her as she stays in the same village/kampung, and also because she is my younger brother's classmate, and also she looks pretty/tomboyish a bit. To her, I does not even exist. No, I didn't fall in love with her when I first met her, but I just admire her just like any other pretty girls I saw. Life is not about falling in love for me back then. Life is more of completing my studies. Only after I get a good job would getting a girlfriend come into place.

Then in 1992 we were both out of school (finished exam, not got kicked out). And as the norms of those days, school leavers must find any job to get extra income and not to be a burden to the poor parents. So off I went to get a job. One of my friends LB introduced me to work at this beautiful mansion turned restaurant called Restoren Peranakan. That's where I first met her.

My first impression of her at Restoren Peranakan is not all positive. She's so snobbish, proud, wearing around her the air of "don't talk to me unnecessarily". Yalah... she's quite famous in the village so I guess that's the way to behave. Furthermore, one must be careful of her famous father, Chai Kudung (his finger got chop off). So, don't play, play with his daughter unless you too wants to get chop off... hehehehe.

Fortunately, there was also another waitress J whom is also M's friend. Now... J was totally the opposite of M. J is such a jovial girl, and friendly too. She would smile everytime she meets you. J also loves to laugh and makes other people laugh with her. Both of them are totally opposite in character but they are friends. Now, of course I make friends with J right then on my first day of work. J talked to me and tried to help me with my new job as the bartender. As for M, nothing much that can be done except to abstain from talking to her. Being the gentleman that I am (ehemmm ehemm), I tried a few times to make conversation with M. Its not so much that I like her or anything, just that I think its good to be able to communicate with fellow workers. But as expected all my efforts failed. M didn't even want to talk to this humble poor boy.

Newey, this goes on for about a week. I became close friends with J and life as a bartender is fun and challenging.

Now I don't even remember how things between M and I changed. All I know was that after about a week, I received a letter from M, delivered by J, on the day M's off day. And my my... to my surprise, it's a letter of love, M expressing her feelings towards me. I got a shock. What... this girl, who don't even want to talk to me, whom I hardly had any conversations with, who having around her the aura of...well, you know knowlah what I want to say... this girl gave me this kind of letter. She gotta be kidding. (I don't think I still got that letter but it would be nice to read it again now).

That is the turning point of the relationship. From then on she talked to me and we made a few conversations at first. And around this time my friend LB tried to woo M, even invited M out for a date. He was like the "playboy" of the village, always going out with girls. Later I found out that M don't really like to be with LB.

Newey, from that time on, we became friends, then close friends, then boy/girlfriend, then separated, then found other friends, then got separated with our other friends, then got back again, then got engaged, then we got married, then we got children.

Newey, since then my love for her grows little by little and it is still growing. To my dear Michelle, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH....920212.

Signed with love.

David Bong

Prepaid Cell Phones

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When I first use a cell phone, prepaid phones it is. It is a hand-me-down from my wife. I don't really like carrying a cell phone but when you have your own business, it is inevitable. I don't like the post paid plan as I seldom use my phone to call out. And I also do not have to go thru the hassle of paying the bill every month. I buy the top-up card whenever it is needed. In away, I can control my phone bill. Once the credit finishes, I would know that I have already used up certain amount. Unlike post paid, you will only know once the bill come and the figure can be sky high sometimes.

With prepaid, you take top-up your airtime minutes as low as $10.00 and there are plans that offer low air time rates as low as 6 cents per minute. offers a few prepaid phones and plan such as the Cingular GoPhone and T-Mobile ToGo Prepaid Phones. Cingular GoPhones have all the benefits of Cingular Wireless with no annual contract, no credit check, no deposit and zero commitment. Only Cingular GoPhone prepaid comes with Rollover. T-Mobile ToGo is everything you'd expect from prepaid phone plans by T-Mobile. Really cool phones, including a T-Mobile RAZR, with no annual contract, no credit check and no monthly bill.

Do check out the site for more great deal on prepaid phones and plans.

ISLT Level 1 training

Went up to KL on Friday for the ISLT Level 1 training. No, I didn't go to join the training but just to show support for John Yip and Philip Devadas. Planned to stay overnight at John's place on Friday.

There are about a dozen participants for this first Malaysian ISLT Level 1 training. If I can remember their names.... Annie Foo & Janice (fencing), Christopher (EFC), Joshua & Nancee (YMCA), Victor (Sports Science), Emanuel, Rev. Lim (Perlis), Pastor Mike (Grace Assembly), John, Edmund, and another guy (forgot his name). Its good to see these guys wanting to be part of God's work in Malaysia through sports.

Had to come back to Melaka because of some technical problem at the shop. Reached Melaka at 11.30pm. Looks like I've to plan for the next ISLT Level 1 Training by the end of this year. The two top guys (John & Philip) will be going to South Africa by March and April this year. Now it is up to the Level 2 guys (Jennifer, Egbert Lee and me) to help spread the sports ministry in Malaysia. Maybe a few of these Level 1 participants will rise up and do mighty things for God in the sports world.

Entertainment Lawyers

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You won't get lawyers who entertain you when you visit a nightclub unless those lawyers did part-time job there. hehehe.

Entertainment Lawyers are lawyers who are engaged with the cases relating to the disputes of the film industry. These lawyers cover the areas disputes, which arise in agreements that are entered between scriptwriters, film directors, option agreements and disputes involving the distribution and the copyrights of these films.

More on it can be obtained from and there are lots more info like what is a City Hall.

Giants and David

Not about Giant Hypermarket. But it is about David and Giants in the book of 2 Samuel.

It's interesting to read about the 30 Mighty Men of David. They all are loyal followers of King David. And a few of them killed giants when they are with David.

A leader attracts those of the same kind. David showed to the people that he is a mighty warrior and had killed many of his enemies inbattle. I'm sure the 30 Mighty Men was attracted to David because David was their role model. David brought out the warrior spirit from each one of them. The birds of the same flock gather together.

To whom are our personalities "attracted" to? That determines your kind of "flock".

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Go Dubai

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Do you know where is the 8th wonder of the world? To my surprise, it is at Dubai, second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The 8th wonder of the world, The Palm beckons you. The world's largest man-made island, which can be viewed from the moon. The jewel in Dubai's property crown.

Another world's largest is also in Dubai. Dubai Marina, an amazing city-within a city that delights residents with its cosmopolitan atmosphere. It has been referred to as the World's largest man-made marina.

At present many would want to take the opportunity in travel to Dubai, work in Dubai and buy Dubai properties as majority of the emirate's revenues are from the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) and increasingly from tourism. No worries of not getting your apartment rented.

Clinic, Smoking, Habits...

I don't smoke cigarettes and I can't stand people who smoke. And unfortunately this is the scene that I see everyday.

Beside my shop is a clinic run by Malay doctors. At least one of the doctors smokes. And all of the male staffs (who look after the clinic at night until morning) smoke. And worst of all is that some of the patients that are waiting for the doctor will smoke outside the clinic. Come on lah... already sick and some more want to smoke. Like that don't see the doctor lah... waste money only.

And what I really don't like is that when I open my shop door, the smoke will come in. Some more the wind direction is exactly from the clinic to my shop. Sometimes when I want outside air to come in, the smoke also will come in.... huhhh. What worse is that outside my shop will be littered with cigarette butts. No cleanliness habit at all... bontot lah dia orang ni.

Invest Bulgaria

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A friend of mine is a sales rep for medical supplies. Few years back he achieved the highest sales for the company he is working for. As rewards, his company sent him for a skiing trip in Switzerland. Besides Switzerland, Bulgarian skiing offers world class facilities and it is cheaper than Switzerland. Due to this a lot of people are flogging Bulgaria. So this is the best time to invest property in Bulgaria. You can easily get it rented to tourist.

Monday, February 12, 2007

the weather has been very warm for the past 3 weeks. The grass around the house are thinning and turned to yellowish brownish color. The leaves are falling and some of the potted plants will die soon if not watered everyday. This is the kind of weather that signals the coming of CNY. Most of the time CNY will be during dry weather. There are a few times it rained during CNY but those are a rarity.

The dry weather is adding a toll to my health. Due to lack of nutritious food (mostly eating out chicken rice)and lack of sleep, my body is considered weak. Furthermore, the children are down with cough and flu, which is not good for me as sure kena berjangkit from them. There are signs of coughing especially when I'm in the shop and the air-cond is running. Don't like air-cond room.... doesn't help with the coughing. Dry weather is good for this type of coughing but it is a bit too dry.

Will need to take more water and Usana Essentials. It helps. And of course, drink DOM before go to sleep.

Save on International Call with Pingo

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Want to receive 4 hours of free international call?

Do one of the following: Sign up or Link to, an International calling card service provider. Here's the website to go to: and then email them at to receive a free phone card.

Simple right?

Let me share more about Pingo. Pingo is a global brand of virtual VOIP calling cards! Pingo has NO hidden fee's, NO surprises with the best competitive rates and mobile users with Pingo Calling Cards save 90% or more on their international calls.

I have a lot of Vietnamese customers. I found out from Pingo that with Vietnam calling card rates, they can call back home as low as 15.5 cents per min. I am gonna tell them about Pingo.

For those expatriate from the States, check out the great offer for United States calling card rates.

Help to spread the word... survey

Received an email from Mindawati...


Thank you for completing our survey about blogs and relationships! =)

We would really appreciate it if you can also spread the words to your blogger friends.
The survey link is:

Please take note that the winners of the lucky draw will be notified via email by 20 March 2007.

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Have a nice day!


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Nanyang Technological University - Singapore

Flights to Malaysia

I have a sister who is married to an Englishman. She is now living in UK with her husband and 2 lovely children, Emma and Elliot. Due to expensive flights ticket, they only come back to Malaysia once in 3 years time. Recently, she came back alone to care for mom at the hospital. I don't think she will be back in another 3 years time.

Am going to tell her about DialAFlight. They have Flights to Malaysia too. Their price are very attractive indeed. Besides flights, they do offers, holiday and hotel package to Malaysia.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fleeting words

she said something fleetingly today. Though I know that it is not to be taken seriously, it stills leave a wound in my heart. For out of the heart the mouth speaks.

now, it would nice to hear the words of apology.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Digital Flowers

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Not digital flowers but real flowers from an online flower delivery service. Not many website offers delivery worldwide but this website does. From A to Z. From Angola to Zimbabwe. Malaysia is also included in their list.

They also delivers a variety of other gifts such as chocolates, teddies, balloons and gift baskets for any occasions. Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding name a few. Your gifts will be delivered by UPS and Fed-Ex, so you can be sure, your recipient will get it. Send me one ok? The Gourmet Basket please, not flowers. :P


My wife is excited about the cash that she is going to get from writing sponsored post. Besides giving to God, she is planning to spend it for her long awaited holiday. The destination will be Genting Highland. It is affordable, cold and it will be fun for my girls. They having promotion now. One night stay at First World Hotel and Outdoor Theme Park for 2 person for only RM49.88. I think we will go in March, if wait longer, I might not have assistant by then.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Came home to sleep

I came home to sleep indeed but not with my wife. In the living room after watching my movie! hahahaha.

Don't worry, she doesn't mind coz the children will wake up early and if they see me, they will disturb me. I need my beauty sleep. hahahaha.

Oh well, I was disturbed too as my eldest will normally watch her Barbie movie before getting ready for school. I was woken up by my wife, and she shooed me to continue ny slumber in another room. :D

Wanna date a Millionanire?

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Definitely not me. I'm married and besides I don't think I can be a millionaire unless I strike lottery but I don't buy them! Even if I'm given the chance to be a millionaire, it will only be for a day or two. Want to know why? Because I am a giver. I will give, give and give. Not to the rich but to the needy.

But I can introduce you to a millionaire. Not really the person him/herself but to a website that give opportunity for people to meet and date millionaire. Now everyone is given an equal chance. Not easy to meet a millionaire on the street. Check out this Millionaire Dating website. This site run by Yahoo! Personal that has huge community of singles. The matchmaking is made easier where you can choose from a list of criteria. You wanna meet a millionaire, be sure to choose the highest income level, their profession, employment status or education level.

If you get hook to one, don't forget to invite me to your wedding. :D

Going to Disney World

Maybe one day, I will bring my family there. I know of a blogger mommy's dream of bringing her 2 daughter to Disney World with the money she earns from writing sponsored post.

If you are among those who are blessed with the extras, why not bring your family to Disney World in Orlando. I heard that with the ever competitive theme park business most all the area theme parks are continuously adding new rides and new attractions as there is stiff competition among all the theme parks. This good news to us as we get the best for my money.

In Orlando itself, there are 52 theme parks! Beaches within a short 40 minute drive, outstanding resorts and vacation homes, top rated golf courses within a 40 minute drive, the second largest convention center in the world and not forgetting, Disney World. They have very attractive Disney World packages too.

Get Funny eCards

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Wooo...isn't that sexy? My curiosity made me look for more and it really gave me a good laugh. You wanna know why? Check it out at

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, check out the funny new Cupid pickup lines eCard. The cupid, I tell you is a real joker.

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So, what are you waiting for? Send one to me. :D

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Job and His Friends

In the midst of reading the book of Job. Not many people like to read the book of Job. Some will read the beginning and skip to the end of the book. When I was young I too don't like to read the whole book of Job. Don't understand what they are saying or arguing about. After I graduated from law school, the book of Job seems to be an interesting book to read.

If one were to pay attention to what the 3 "friends" of Job said in the book, one would surely tend to agree wholeheartedly to what they are saying. In fact I believe that the principles that Job's friend used to confront Job are still indirectly and unconsciously adhered to by many of us Christians and non-Christians alike. "Surely the wicked will not go unpunished". "Your sin will find you out". "God is the Righteous Judge". "Vengeance belongs to God". All these principles will lead us to wrongly think that a misfortune is a sign of our sins and wrongdoing being punished. How often if not every time when something bad happens to us, we are lead to think about the wrong things we have done and are being punished for it. Such subtle thoughts being strengthened by the above "Scripture" verses will lead to wrong doctrines as what Job's friends have believed. Another Scripture that comes to mind is "God will discipline those whom He loves". Now with these beliefs in our mind.... surely what happened to Job is because of his secret sins or wrongdoing.

Jesus had to confront this wrong thinking even among his own disciples. He mentioned about the 18 victims killed when the Tower of Siloam fell. - Luke 13:1-5. Basically, Jesus taught them that bad things also happened to good people, and not necessarily because of their sins.

The next time bad things happened to other people, let me not judged/condemned them as sinners suffering for their sins. Just as God allows the rain to pour upon the land of the wicked and good people, so also bad things happened to the wicked and good people. The main thing is that in every circumstance it should bring us closer to God.

Car and Home Insurance

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Most of us own a car or two and a house or two. The time will come each year where we need to renew the car insurance and home insurance too.

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Increase Link Popularity

Most people have heard of Page Rank, which is roughly the score Google gives your website to determine how popular it is on the internet. Mine is only TWO. However, what Google really looks for now are links pointing to your website from many different sources on the internet. Better still if it talk about the same issues, like "computer softwares" and Google gives more value when the link is within textual content. In this case, you will need links from hundreds or even thousands of Blogs with the same concept and then you will see significant improvements in your rankings.

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Online Coupon

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Who says guys don't go shopping? We shop with our fingers, online. No need to go thru the hassle of looking for parking space, the traffic jam, squeezing thru buzzing crowds and rubbing shoulder with ladies (that i give it a miss :D )

Since I am running an internet cafe, I normally hang around Today, I found out that I can get free dell coupons from This is great, I can safe even more with this coupon.

Besides Dell, there are lots more free coupon like amazon coupons, bestbuy coupons, and many other at

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

APTBF Tchoukball Tournament 2007

Reached Singapore on Friday nite. Stayed at Lion City Hotel, Paya Lebar. Had to share with 4 other boys, Yohannes, Benjamin, Shawn Gill and Chi Wei (cili padi). Tried to sleep but can't. Only managed to get about 2 hours of sleep.

Newey, on Saturday we went to Toa Payoh Sports Hall for the tournament. There are only 3 countries participating in the tournament, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. Well, as expected, we lost all of our games. And as expected, Taiwan sends the world's best teams (men, boys and girls teams) and they played superbly. Learned a few strategies, tactics and skills from watching them play. I didn't play much, more of a substitute.

Against Singapore teams, the Malaysian teams have more chances of winning. If the Malaysian team are more prepared and well co-ordinated then most probably we can win. But more important of all is that the team/group tried their best and enjoyed themselves.

Well, am praying that Justin will continue to take up this game and bring it to a new level in Malaysia. I've fulfilled my promise to him that I'll support him if he takes up the game. That's why I joined the team to Singapore. Now, my responsibility is done as I know Bethel Church will support him. Over to you Bethel. Time to find other new games and channel it to those interested.

Oh ya.... all the players and non-players received a medal for participating in the tournament. Hoorah.... I got a medal. Eek Err San.... Err (Err)... Oohh (Oohh) - the battle cry of the Taiwanese boys team.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Start an Online Business

Nowadays, whenever I want to buy a product, I will search the web first for more information about the products such as prices, reviews and good deals. I believe I am not the only one doing it. Almost everyone is doing the same. Online business is booming with people like me. It's a known fact that ecommerce is booming and professionally built online stores are getting ahead of their competition.

If you plan to start an online business, what you need is find good ecommerce software. You might want consider Ashop Commerce. Ashop Commerce provides a turn-key ecommerce solution with its revolutionary online store building software. One of the worlds most easy to use web based administrations with award winning features allows the merchant to set up an online store capable of competing with the webs most powerful stores for a simple, low monthly fee.

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If I were given a choice to choose only one type on dish to eat for the rest of my life. I will choose Sambal or any dish that has chili in it. My wife is not so into eating chili, sometimes she just cooks a plain dish with no chili in it. What I will usually do is, pluck some bird eyes chili and I'm good.

Giant & Chicken Rice Shop

It is so convenient to have Giant right in front of my shop. Anything that I needed, from stationary, food stuff, electrical items to clothing, I just need to walk across the road. Save so much of petrol cost than to drive to Tesco to get most of the things I needed for my shop.

And there is a chicken rice shop just next door. The workers there are very friendly. When my wife went there to eat and I am busy with my customers, they will help carry my son while she eats in peace. Praise God for them.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Charles Brown

Most of us will be at ease when we know that we are treated by an experienced and professional dentist. Charles Brown DDS PC has been employed by Hayfield Dental Care for over ten years. During that time he has performed literally thousands of crown, root canal and surgical procedures. On top of that he has a perfect record at the Virginia Board of Dentistry with a history of zero complaints.

More on his background…he graduated from the Medical College of Virginia and has received numerous awards. One of them is the Academic Achievement Award for being ranked first in his class for the 1996 academic year. In 1997 he received the Quality Care Award and Resident of the Year award from UMMC. He is also listed as one of the regions top dentists by the Washington Area Consumer Council and is a member of the ADA.

So, when you visit Hayfield Dental Care, ask for Charles Brown.

My Girls

Beauty and Gracious, my eldest girl. Almost everyone that sees her will comment that she looks exactly like me. Round and chubby. She has my skin texture and color too. She gentle and very caring and protective over her sister and brother.

Brilliant, my 2nd girl. God bless her with brains indeed. She started speaking at a very early age. I can't remember much about her saying, "goo goo gaa gaa". Now at 2, she speaks in sentence. Perfect sentences.

I Praise God for blessing me with them.

My Son

Son of Encouragement. That is the meaning of his name. I pray that he will be an encouragement to people around him even at this young age. If you follow my wife's blog, he is not an encourager yet. But his smile will definitely takes away all my tiredness, stress or anger. His smile melts my heart. I think many girls will go after him with that kinda smile. Just like his daddy. hahahaha.

Ideas from Magazines

When business is doing well and when I can afford to employ another worker, I would like to improve my home and my garden. For the time being, I want to gather as many ideas as possible so that when the time comes, I will know what to do.

One of the best ways of getting ideas about home improvement is thru magazines. Talking about magazines, have you heard of Magazines Direct? They offer the lowest authorized prices on over 1,300 different magazines as well as no sales tax and 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

And if you'd like to give the gift of magazine subscriptions, for birthdays or Valentine’s Day, they will mail the recipient a beautiful handwritten greeting card together with the magazine. For more information you can call them at 1-800-232-0487 or visit their website at

Can't eat when I just woke up

I really appreciate my wife’s effort of waking up early to cook for me even though she did not have enough sleep today. Felt bad coz I was not able to eat much coz I just woke up around 1pm.

After lunch I quickly packed my bag that I un-packed this morning due to the flood. Brought the new mattress out to dry then wait for my wife to come to send me to Malacca Sentral.

Flooded Room

I arrived home this morning to see my wife’s panic face. “The room is flooded.” she said and she couldn’t find the main pipe to turn off the water. Told her to transfer the children to another room while I start drying up the room. Since it is flooded with water, I cleared up the rubbish under the bed too. Forced spring cleaning. :D

Managed to get all things done and sink fixed and repaired by 5am.


I hunt my own "head". Well, I only needed a school leaver with knowledge about computer for my internet cafe. But for huge companies, they may need the help of headhunters to get top quality "head".

If you are working with such company, you might want to recommend to the HR Manager about , A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. They have been established since 1967 and have maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field.

Due to their reputation, discretion and consistent record of successful placements, they have strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top-quality candidates. They have experienced and successful recruiters in the industries they represent at AEF. Their knowledge, contacts and feel for their respective fields enable them to make the best matches and find the tightest fits for each job.

Besides headhunting, they also provide financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products. Within those fields, they fill positions — nationally — from middle to executive to top “C level” management… from associates to partners… and from analysts to managing directors.

Ready for the game...

Will be going to Singapore today. Competition is on Saturday and Sunday.

Hopefully everything will go on smoothly and no injuries will occur to me or to any of the team players.

Praying also that God will look after the business and that there won't be any problems in the shop while I'm away. Lord, be with me.

Sendi Mutiara has arrived.

As expected the guys from Sendi Mutiara came. Who is Sendi Mutiara? Well... Sendi Mutiara is the company that hold the distributorship licence to games like Warcraft and Counter-Strike. If you installed these games in the cybercafe and didn't pay the licence fee monthly, they will consficate your pc.

I was not at the shop when he call me. Asked him about the licence fee and was told that it is RM1450 a month. hahaha.. forget about it lah. I only got 15 pc in my shop. Why should I waste RM1450 a month for one game. Somemore the game is about using divinations, spells and evil spirits. Yes,... no doubt it is the most popular game in the cybercafe world. But no thanks. I haven't got enough income to pay my salary... what more pay so much for this one game.

Will concentrate on online game only lah and some games that doesn't requires licencing fee.

Rebates and coupons! Anyone?

Almost everyone that I know will try to save as much as they can or get the best deal in the things that they buy. Some will wait for promotions or special offer so that they can get the things they want at a cheaper price.

Another way to save and get a better deal is by way of rebate. And if you shop online, which a lot of people are already doing, check out Ebates. Be a member which is free and you are on your way to save money on the things you’re already buying. To be a member, you need an email address. On Ebates you can earn up to 25% cash back on the things you bought. And for those who loves to collect coupons, Ebates offer the best Coupons & Specials on the web. And instead of just getting discounts which must be used to buy other stuffs, Ebates turn your cash discount into a cheque and even mail it to you. That’s real money. If you shop at Lenovo, don’t forget to get Lenovo coupons. So shop online and save more.