Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Death of a vision

From the way things are going on, it seems that there will be a death of a vision. Things have indeed changed. And I doubt (there seems to be much doubts nowadays...) that the vision(s) will resurrect(s) in near future.

Hmm... maybe I should not doubt for he who doubt is like the waves of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. He is a double minded man, unstable in all he does. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord. - James

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paintball game

It is not yet popular in this part of the country but I hope in a few years time there would be a permanent site for paintball game. From the promotionals that I've seen, the game seems exciting. It is not just about shooting other people but also about planning and strategy. Even in Giant Hypermarket I've seen a different version of paintball game set being sold. The only problem with wanting to buy the game set is that you need to have a big space to play it.

Hmm, maybe when my children are much older and can play this game I would definitely bring them to play the game. I might even buy some of the Smart Parts Paintball Guns one at a time until I have the full set. Who knows, I can even operate the place as a paintball game site for the youths to come and play. It would definitely be much better than playing CounterStrike 1.6 computer game.

The students are back

Yes, they are back from the Hari Raya AidilFitri break. Well, not all of them but some of the regulars are seen back in the shop. Well, it's good to have them back. It means more income for the business. Maybe most of them will be back by next week. I wonder whether I need to add in more new computers to cater to them. Hmmm... .

Johny's for lunch

Wifey requested to go for Johny steamboat for lunch tomorrow. Or is it for dinner? Well, since MIL paid the money for the 3 bars of Eumora soap, wifey wants to use the money to have a treat for our family. It's been a while since we ate at Johny's.

Hmm... I remembered that there are something that we should not order in Johny's but can't remember what it is. Of course we will definitely order the red colored water chestnut in coconut milk. That is one of their delicacy which I can't seem to find in other restaurants. I know the Thai restaurants do have that but there's no Thai restaurant in Melaka (or not that I know of lah).

So, after church tomorrow, we will go to Johny's Restaurant.

Family Vacation

Wifey read about my SIL's blog post about them going to Penang and Kedah for holidays. My brother has that habit of spontaneously making decision to go for a holiday and off they go. In a way, I wished that I could do the same. It has been a long time since we had our family vacation. But I guess having your own business makes it difficult to plan for a holiday. Maybe, when the time comes when I would have the time and means to go for a long family vacation, I would go for the sandy beaches at one of the Riviera Maya resorts. Then I can really de-stress and relax, not thinking of the business. As for now, there is time for everything.

Riding Nitro Classic NE 150

At last, I had the opportunity to ride the Nitro bike to work. The ride was exciting and the feel is different too. Riding a classic like Nitro makes you want to just enjoy the ride. If I ride my other bike the Yamaha RXS, I would always want to ride fast, just want to reach my destination as fast possible. But when I ride Nitro, it is more for the pleasure of riding. I hope there would not be any breakdown as it is quite heavy to push. I guess I will be riding more of the Nitro if I do not have anything to bring to work.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caning - it is effective

Proverbs 20:30, "Blows and wounds cleanse away evil and beatings purge the inmost being."

Barnabas has been loved without much disciplining done by his mother. And it shows in the way he shows his tantrums. He likes to throw away things when he shows his tantrums. And when scolded he will cry. I guess I too did not discipline him much unlike his two sisters.

Last Sunday, he did it again, showing tantrum by throwing down his toothbrush. I took the cane and cane him hard on the buttock, twice. I can't remember when was the last time I caned him that hard. It must have been a long time ago. Of course he cried because of the pain. Asked him to pick up his toothbrush, which he did. And then ordered him to go back to the bathroom to bath.

After a while, I went to the bathroom to check on the children. Amazingly, there he was together with the two sisters, bathing, no more crying. And he can even talk to me, telling me about... something lah... which I forget ade, with a smile on his face. I was really surprised that the caning brought him closer to me. And I has not yet seen him show his tantrums again for the past two days. Indeed the word of God is true, beating cleanse away the evil in my son's heart and purges the inmost being.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Medical marijuana

Woa! Wait a minute. Marijuana, you are talking about marijuana the drug? Are you serious?

Well, yes, I'm talking about marijuana the drug and yes, I'm serious.

I would not be surprised if I received many responses like this when talking about marijuana. The general perception is that marijuana is all about drug abuse and drug addicts. Well, do you know that when cocaine was "discovered" by doctors, it was meant for good to relieve the pain and suffering of patients. However, improper usage and lack of regulatory laws caused it to be misused by the public and thus the problem of drug addicts. Now, doctors and health practitioners are using the so called "drugs" to treat patients in a prescribed way that is beneficial to their health. Medical conditions like cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS positive, cachexia, severe pain, severe nausea and seizures can be treated with marijuana. No, in most cases it would not heal it totally but marijuana helps to alleviate those debilitation medical conditions. If you think that you can benefit from the proper use of marijuana, consult your doctors or check out Medical Marijuana Colorado and see whether your health conditions requires such usage.

Marijuana is not evil but the misused of it leads to many evils.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Missing church service again

Been missing church service for the past 3 weeks. The first two Sundays was due to sending maid & Mother to LCCT and then outstation family members came back. Last Sunday, there's the church camp in PD where I am able to go.

Tomorrow, will not be able to attend the service again. Makkoh Pantai's burial will be tomorrow Sunday 12 Sept 2009. She passed away on 9th September 2009 at 9.05pm at the age of 90. A lots of 9's. She is the dearest Makkoh to most of my family members. I remembered playing at her house when I was young. Her hospitality and financial support to my family members will be remembered always.

Thankful to God

For the lunch and dinner today. Wifey cooked Ayam Masak Merah today. Had it for lunch and dinner. Love it very much. Delicious... better than the normal Chicken Sambal. Thankful to God that today my stomach is full.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Religion and bigotry

I feel sad yet angry. Disgusted yet despair. What is becoming of Malaysia? As much as I hope that the situation would change, it looks like it is worsening. What is it that they (the ulama and so called teachers of the religion) are teaching the young ones? That their race and religion is superior than others? That they should not come in contact with other people of different faith and race? I'm digusted with having such thoughts appearing in my mind.

These are real life events that happened to me.

1. Two girls came in and asked me whether I do repair laptops. I said I do. One of the girls told me that she stays in a certain place but she does not want to repair her laptop at the computer shops there because the owner is Chinese. I do not want to embarrass her by telling them that I'm am Chinese too.

2. On student studying Islamic studies came in to photocopy a few pages of document. He asked me whether I can give discounts if the number of pages is high. Since the number is high and there is a shop nearby that can give better rates (RM0.035 compared to my RM0.05 above 500pcs), I told him to go to that shop. He asked me whether that shop is owned by Malay or Chinese. He said that some of the students does not want to photocopy their books at Chinese owned shop. I almost wanted to ask him whether all Malay hands are always clean and holy all the time.

Tell me and prove me wrong on this. I sincerely believe (though I may be sincerely wrong) that though Islam may have good principles but the interpretation of it by their teachers is do damn sickening.