Monday, April 30, 2007

VoIP Forum

Ever bought something and need to find more information about how to use or make full use of that product? Well, I do. And most of the things that I need to find more information will be electrical or communication gadget.

If you buy Vonage phones or other items you might be interested to check out this Vonage forum website. This is not the official forum or website of Vonage nor it is sponsored by Vonage, but it has a lot of stuffs, links and information that is related to Vonage products. Get the latest news and reviews about Vonage products. It is good to check out this forum and get all the information before you decide to buy. You can also check out their promotions and may even save some money from it.

If you need to ask questions about your Vonage product, you can do so at the forum. The only requirement is that you must sign up as a member first. Registration is free. Browse through what other members have asked or commented about the issues you have in mind before ask your question. Somebody else might have already asked the same question and answers had already been given.

A good place for you to check out about your Vonage product.

Customer's birthday.

Last nite, there were 2 girls who came to print their assignment. While printing, I talked with them about their studies and the things that they print. 3rd year students and looking for a place to do their practical training. As usual and like most customers, one of them asked (in a light manner) whether I can give discount on the printing charges. I just smiled at her. Then one of the girls told me that her birthday is the day before and smilingly asked for a "birthday" discounts.

I then told a group of boys (my staff's group of friends)about it. Asked them to sing "Selamat Hari Jadi" song. They all sang the song much to the surprise and delight of the two girls. She was very happy... and paid the full amount. :)

It's so nice to see my customers happy. It gives me the satisfaction.

p/s. I think it is my smile that made the girl feels comfortable and at ease. hehehe.

Friday, April 27, 2007


It is not easy for find a suitable drug rehabilitation center for an addict because each of the addict’s situation is different. Let me say it now that no drug rehab can deal all types of addiction. And every drug rehab would have adopted specific treatment program which may not be suitable for some drug addicts. Factors like age, gender, types of drugs used, severity of drug usage and past histories must be taken into consideration to determine the best treatment program for that person.

It is with this need in mind that try to provide treatment referral service. It is to help you find the best drug rehab center for your individual needs. They have been networking with various drug rehabs program providers. Just fill up their brief online assessment form or give them a call. Your speedy action could save a life.


A few of my brothers buy and sell shares in the share market. When they come home for the weekends, I will always hear them mentioned about the shares they bought and how much profit or loss they make from trading their shares. But all of them depend on whatever bits and news they can get from their friends or agents before making any decisions on whether to sell or buy more shares.

Now there is PowerOptions program that they can make full use for their stock trading. This program can really help investors and traders to manage their covered calls portfolio. PowerOptions can help to find, compare, analyze various options available and of course help you to make money. You can also use PowerOptions to find the best investment returns for your money. Maybe I’ll inform them to check out and try out PowerOptions.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Eclipse Broadband

I really envy my sister and brother-in-law who stay in UK. Why? Because of the internet service provided there. Compared to the internet service provided here in Malaysia, the internet service there in UK is superbly fast and cheap. Imagine this, Eclipse Internet is offering home broadband and business broadband service at 8Mbps. Over here the best offer is only about 2Mbps. Of course if you are willing to pay a big amount monthly you can get higher speed.

Eclipse Internet broadband offers range from UK$14.99 to UK$29.99. That is really cheap. My cybercafe shop spends about the equivalent of UK$37 a month and I only got 2Mbps. And at UK$29.99 you will even receive a free wireless router. And those who has subscribed to other internet service and wishes to change to Eclipse will get 1 month free usage. Wonder when the internet service here can be as competitive as Eclipse Internet.

Smorty pays.

My wife has many connections because of her blogs. Yesterday, she told me that there is another site that I should check out. Its Smorty. Bloggers can sign up and get paid to blog. The good news is that one of my wife's contacts has been paid by Smorty. That gives me confidence to sign up for it. Nowadays there are many cases of fraud websites offering bloggers money to blog but their main intention is to get the bloggers' passwords. So knowing that Smorty really pays is what makes me want to sign up.

Well, if you are a blogger you can get paid to blog with Smorty. After you signed up and your blog is approved, you can login to Smorty and see the various opportunities that is available. Choose the one that is of your interest and blog it. After a week you will be paid via Paypal.

And if you owns a company and wishes to promote your products and website in the net, you can advertise through Smorty. Sign up with Smorty and let the bloggers do the work for you. Nowadays, the blogging world is a one of the best place to advertise any products or websites. You'll not regret it.

So here's to Smorty. May we have a long long relationship together.


I'm sleepy now. My head feels light. Not enough sleep. My eyes are heavy. And yet I still have to be at the shop.

Body feels sticky. Hoping that wifey will come and I can take a bath.

p/s. Okay, wifey says she will come with dinner too. Yeah.

New online game

The latest online game that I installed in my shop computers is Mo Siang. I decided to play this game, meaning try to go as high/expert as I can be. So far so good. But the first impression of the game is a negative one. Every player will start from a small town called "Lan Chow". If you know Chinese language, that name is vulgar. Surely the game programmers are Chinese and saying vulgar words are okay for him.

Well, I'm getting some help from my customers. They are expert in online game. I can actually relax and they will play for me. But then I would not learn like that. To play or to make money online.

Big name in the legal world

People generally think of lawyers in two ways. Good lawyers and bad lawyers. If the lawyer wins the case for them, the lawyer is good. If not, the lawyer is lousy. Well, in real life, being a lawyer is not as glamorous as we see it in TV. It is a tough job to be a lawyer as we need to be able to see things from many different perspectives before arriving at any conclusion. And it is always best to work in a team or with another lawyer in any case.

If you are looking for one lawyer to represent your case or your company, check out Simmons Jannace & Stagg. They have vast experience in representing big and small cases, be in personal cases or representing big companies listed in Fortune 500. For a legal firm that represents big companies like Bank of America Corp., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Kmart Holding Corp., Washington Mutual Bank FA, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc., and General Motors Acceptance Corporation, excellent service and reliability is what you can definitely expect from them.

Getting a bicycle

Already received the money from Paypal through Msau. Well, what I will do is to buy a bicycle. Been wanting to buy one so that I can exercise. Must do some cardiovascular exercise to get back in form. I got muscular body but not fit due to the work in the shop. So cycling is one alternative for me. Once I'm fit enough to cycle more than 10km without much sweat, then most probably I'll cycle to my shop everyday.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Counter-strike team

The Melaka state government in collaboration with a few companies are organizing a cybergame competition. It's Counter-Strike 1.6 competition which would be held this coming 5 &6 May 2007 at Ayer Keroh, Melaka. I got the brochures and my staff Hanif is interested to enter the competition. It is a team competition, each team consists of 5 players. So far, he already managed to find one team. The shop Starhawk Internet Cafe will be the team sponsor. Of course if they win, a portion of the winning price will go to the shop. The first prize is RM3000 plus 1 original CS software worth RM49.99. Well, I'm hoping to send at least 2 teams to represent Starhawk Internet Cafe and be the winning team.

I use Credit Card

When it comes to credit card, you should ask my wife. She holds a few of them and I am only her supplementary. Personally, I don't really fancy using credit card but after getting some nagging from her, I started using it first when buying petrol. I have to admit it that it is very convenient to just swipe and pump rather than needing to walk all the way to the counter to pay cash. It also helps me to keep track of my petrol consumption every month and help me save, in a way. Certain credit card like Gas Reward Credit Card offers rebates on gas purchases up to 6% rebates.

After starting the internet café, my shopping expenditure is quite high sometimes. Normally I will use cash but my wifey advised to use credit card so that she can get rewards from the point that is collected. With Rewards Credit Card, I earn one point for every dollar spent. With these points, she will normally exchange it for food vouchers! Now I am stuck with using credit cards.

If you decided to get one, Credit Card Applications is made easy online. You can check out the various types of credit card and compare credit cards by issuer to suits your buying style.

Online form

Filling up an application form in certain websites can be a difficult task. Sometimes the online form is not so easy to fill up due to bad programming. It could be really frustrating for customers and it will definitely look bad on the company.

Well, if you ever need to put an Online form for your website and you know nothing at all about html, you definitely have a big task to solve. Either you could pay monthly fees to online form company for their service or you could check out You only need to pay a one time amount of $19.95. You will receive Formmail, an online processing file which you need to upload to your website. The good thing about Formmail is that the software will email to you the answers that the customers have filled up in your online form. Easy for the customers and for you too.

My Clarissa

Well, what can I say to you, my dear Clarissa. Daddy hope that one day if you ever got the chance to read Daddy's blog, and you want to know what Daddy feels about you, this post is dedicated to you.

Clarissa, you are special. Very special to Daddy. Daddy enjoys your smile, your laughter and your spontaneity. Daddy enjoys and loves your hugs and your kisses on Daddy's lip. Your small body built is special. Daddy loves to hold you tight. Remember the games we played in the room. Daddy will pretend to be the lion and try to catch and tickle you. And you will be screaming and shouting out of fear mixed with joy.

Thank you dear Clarissa, for making Daddy happy. Daddy is proud of you. And always remember that no matter what happens, Daddy always love you.

SecureZIP your files.

Have you ever experience this problem. You want to send a file using your email but after waited for some time, you were informed that the file is too big, exceeding the maximum size quota for your email attachment. Well, I had experience it a few times and it can be really frustrating when the other person wants the file urgently. That's where the ZIP software comes in handy. I've been using WinZIP and currently WinRAR to compress my files.

There is now SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP. You can check out this new compression software from PKWare at And it is free for you to download. Just enter your email address and then check your email. They will email you the link to download SecureZIP. It takes only about 5 minutes for me from the time I entered the email address to have the software fully downloaded in my computer.

So, is SecureZIP better than other software. I would not tell you everything about it but you can check out the comparison list made available in the website. If you are concern with data security and you are using Outlook to send emails, then SecureZIP is definitely for you. SecureZIP can be integrated with Outlook and all your email attachment can be made secured. That plus many other additional advantage should make SecureZIP a better choice than WinZIP. So go and download the full version of SecureZIP now for free. Offer is for limited time only.

Sending Annabelle to school.

Yesterday, wifey had to go to Twin Tower for a training. And she had to leave early in the morning. Which is not so good for me coz I had to send her to the office early in the morning. That means I can't get enough sleep. Then at 7.30am, had to wake up again and prepare Annabelle for school.

Well, thank God, Annabelle was very co-operative. She woke up and bathed without much fuss. Also thank God that Barnabas slept again after drinking milk. Was thinking that if Clarissa and Barnabas did not wake up, I'll send Annabelle to school first. But that was not to be. Clarissa woke up and so I had to send all of them to MIL's house first.

At first Annabelle says that she don't want to eat breakfast, but when we arrived at MIL's house, she says that she wants to eat. MIL gave her one piece of "tausa piah". Then send Annabelle to school. This Clarissa pulak want to follow along. Reached the school, Annabelle was happy to go in. But Clarissa pulak cry coz she wants to go down and play at the school playground. Brought her back to MIL's place and I went back. Wanted to sleep but had to go to the shop to pick up my handphone which was left there. Well, it's been one new experience for me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vacation network

In the past people would travel and stay at their friends or relative place. It is much cheaper to travel in that manner. There is less need to spend money staying at the inn or motel. Your network of friends or contacts can be a great "saving" if ever you have to travel near their place. But things have change and most of us do not have that kind of privilege anymore. When you need to travel be it for work or for a vacation, you will definitely spend a lot of money especially if you are traveling with the whole family.

If ever you need to travel, do check out United Vacation Network. All your travel arrangements can be made through them. Of course with vast network with all major travel providers, consolidators, wholesalers and experience in providing vacation service to thousands of people, United Vacation Network can even provide a customized vacation packages for you. You need not worry about the airfare, the hotel to stay or the popular place to visit, it will be planned for you. With United Vacation Network you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mortgages - read this blog

I know that not many people want to read about mortgages but I think this blog is the exception. When I click this link about home loan, I was expecting to see the normal loan company website about loans, real estate, interest rates and all those loan stuffs. But to my surprise that is not what I see. Instead, I see a blog about mortgages. At first impression, this blog could have a change of design and color. Yes, I think the background color is a bit dull which can be improved.

Putting the design aside, I was attracted to see the various post titles. Check out the Carnival section. This blog gives a wonderful range of topics related to home improvement besides various postings about mortgages related matters. Interesting article, which even we as homeowners should know, include "7 common mistakes you need to avoid when selling your home" and tips on how to improve our homes. And before you leave the blog, make sure you check out the "43 must-know tips (and resources) for every First-time home buyer".

Over all this blog is worth visiting

My son

He is now 10 months old. Thank God for the learning progression of Barnabas. So far he can already stand for a few seconds and has started to say out certain words. He is very attentive of what his two sisters are doing, especially when they are playing together. High pitch sound like when his sisters scream, will definitely attract his attention. Sometimes, he tried to join his sisters too. Thank God also for Annabelle who always try to include Barnabas in her playtime. He has just recovered from HFMD. That makes it a bit easier to look after him.

Web templates at cheap price

Some websites will immediately catch your attention while some are just plain and dull to browse through. And those beautiful, attractive and innovative web designs makes you want to own one for your own website or blog. People say that first impression is very important especially when we want to attract the other person. The same applies to websites or blog. Some of the website or blogs can immediately catch my attention. Of course, if there are pictures of sexy beautiful girls, it will definitely catch many if not all of the male viewers. No, I’m not advocating your website to have pornographic materials, but just wanting to emphasize the concept of first impression. When I browse through the various websites and blogs, first impression will determine whether I stop and read or I’ll continue to the next website/blog.

Of course, different people have different taste or choice of their web design. Some are willing to pay a lot of money to have their web design according to their preference. And if you own your own domain and website or blog, choosing a web design could be a heavy task. That is why it is best to find a website where you can find quality and great looking web designs and download those web designs with minimal amount of money. I would recommend osCommerce Template. They have a variety of high quality web templates that you can choose and download. There are also many different template categories that you can choose to have for your website.

From animals & pets templates to sport templates, osCommerce Café provides it all for only a fraction of money that other web designers are charging you. For a three month membership you only need to pay $89 and you can download ALL their web designs that are available. Currently they have about 70 web designs. Now, that is tremendously cheap because you only pay less than $2 per design whereas you might have to pay $150 per design to other web designers.

So, check out the website and see some of the web designs that they have. And while you are at it, join and download the web design that you want for your website/blog.

DUI Lawyers

Being a lawyer does not necessarily mean that you know all the laws and regulations of the country. Most of the lawyers have basic knowledge of the general laws of the country. Most lawyers would opt for specific areas to handle. Some would concentrate purely on conveyancing, some on corporate, some on civil litigation and some on criminal defense. There are so many areas of law that lawyers can specialize in.

In San Diego County, Liberty Lawyers is the largest criminal and DUI defense law firm. What is DUI? DUI is Driving Under the Influence. If you drink and drive and you are caught and the level of alcohol is above the stipulated amount allowed by the law, the prosecutor will charge you in court. This is where you need to find a lawyer to defend you. Check out san diego dui lawyers if ever you are charged with DUI offenses. And you would not only be defended by one lawyer but your case would be taken care by the whole team of attorneys, investigators and support staff. Now that is special treatment. Why pay the same amount of legal fees to one lawyer when you can get the entire team to defend you. So check out Liberty Lawyers if you need one.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Judgment or Blessing- a vision Alice saw on 22-03-07

Judgment or Blessing- a vision Alice saw on22-03-07

I saw a powerful river rumbling and breaking up everything in its path. There were many people crying. The Lord said there are two paths for Malaysia. There was a map of Malaysia with some chains and locks on it. If the church would call on the Lord fervently the locks would fall off and a beautiful river would flow and fountains would spring up to other nations. If the church does not pray more locks were placed on the map and there was much wailing and a loss of freedom for the churches. The cousin spirit became violent.

Condolence to Pastor Lee Neo

Pastor Lee Neo's mother passed away on Monday evening. Received a few SMS from my brother and a friend of mine about the news. Then received another SMS from Pastor Lee Neo informing me about the death of her mother.

Went for the wake service on Tuesday night. It was a different service from previous wake services that I attended. This wake service is conducted in Bahasa Melayu or more accurately Bahasa Peranakan. It's good to see that the place is full and members came to show support to Pastor Lee Neo and family. Chit chat with a few other pastors there before I go to the shop to work.

My condolences to Pastor Lee Neo and family

Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

My brother was a car mechanic. Was, because now he is more into administrative work. I remember that he had to go for training course at Shah Alam. Whenever I need to service my car and if he is back for the weekend, I'll ask him to do it for me. I do pay or offer to pay him for his service but still I can save a lot of money.

If you are interested to be a mechanic and don't know where to find a good mechanic school, check out the directory at Motorcycle Mechanic Schools. It has a comprehensive directory of the various types of mechanic schools such as auto mechanic schools, diesel mechanic schools, aircraft mechanic schools, motorcycle mechanic schools, and marine mechanic schools. Even welding schools are listed there. Detail information about the schools and programs offered can be viewed in this directory.

Helping my customer.

One of my customer, a student of KYM, used the computer to do his assignments. He was there from 6pm till the time I came in at 10pm. His assignment is to compare two companies websites in terms of their user-friendliness, attractiveness, and other factors. After about another hour on the computer, he came to me and ask for help. His entire file went missing. He said he has saved the file but somehow it went missing, nothing in his pen drive or in the computer. Feel pity for him.

Told him to calm down and relax. Thank God, he has written down the gist of his assignment in paper. Asked him to go out and relax for 15 minutes while I type out his assignment. I know his frustration if he is to do the whole assignment again. Since he is not so good in English and the assignment must be done in English, I decided to help him out.

So, that's what I did. Typed out my customer's assignment and then with his explanation, try to add what needs to be added. Finished the assignment about an hour later, which by then is already 1.oo am in the morning. But then, I'm happy because I can see the smile on his face when the assignment is printed out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free Software

Good news! Good news! Magic Software is giving free, yes free, software. If you want to create a program and knows nothing about java, .net, asp or php, this is the software for you. Magic Software is giving away their eDeveloper Discovery Edition. And they really mean it. I sign up with Magic Software, which takes less than a minute and viola!... I received an email from them with the details and link on where to download. Will try creating one program later with this software.

And if you need further help, be not dismayed. Check out their blog at and learn from the tips offered. And there is also the tutorial video for you to watch. You don't have to pay any money for this tutorial video unlike other programming software offered by other companies. And since you are at it, join their Yahoo Group so that you can learn from other users too.

Landscaping Service

Nowadays, people like to invest in property. I bought 2 apartments to rent to university student. I do not have to worry about landscape design coz apartment does not have any compound/lawn. To those who invest on landed house, it is very important to have a beautiful landscape. It will boost up the value of your house and make it distinct from the rest. If you are very creative, you can do it on your own. If not, you can always engage a Landscape Design company like SDLA which is known with their Three SteppingStone Process, that is Planning, Designing and Implementing. Even though their job is done, they will always call you to give you tips on keeping your property looking its best or simply to see if you are happy with the design as it matures. Very commendable after sales service.

Blog apocalypse

Sweetpea tagged me on this quite some time ago. Busy with the business and family so a bit late but here goes.

My last post would be to let others know about Jesus. If there is one thing that really matters is a person's relationship with Jesus. No matter how rich or poor, famous or unknown, male or female, young or old, what matters at the end of our life is eternity with God. If only my readers would know that no matter who they are, Jesus loves them and would love to have a close personal relationship with each one of them.

Yes, that would be the last post in my blog if the internet world is going to end. And who knows, I might meet some of you bloggers in heaven after we die. Dying is inevitable one day, but where we will go after that is the decision we must make today.

Creative dating

Well, you have heard of many online dating sites where you write your "profile" and let others choose based on the information given on your profile. Now there is this new online dating website where you can do more than that. Check out - webcams, chat, personals, an online dating site that allows you to do more.

If you have a webcam, and nowadays almost everyone would have one or at least can afford to buy one, you can "advertise" yourself through your webcam. Wah... sounds scary... but yet exciting too. You can do a short video clip about yourself and use it as your "profile". Now this is more realistic because we can see the person in "real" action rather than just looking at his/her photo. And you can be creative in how you present yourself in that video clip, its all up to you. You can even go live with your webcam and let others see you online and chat with you. So go for it and maybe I'll see you online.

Gold Coin

When it comes to investment, they are 2 types of investor. The risk taker and the non-risk taker. The risk taker will buy shares, forex, options and futures. The returns are faster but risk of losing is high too. The non-risk taker will invest in assets like property, gold and silver. The return is slow but surely. I am a non-risk taker, so I will opt for buying gold coin from Monex. Monex has been established since 1967 and they have the experience, expertise and resources to serve most any precious metals investor’s needs. Over one hundred thousand investors have purchased billions of dollars of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion and bullion coins from Monex.

Football game and exercise.

Had a good time playing soccer last Sunday. It was Gateway team against Bethel. Well, not really 100% Gateway or Bethel players as there are also Sungai Rambai players that joined us. Well, as expected we didn't win. Lost 3-0. But that is considered very good for Gateway, knowing their ability, skills and teamwork level compared with Bethel team. Also, 2 of the goals are actually accidentally "own scores" by our players. So, that is not so bad.

Will prepare again for next month. Hopefully by then the team will be much better prepared with more stamina, skills, and teamwork. In fact we have a few good players who really can play but plays more of individual "hero" rather than teamwork game. As for me, it was good to be able to play and exercise again. The next day, as expected, I experienced "good pain" all over my body. Praise God for that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brain Tumor Treatment

This present generation, everything we want it fast especially when it comes to food. Fast food, faster growth of poultry animals, vegetables, fruit etc. Due to this chemical are being used excessively to boost up the growth. When we eat them, some of the chemicals will surely pollute and damage our body cells. It is like long term committing suicide. We die faster too due to cancer.

Talking about cancer, do you know that there is a new medical equipment that allows neurosurgeons to perform brain surgery without having to cut into a patient's skull? It is called the Gamma Knife. By orbiting the patient's head it is able to discharge a powerful beam of energy that can destroy brain metastases (tumors) without invasive surgery.

If you know anyone that requires brain tumor treatment, do let them know about Gamma Knife. To know more, please visit their website at

Note: The Previous Post is not from PPP.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Vacation destination for me and family

When I was a child, I loved to watch Disney cartoons. I don't have any favorite character but those cartoons really gets my attention. Now that I have my own children, Disney cartoons and movies becomes the favorites to my two daughters. They just loves to watch the classical fairy tale animated movies like, Snow White, Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, The 12 Dancing Princess and many more. Even my wife likes to watch them. Maybe one day, God willing, I'll bring my whole family to Orlando and visit Walt Disney World Resort and even Universal Studios Orlando.

There is this one place that provides cheap vacation room rental. Check out the Orlando vacation rental. It is very cheap and they have various offers to help you enjoy your vacation there. The hotels rate range from $55 per night at Raddison Worldgate Resort to $160 per night at Omni ChampionsGate Resort. With that kind of room rate, it is very affordable for middle income family like me.

Besides the theme parks, Orlando also boasts of top rated golf courses which will be a delight to the golf lovers. Orlando Vacation even offers various trips specially planned to meet your needs. They even gives you tips on what to do or not to do during your vacation. This is indeed very helpful for people who are going there for the first time. Check out their calender events so that you can plan properly and accordingly.

Now, I need to go and earn lots and lots more income so that I can bring my family there.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Looking for black personals

Three of my tenants are from Botswana, Africa. The other day, I went to have a look at my apartment because they complained that the fan is not working. Upon arriving there, I saw one of them surfing the net, checking out the online dating sites. Not really sure which websites to recommend to him at that time. Now, if I were to meet him again, I do know the website for him to go.

If you are looking for friendship online, there is this new black dating community website that you can go. Let's say you are looking for Black Personals. Once you've login to Yahoo Personals, you need to describe a bit about who you are looking for. Then click on the ethnicity link and choose African American. You can choose whatever other criteria that you are looking for. It is very easy. You can then browse through the many profiles of black people who have signed up. Happy browsing and may you find new friends.

Re: [Cybersalt Digest] Issue # 3004

Today's CleanLaugh - "Chocolate Calories" (courtesy of The Cybersalt Digest)

A good piece of chocolate has about 200 calories. As I enjoy 2 servings per night, and a few more on weekends. I consume 3,500 calories of chocolate in a week, which equals one pound of weight per week.


In the last 3 1/2 years, I have had chocolate caloric intake of about 180 pounds, and I only weigh 165 pounds, so without chocolate, I would have wasted away to nothing about 3 months ago!

I owe my life to chocolate.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hey, hey, don't stop reading this post. Because this is the opportunity for you to earn money. Yes, that's right... earn money. If you have been blogging and loves to blog, this is for you. Continue blogging and earn money for what you like to do. And this is no SCAM or other money investment thing. You don't have to come out any money to earn money, just need to have a blog.
Check out Bloggerwave. Sign up and wait for the approval. After approved, login to Bloggerwave and check out the open opportunities. Then choose what you want to write and post it in your blog. It's that easy and you'll be paid to your Paypal account. So why wait, sign up now. And I mean NOW, YES... NOW!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Providing new services

The shop will provide new service. There will be laminating service. Already ordered the laminating machine. Most probably it will come by end of this week. In the past, there are customers asking for this laminating service. So hopefully this will make this shop more holistic in providing good service to its customers.

How much will I charge? Well, it will be cheap as most of my customers are college students.

A4 size - Only RM1.50 per piece.
Smaller than A4 - Only RM1.00 per piece.

Currently these are the extra services provided:
- Fax - sending RM1.50 per page, receiving RM1.00 per page.
- Stapler binding - below 50 pages RM0.30, above 50 pages RM0.50.
- CD - empty CD RM1.00, burn CD RM3.00
-DVD - empty DVD RM3.00, burn DVD RM5.00
- Floppy disc - RM1.50 each
- Scanning - per piece/picture RM0.50
- Printing - RM0.30 till RM2.50
- Typing - RM0.50 per page (depending on free time available)
- Photostat - RM0.10 per piece
- LCD Projector - RM100 half a day, RM200 for a day.

There will be many more services that will be offered in the future. Planning to make this shop the IT and communication hub/center that people from surrounding area will go to. Cheap, convenient, and excellent service for the customers.

Investing for the future

A wise man will plan ahead, preparing for the future. He will see what is the current situation and what needs to be done. Calamity will not catch unaware.

The question is what is your plan to prepare for the future. Where and what are you investing in right now? If you still not sure of what or where to invest, then one option available is investing in foreign exchange, options and futures. These terms may sound big or alien to you but in essence it is like trading shares. The only difference is that you don't buy and sell company shares but deals with foreign currency, options and futures. If you are interested, check out global futures. Established in 1998, Global Futures is one of the largest independent introducing brokerage firms having global network in North America, Europe and even Asia.

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Please, please read this disclaimer: -
"There is risk of loss trading Futures, options and forex"

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Testing God.

Currently I'm testing God in one area of my life. Yes, I wrote it correctly.... "testing God".

Well, you may say that it is wrong to test God. Who are we human to test God our Maker.

I know that it is wrong for us to test God but this is the exception. And this exception is given by God Himself. And I believe that this is the only exception that I know of that allows us to test God in His faithfulness. And that area is about money. And this is stated in Malachi 3:10-11,

v10, - "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this," says the Lord Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.

v 11, - I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not cast their fruit, " says the Lord Almighty. - NIV.

I've known this Scripture for a long time. And I can say that I've faithfully bringing tithe into the storehouse (the church). God has been good to me. I've never lack anything that I need. Of course there are many things that I WANT but there's much difference between NEED and WANT. There will never be enough for a man's want/greed.

All this while I dare not test God in this area. How foolish I am. It is God Himself who asked us to test Him in this area. There is a difference between tithing because you think it is an obligation and tithing because you want to test God in His promise. God responds differently when He is being tested. He has a Name to protect and because He can't lie, He will ensure that His promises will come to pass.

Another of God's promise that I didn't really claim is the famous, "Ask, and you shall receive". Now, without going into much detail of the background aspect of these verses, it is sufficient to say that God wants us to pray, communicate, inform, petition, request or ask of Him. Just like a loving father who knows that his children want something which he would gladly give but withholds it because his children dare not ask. God who owns everything would gladly give it to us if only we ask of Him.

My mind is brought to the story of the Prodigal Son. I think most of us are like the older brother, who live with the Father with all the riches. The older son are faithful in serving his father, which I believes most devoted Christians would be able to say the same. The problem with the older son is that he never make full use of his father's riches. No, not in terms of squandering his father's money like the younger son, but rather in terms of enjoying his father's riches. I think most Christians live like the older son, dare not enjoy God's riches. Some of us don't even realize the full riches of God. At the end of the day, the older son got angry with the father when it is actually his fault for now enjoying the father's riches (by throwing a party and eating choice food).

Earlier this year, I asked God to bless me in my business. It is a request without much fervency. And as always, nothing much happened. Then I started to add fervency to it and things started to change. But then the blessings are still not as much as I expected it to be. (My expectations are reasonable expectations). Then I wonder why that I was not richly blessed when I have been faithfully tithing. As I remembered that God is asking to test Him, I told God that I want to test Him. I want to see Him fulfilling His promise in Malachi.

Since then, things has dramatically changed. I can see that God will always live up to His promise. And I'm excited to see the outcome of the full fulfillment of verse 10 and 11 of Malachi in my business. All glory and thanks be to God.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Looking for a Chiropractor

When you are active in sports, you'll know what is bad pain and good pain. It is always good to have good pain because it is a sign of your body muscles becoming stronger and tougher. I always enjoy it when I have good pain, knowing that I'm doing it right. What I fear most is the bad pain. This could be because of wrong technique or method of exercising. It could also be because of over-stretching or overdoing things in my zealousness to be fit.

One of the bad pain is the back ache. Recently I had to suffer for almost 2 weeks because of a back pain. Now it is much better and I'm doing my best to strengthen my back muscles. If you suffers any kind of severe and prolong back pain, it would be best to look for a chiropractor, doctor or physical therapists to help you with your problem. It is good to go to them if you think that it is not the normal back pain. So if you are in New York, check out

The website does not just talk about back pain. There are many types of pain that you should be aware of and the kind of treatments. At Spine and Sports, you will experience the finest medical care in their beautiful, state-of-the-art midtown facilities. The good news is that they also accept most of the insurance plan, so that will take care of the medical bill.

Come and go.

A new worker came to work yesterday. He was one of my first customers way back in October last year. He will be here for a month before his sister take over the job. Briefed him on his job responsibilities yesterday. So far so good. Not a computer geek guy so taking things a bit longer to teach him. To me that's not a problem. As long as he wants to learn and willing to be taught, then things will be OK. And most important of all, he must be honest.

Told him that if ever I caught him cheating in any way or being dishonest in any dealings, then ... . Also told him that I won't "halalkan" (sanctify) any money taken in dishonesty from the shop. He would have to face God in judgement day for any money taken or stolen from the shop.

Well, yesterday has been a hectic day for him and also for me. May God continue to bless this business.

Oh ya, I was told that the next door restaurant worker also has stop working. The same day as Bibi. I wonder why they all likes to simply stop working. Anyway, hoping that this current worker and the coming worker will work long or more permanent.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sales management software

In any business, the sales and marketing department is probably the most important department. If the sales and marketing department are not doing well, this will drag the whole company down. Therefore it is important to have a good and well managed sales and marketing department. Whether the business is small and needs only one or two sales agent, it still requires a proper management system.

With AIMpromote sales management software, you will have the ability to take complete control over your sales process. You will have a birds-eye view of your sales team and their performance. Your sales team will be able to quickly identify which prospects are the hottest, and prioritize their efforts accordingly. All these information are important for you to know and act upon as fast possible. If you delay, most probably your competitors would have gotten that "piece of pie". What is good about AIMpromote sales management software is that it can create tasks for your sales agents to do based on the information received. It helps your sales agents to know what needs to be done for the day without you having to instruct him. This is tremendous convenience if you have a lot of people under your supervision.

Back to status quo

Today I am left alone. Alone to take of the shop. No more staff to take day shift so I have to manage the shop all by myself.

Went to church this morning though having not enough sleep. The presence of God is there. It's wonderful to rest or the word that comes to my mind, to bask in the presence of God. Pastor Lee Neo spoke about the consequences of conversion. She gave a stern warning to the people especially the youths and singles about entertaining love relationships with the M's. She also urged the parents especially the fathers to take up their role and responsibility in raising up godly children.

By the time we reached home, it's already 1.40pm. Had fried mee hun for lunch, cooked by wifey in the morning. Then off to the shop. The boys are already waiting and asked me why I am late. Well, I'm not late, just that I don't have any more worker to open the shop in the morning.

Praying that there'll be part time worker coming in soon. Praying also for a permanent worker to be able to start work in May.