Monday, October 02, 2006

Starting Business

After much waiting and preparation, everything is in place (well, almost everything). Started the business full time now (beginning 1st October 2006).

So far, not many customers yet. The Giant Hypermarket that is supposed to open before Hari Raya will only be ready before Christmas. Looks like they need about another 2 months before they can be ready. Most of the shops here are waiting for the Giants to "wake up".

Looks like Kamdar is going to open very soon, maybe within this week. All their clothes and dresses and whatever stuffs are already in the premises. No signboard up yet.

As for me... the lack of customers are a bit of a challenge (using a better word than "worry"). More customers during night time, mostly foreign workers using the Yahoo Messenger to chat with their friends back home. Now that's good news to me because this is why I choose this location... to be where the foreigners are. This will be a good place for me to practice my mission calling. Vietnamese, Nepalese, Cambodians, Indonesians, Pakistanis and Malaysians have come to the shop. I pray that God will empower and enabled me to relate and build friendships with these people so that Christ will be revealed to them.

I pray (and please pray for me also) that God will bring in as many customers possible so that I don't have to worry about the income to sustain the business. Then I'll be able to have more time firstly for my family, then to mission training, then to other needs. As for this month, I'll be full time at the shop from morning till 12 midnight.

Oh ya, last month while I was still doing some stuff for the shop, two Pakistanis came to use the internet. I let them use... the computers can already be used though other things are not ready. Then one of them came back in the evening and we managed to chat. Got to know him better and managed to share about sin and Christ to him. Using the bridge method and Korban concept to share with him why people need to believe in Jesus.

During the Asian Sports Conference in YMCA, KL, a few of my friends promised to send to me brochures in their respective languages. These I will put at my cashier counter and my customers can take and read it for free. I pray that many will want to know more about Christ when they read the phamplets.

Will go out and give out more brochures to promote the business. We may plan but it is God who prospers his people.