Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two precious souls enters the Kingdom

I'm excited. Really excited of what is happening. So many opportunities to reach out to the lost. I can't sleep well for the past 2 weeks thinking about the door of opportunity that God has opened.

I went to one of the NS camp for the Religious Class. The first week, there are only 11 students that came, most of them are Christians. The second week (last week) saw a group of about 25 students in the class, where about 15 of them are non-Christians. What a wonderful opportunity to minister to them the love of God. The topic shared was the "5 Languages of Love" which they enjoyed and showed their interests. This led them to come again for the class the next day and the number added to about 50 students. Some of the students requested for Bibles, which was given to them FOC. As this is a good opportunity to share to them, I took the opportunity and promised them a film show for the coming Thursday (this week). Most of them have not seen the movie as the movie is not screened to the public in the cinema (except with special permission).

On Thursday night I went alone to the camp. Reached the camp at 8.10pm, much earlier to set up the LCD projector. After completing the setup at about 8.30pm, the students started to come in. Didn't expect the number of the students to be many but many came to the classroom. It seems that the Christian trainer Mr. F has informed all the non-Muslims students about the film show. The classroom was not big enough to sit all the non-Muslims students. Because of that, some of the students that are not able to go inside the classroom had to attend another class under Mr F.

Altogether there are about 90 - 100 students that watched the movie The Passion of The Christ. Most of them have not seen the movie. The show started at 8.50pm. Managed to share briefly about the movie and the purpose of Jesus suffering on the cross.

The movie is about 2 hours. During the show, the students watched attentively especially during the scene where Jesus is being tortured. I sincerely believe that they are touched by what they see in the movie. Throughout the movie, I prayed that the Holy Spirit will convict the students of guilt in regard to their sin (quoting from John 16:8, a Scripture verse shared by Mrs Kirby, a missionary lady, the night before in a prayer meeting)

The setback is that I have to stop the movie before the ending. As the students have to go for the roll call at 10.45pm, I had to stop the movie abruptly and let the students go. The reason is that the Chief Trainer who is a Malay is not happy if we continue until after 10.45pm. As such, I had no opportunity to give an altar call for the students. I feel dissapointed that I was not able to give the altar call. I wanted so much to see more souls enter the Kingdom. But God has a better plan.

The next night (last night), I went there with another 4 church members. Earlier I planned to just divide the group and start a new topic. Somehow, by God's direction I was moved to bring the VCD, a laptop and the LCD. I'm thinking of using the laptop and LCD or my Powerpoint presentation of the topic, not so much of showing the movie. And this is indeed a blessing. As we reached the class and starts to setup the laptop and LCD, the students came in and fill up the classroom. They wanted to see the ending of the movie. Hallelujah..!!!! They all came back for the movie. We showed the ending part of the movie (which is only about 5 minutes). I took the opportunity to relate God's love as shown in the movie and invited those interested to know about Christ to meet me or the church members.

Then we divided the students into Mandarin speaking and non-Mandarin speaking group. Wow! there are about 50 Mandarin speaking students. As they left to another class, the Indian students came back from their visit to the temple. And these Indian students came into my class requesting to see the ending of the movie. Praise God! (Now I know God's purpose for allowing the movie to stop just 5 minutes before the ending). Promised them to show the movie after the class. Proceeded to teach the class (25 of them) about moral and ethics. After the class, I showed the ending of the movie (for the second time that night). Again I took the opportunity to share to them the love of Jesus who had to suffer on the cross for their sins.

As we were packing our things to go back, I was informed that 2 girls approached one of the church members, desiring to believe in Jesus and they were led into the Kingdom in prayer. Hallelujah! Praise God! I'm so excited.

Praise God for the 2 souls that entered the Kingdom last night.
Praise God for the Scripture verse shared by Mrs Kirby which I can use in my prayer.
Praise God for the Church for releasing the cell group to minister in the NS camp.
Praise God for the movie that tried to portray Jesus' suffering as best as possible.
Praise God for the LCD projector.
Praise God Mr F who encouraged the students to go to the class.
Praise God for the work of the Holy Spirit who convicts people of their sins.
Praise God for His love for me.
Praise God for giving me this opportunity to minister to these precious souls.
All glory be unto God.

Lord, bring more students into your Kingdom.

Friday, April 07, 2006

See Enemies as Agents!

See Enemies as Agents!

Wisdom is basing responses on the bigger picture. This means recognizing that whatever happens to us is not the whim of fate, or the will of man, but the work of God. If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without God’s approval, neither can anyone attack us without God’s permission.

If we view revilers as our enemies, we will get angry and discouraged, but if we see them as agents for our good and God’s glory, we will rejoice!

Paul was tormented and attacked so painfully that he pleaded with God three times to deliver him. When God explained that this messenger (agent) from Satan was allowed for the purpose of keeping Paul humble so that the power of God would rest upon him, Paul gloried in the assault and took pleasure in it. (See II Corinthians 12:6–10.)

Job had the same insight. Satan was clearly responsible for the destruction of Job’s children, possessions, and health; yet, Job did not say, “God has given, and Satan has taken away.” Instead, he said, “The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away…” (Job 1:21).

God causes the wrath of men to praise Him by using revilers to bring about the very achievements that they ridiculed.

The brothers of Joseph reviled him for his preposterous dreams that one day they would bow down before him. In an act of hate and envy, they sold him as a slave, which actually brought his dreams to pass. Later, he told them, “Ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good” (Genesis 50:20).

Jesus was reviled by the Pharisees for stating that if they destroyed the temple (of His body), He would raise it up in three days. Their cruel act of nailing Him to the cross allowed this historic achievement to come to pass for our salvation.

Actually, the pages of Scripture and history are filled with examples of great achievements that were facilitated through the reviling of opponents. Dr. Raymond Damadian was ridiculed by colleagues for thinking that he could design an imaging unit that would produce an image of internal organs. Their reactions spurred him on to invent the MRI scanner, which revolutionized diagnostic medicine.

Since this is the way of God, it is no wonder that we are to rejoice when all men speak evil of us falsely. God is getting such a person ready for great achievement here and for great rewards in heaven!

Through Christ our Lord,

Bill Gothard

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Paid in Full

A little boy came up to his mother in the kitchen one evening while she was fixing supper, and he handed her a piece of paper that he had been writing on. After his Mom dried her hands on an apron, she read it, and this is what it said:

For cutting the grass: $5.00
For cleaning up my room this week: $1.00 For going to the store for you: .50 Baby-sitting my kid brother while you went shopping: .25 Taking out the garbage: $1.00 For getting a good report card: $5.00 For cleaning up and raking the yard: $2.00 Total owed: $14.75

Well, his mother looked at him standing there, and the boy could see the memories flashing through her mind.
She picked up the pen, turned over the paper he'd written on, and this is what she wrote:

For the nine months I carried you while you were growing inside me: No Charge.

For all the nights that I've sat up with you, doctored and prayed for you: No Charge.

For all the trying times, and all the tears that you've caused through the years: No Charge.

For all the nights that were filled with dread, and for the worries I knew were ahead: No Charge.

For the toys, food, clothes, and even wiping your nose: No Charge.

Son, when you add it up, the cost of my love is: No Charge.

When the boy finished reading what his mother had written, there were big tears in his eyes, and he looked straight at his mother and said, "Mom, I sure do love you". And then he took the pen and in great big letters he wrote:

~ Author Unknown