Monday, March 16, 2009

He is not coming

The Malay boy that is supposed to come to work failed to show up. Zzzzz... he has agreed to come today but when I arrived at work I was told that he does not come. Quite disappointed to know that. Anyway, I thought maybe he forgot about the matter so I gave him a call. No answer. At the second call, he answered and he told me that he is already in Selangor. me lah if you not coming. No common sense or courtesy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

EOE - I got My Photos

Within 3 working days, they do keep their words.

I uploaded my photos on Sunday and on Monday I received an email from EOE telling me to pick 2 more photos for 8R. Huh? This time got free 8R too?

I don't remember wifey getting any 8R when she blog about them a few months back. Then I went to check their Blogger's Review Program again.

Fellow bloggers in Malaysia! We know you are always looking out to try something new and sharing stuffs that are beneficial your readers too! Do a review on eoe Online and get 50x4R and 2x8R photo prints for Free!

So I gave the honour to wifey to pick the 8R photos. She is more excited about it than me. =P

We are very satisfied with the quality of the photos and wish we have a better camera to take more pictures of our children then send to EOE for printing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gold is more attractive

What do you do if you have a fixed deposit worth $10K and it is earning for you a meager 2% interest? My advice for you is to take the money out and invest in gold. Yes, invest in gold. How? You may ask. It is simple. Either you buy the actual gold in the form of gold jewelery, gold bar, gold wafer, rare coin, or you can check out the gold saving accounts offered by the banks.

Why invest in gold? One thing for sure, the gold price is increasing. Yes, there are fluctuations from time to time but overall trend is that the price keeps on increasing. A year from now, the gold price might be 30% higher. If you look at it from the investment perspective, that is a big whopping 30% for your investment. 30% interest is definitely much better than the mere 2% FD interest. I am doing it and I would recommend it to others who have the extra money to save.

Thinking of farming

I am thinking of diversifying my portfolios...hehehe. Nah... just thinking of doing farming. Since the income from the shop is not enough and unpredictable, I think I need to find other sources of income. Maybe doing farming is the best option for me. But then, in order for me to do that, I have to make sure that my staff can run the shop on his own and can be trusted. Until then, my plan is just a plan.

He has two jobs

My staff is working two jobs at the moment. It seems that from the time he wakes up, he would be working until the time for him to sleep. And this goes on for 5 days a week. This is so that he could earn enough to settle his house and car loans. I think I too would have to resort to such living if the business are not doing well. As for now, I thank God that He provides enough for me and the family. No extras but sufficient.

Family Vacation or Not

Would you like to go for a vacation during this time of economic crisis? Well, I know many would say Yes, but as for me, I would say No. The reason is simply because I do not think that I can really enjoy my vacation. My mind would be thinking about my business, whether there would be enough sales/income for the month to carry me through. I would be thinking whether my staff is giving good service to the customers or giving a bad impression of the business. I would be thinking of the many problems with the computers and whether my staff would be able to solve those problems.

I would rather be spending my time at the shop making sure that everything runs smoothly at the shop and that my customers are happy with the services and would come back again and again. The main problem is that I did not have a staff that is fully knowledgeable to address all the problems and help needed by the customers. Until I am able to find one such knowledgeable staff, I think I would put on hold my next Family Vacation.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

What's the salary rate now?

Planning to take a full time staff for my internet shop. As much as I want to avoid simply hiring a staff, I know I had to do so. Main reason is that wifey is going to give birth next month. And with my current working schedule, there is no way I would be able to accompany her when the baby decides to get out of his comfort zone. If I do have a full time staff, then I would have the flexibility to accompany my wifey to the hospital.

Furthermore, the total pay paid for the two part time staff is higher than the salary of a full time staff. With the current 2 part time staff, I still have to work longer hours and my working schedule has to be catered according to their permanent working schedule. Hopefully, by just employing only one full time staff, I can reduce cost and have a little extra money for my insufficient monthly income and extra time for my family.

Talking about minimizing cost especially during the economic downturn, I was surprised to know that I actually promised a higher market rate salary. I spoke to one of the sales promoter in the shopping centre and was informed of her pay. After I did a simple calculation of her salary, I realised that the pay rate is lower than I thought it should be. haizzzz....

My only hope is that the coming staff would be a person who is honest, trustworthy and reliable.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

EOE - 30 days left

If you are not aware yet, let me remind you that you have 30 days left to enjoy the promotion offered by EOE Online Photo Printing. That is RM0.30 only for 4R and RM0.50 only for 5R. You can't get this good deal from your local photo shop. And be sure to print more than RM35.00 so that you can enjoy their free delivery. By courier service you know, not the slow mail. ;)

Btw, if you have family all over the world, why not share an online photo album with them? You can only sent a few photos through email but with EOE you can share your photo album with your loved ones; FOC! And they can even print any of the photos in the album. Save you all the trouble of printing the photos for them. ;)

Don't miss this great opportunity and saving ya.

Time to do some uploading now! =)