Monday, November 13, 2006


Plan to get 5 more PCs. But before that, have to add another phone line coz want to add in another streamyx line. Also have to buy the Prolink Multi Homing Load Balancer that will help set the bandwith used by each PC. Now a number of the customers are complaining of “lagging” while playing online game. Had to upgrade the service to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Cost to add another 5 PCs is about 11K. Wah… wonder whether I’m too daring and optimistic about the business.
Has yet to find workers for the shop. Need to go by word of mouth already.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mixed feelings

Now, the feeling is mixed.

Great because God has been with the business and the income is more than the expenses. Not much but at least I don't have to come out extra money to cover the cost. Praise God for that. Also in the past 11 days in November, the sales have been steady.

Now the opportunities to minister to my customers are more. Not just the Vietnamese, Indonesians and Nepalese, there are also the Malaysian youths that I can minister to. Having said that, so far the only progress is building up friendship with them. Also playing Christian music in the shop helps me to focus on Jesus, which is really helpful during busy time. Have yet to get the Christian materials to be distributed to the foreign workers.

Time - tough when taking care of the shop on my own. Now looking for 2 shop assistants to look after the shop. Daytime and night time shifts. Praying that God will provide those that can be trusted and capable in pc troubleshooting. Can only offer RM500 a month. May the Lord provide.

Mom is still in the hospital. Been there for more than 2 weeks. Praise God that she is recovering well. It will be a week or so before she can fully recovered. After this, life will be different. With Mom's condition, things at home will be very different. Another stage of life, hoping that things will fit into places soon and smoothly. Am praying that things will go back to normal,.... but then life should not be "normal" but offering various challenges to make me grow more into Christlikeness. Due to the work in the shop, haven't got time to attend church. All the more must develop a closer walk with God... which seems strangely difficult and not as easy as I thought. No, working in an internet cafe is not so free as most people thought. Always got things to do.

The good thing is that I lost a few kilos of my weight. Also strange coz I thought I'll gain weight "doing nothing in an internet cafe". Maybe because of lack of sleep and different working hours as before. I do feel lighter, my pants are loose, but I also feel that I'm no longer fit. Have not have any exercises for more than 2 months. Thank God for the Usana Essential supplements that keeps my body healthy. God first and the supplements.