Friday, January 30, 2009

bong family

This is my family, taken on 26th January 2009. Missing in action is another 5 people. The United Nation of Bukit Rambai.

The house is quiet again

Now that CNY is over the house is quiet again. Sigh... too quiet suddenly. No more sounds of the children running, playing, shouting and crying. Quiet. The stillness is like frozen ice. No more hoohahs. Life is back to routine... work work work.

Desperate people desperate options

It is interesting to know that when people are desperate, they would do anything especially in this time of economic uncertainties. I am sure many are thinking about how to survive financially. I too am one of them. The economic slowdown has been affecting my business. I can say that many times I would imagine that I would come across a bundle of cash, thousands or maybe a million dollar cash. How delighted I would be. No, I had not come across that bundle of cash and I guess I better stop imagining about it. I had better trust in a more secured person, God.

In this desperate times, many would opt for Cash 4 Gold. Selling gold jeweleries can be easy and the best option for some. If you are given the choice of selling your house or sell your gold jeweleries so that you can settle your $4000.00 debt, Cash 4 Gold is a better option.

I know many Chinese are into 4D, Toto, and lottery. Even most of my family members are into 4D. This CNY, they all pool together to buy a number but unfortunately the number did not "strike". They have extra money to spend from their "angpau" so they bet on 4D. I would not want to waste my money on 4D as I know that does not reflect what I believe about my God. I do pray that I also does not have to opt for Cash 4 Gold and that my business would be blessed indeed.

What would you do? In this desperate time, would you do desperate things? I do pray that our integrity would stand firm even in desperate times.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Motomoto

My children loves to watch the movie "Madagascar 2". A few nights ago, I was there watching with them and it came to the part where it shows the BIG male hippo Motomoto trying to woo the female hippo. My daughters laughed when they saw that part and immediately look at me.

"That's daddy".

I laughed at the funniness of it. "Why its daddy?" I asked them. They just laugh but didn't give a reply.

Hmmm... I wonder whether it is because of the big size or because of the romantic appealing look of Motomoto that they associated it with me. I do hope so. I definitely do not want to be associated with the "blur blur" side of Motomoto.

Now I got a new nickname... .MOTOMOTO... not Motorola.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Still not done yet

Last year, when things (business) is doing well and we have extra income to spare, we were thinking about doing something with our cars. One of it is changing my car seat cover. It is not in the best condition with signs of wear and tear. Having three children does not help at all in trying to keep the cushion cover clean and spotless. There are many signs of water and food spills until we lost count of it.

Now the new year has passed us by and we still have yet to change the car seat cover. With the coming of the 4th one this April, we would have to put a baby car seat in our car again. I wonder whether we will use the old one or just buy a new infant car seat. I think the old one is still in the garage. It is time to start thinking about what I need to do with my car. Hopefully when the Lord blesses us with extra income, we will be able to do something for the car.

Main computer down

After faithfully serving for 2 years, the main computer that served as the server bids farewell. It has been showing signs of sickness for the past 2 weeks. Now it is being replaced by a newer better computer. This newer computer costs around RM900. As much as I like the operating system installed by the computer shop, I had to reinstall a new operating system into it so that I can download Windows Update. I realized (now more than before) the importance of being able to download security patches updates especially when my customers can plug in their pendrives (which is definitely loaded with viruses)to the computers. Now the new computer is up and running and I do hope that there would not be any major problem with the server for as long possible.

The amazing thing about the old computer is that after a few tinkering here and there, it can still be used without any problem. My guess is that the dust collected inside the computer casing is the main cause of the problem. I will just bring back the computer for my own home usage or sell it.