Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas come and Christmas went. Things went on as usual. To me, Christmas is just another day like any other day. In the words of Paul, " treats one day as special while another treats it as just another day...". What makes it special is how we treat it unto the Lord. Saying that, I guess we must treat each day as special. Be thankful to God that you can wake up every morning or evening (depending on when you go to bed)and see the sunlight or clouds.

This year Christmas was a busy one. Went to church in the morning and thereafter had lunch with Bro Daniel and family. And at night we had a Christmas party with Eastern types of food together with Asian desserts. The children would have their food and then watch their favorite show on tv. Wished that there is cable tv available. Maybe when we moved to another place we would be able to have direct cable tv. I know if you are in New York you can subscribe to Direct TV in New York . It was a wonderful time. The children enjoyed it very much especially when they received their presents. I don't remember receiving any presents. Well, that's okay as I too did not give any presents personally. My wife did all the giving. I thought of giving her a present but then due to busyness, nothing done.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this year Christmas celebration. With the Singh's family back and mother around, there were an abundance of food. Really enjoyed the delicacies and mouth watering gourmet prepared by the Singh's family. Till next year, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

ABC for Christmas

Bought one ABC machine through No, not a machine that makes ABC alphabet. It is a machine that makes Air Batu Campur (Grinded Ice). The moment I saw it on sale in Mudah, I know I have to buy it, knowing that it would be useful during all the celebrations. I'm sure the other family members would enjoy a bowl or many bowls of ABC when we're together.

Well, I was right. The ABC machine was a hit during the Christmas dinner. (Though I had to fix it a few times before getting it really fixed). So for this Christmas we had icy cold bowlful of ice mixed with corns, jelly, and whatever stuffs they can think of.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wedding invitations abound.

As expected the wedding invitation cards came. The months of November and December are so called "wedding months" because many couples decided to get married on these two months. I'm not so keen on receiving wedding invitations especially from those kampung people. They tend to plan their wedding dinners at Chinese restaurants where the place are crowded and the music is too damn loud. One can hardly talk to each other during the dinner because of blaring sounds/songs.

Okay, okay, I don't want to spoil the moods of those newly wed or going to get married. I'm sure most of the couples are anxious about their weddings. Some even plan to have cancun destination weddings as they want something extra special for their special day. I guess wherever they plan to have their wedding, both parties must be happy about it. Weddings are supposed to be a happy occasion, not a time to fight and quarrel about minor details.

To all those who are gettng married, "Have A Blessed Wedding".

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have time to rest now

Now that I have another part time staff, I can rest a bit. No, I still can't go back home and leave my new part time staff alone in the shop, at least not yet. Maybe in a few weeks time when she is able to manage the shop confidently without me being around, then only will I be able to go home and spend time with my family. Looking forward for that day to come. As for now, whenever there is not much activity/needs in the shop I can take time to rest and maybe update this blog.

Thank you Lord.