Saturday, April 23, 2005

Professional thief

I think I can be a professional thief. Last night I "stole" other people's bag with no problem at all. In full view of other people. And the owner is also nearby, not more than 10 feet away. And the whole event took place in a public place - Seven Eleven at Melaka Sentral.

Went there to meet Pastor Philip's mentor, Les Brickman. He is scheduled to arrive at the bus station around 7pm from Ipoh. After parking my car, went to the Sentral to look for him. Haven't seen him before. Only being told that he is an American, a Jewish and most probably would have a moustache. Didn't see anybody that matches that description in the waiting area. Went to the bus counter and was informed that the bus should have arrived.. the clerk was also not sure. Well... took another walk to the waiting area but still no signs of this American guy. Walk to the shoplots area to search for him. Then walked past Seven Eleven and saw a white man buying something. At first thought... no... this could be him. Aiya... just asklah... who knows maybe its him. Went in and ask him... "Hello, are you Mr. Les Brickman?" "Yes! And you must be David." Shook hand with him.

He was in the midst of paying for the whatever stuffs he's buying. He took a RM100 note to pay for a RM5.90 item. The cashier asked him whether he has smaller change and he shook his head. Somehow, I just took out my wallet and give the cashier RM10 note to pay for the item. Wah... so generous lah... I say to myself.

"Shall we go?" I asked him. "Yeah" He turned and grab hold of two luggage bags. I, because of Asian culture and wanting to show hospitality, quickly grab a shopping bag beside the luggage bags. So off we went to the car. Upon reaching the car, he put his two luggage bags at the back seat. When I handed over the shopping bag to him, he didn't take it but walked to the passenger seat. So I had to put the shopping bag at the back seat. Then we went for dinner and after dinner went to City Bayview Hotel to check him in.

I parked my car at the hotel's parking lot. Mr Les Brickman brought out the two luggages. I then brought out the shopping bag for him. We went to the lobby and after that brought him to his room. Went to the room... he put his bags near the cupboard. And I put the shopping bag near the bed. "Well. I hope everything works fine", I said referring to the electrical switches. "Yeap.. think so", he replied. "Well, is there anything else that I can do for you?" I asked. "No... I'll see you tomorrow" ... and we shook hands. Then I turned to go out.

"Is this bag yours?" Mr Les Brickman asked. "What bag?" "This bag"... and he pointed to the shopping bag. "No... I thought it's yours". "No... its not mine". "Oh.. dear!... this is somebody's else bag". We just laughed, knowing that we've taken other people's bag unknowingly.

So I went back to the Seven Eleven shop and returned back the shopping bag. The cashier told me that the bag belonged to a Chinese lady and she asked that they keep the bag if it is found... she will take it from them. Told the cashier to apologize for my mistake.

There you have it... a "theft" by legal definition, carried out professionally. And a happy ending.


Some of the most amazing things you'll see are from home videos that where caught on a surveillance camera. Having a surveillance camera system in your home allows being home at night by yourself more comforting knowing that there are security video cameras keeping watch over the home.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Heaven is so real.

Read this book. Must say that this book is one of the best book there
is on heaven. Would recommend it to everybody. My wife wrote about it
on her blog There's a lot
of questions by people about the book. Many seems to doubt the truth
of Choo Nam's experience.

I don't doubt the book but I don't treat it as Scripture either. The
book has helped me to grow spiritually, helped me to strengthen my
relationship with Jesus. And the book makes me eager to go to heaven.

Zoo Trip

It has been ages since the last time I went to the zoo. Can't even
remember when was it... definitely more than a decade. Today...
history day... I went to the zoo.

Went there because of Annabelle. Wanted her to see the animals and
learn new things. All the while she has been reading books and seeing
the picture of the various animals. Hopefully the trip will help her
learn more.

She enjoyed the trip. But for a 2 year old child, she seems not so
enthusiastic about the animals.... as though it is no big deal to see
the animals. Maybe its because she has to walk most of the time and/or
she's hungry. She enjoyed watching fish more than the animal in the

As for me,... well, can't say that I enjoyed the trip... OK lah. The
next trip... well... maybe another decade.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Entering into the adult world.

When is a teenage boy be considered as a man?  Or when is it that our perspective of a young person changed to that of an adult. What actions signifies that a person is no longer immature youths but has grown up?
Saw many of the small boys and girls who have grown up. They are no longer the small childish boys and girls that I've known before. They changed. They grow and mature. From their actions, from their physical growth, from the way they think. Yeah, people must change and grow towards maturity. As Paul said," when I was a child, I talk like a child, I think and act like a child: but when I grow up, I put childish ways behind me."  I've seen many of these boys and girls grow and mature. But some are still having their childish ways in them. Sad but true.
Why am I writing about this? Oh ya... the event.
Last Sunday, I saw a girl wearing really short pants and tight fitting T-shirt. That changed my thoughts about her. She is no longer the "daddy's girl" that I've always perceived. At that moment when I saw her, with her sexy clothings, she is a different person, an adult. She is a lady, able to portray herself as one. She is no longer under the "control or supervision" of the parents. She is different person. The young girl showing herself as a lady. My view of her changed.
.... may we change to the better. .... "Man.... she is sexy!..."