Monday, July 31, 2006

Life as a Christian is difficult....

Being a Christian is difficult. Only with the power of the Holy Spirit can we truly obey God's commands. What our carnal nature wants to do is always in contradiction to what God wants us to do.

Since I resigned from my post in the church, my life has been busy. I thought being at home will give me more free time but no... its much more hectic. Household chores can really take all your time.. and its never ending one. Now I know that housewives are much more busier than those working in the office.

It looks like that God has slowly shown me the next step/stage of my life... careerwise. I plan to start my own business. It went through two deaths of a vision. And now it starts to unravel in a wonderful and marvellous way.

There are many blessings that God has shown me if only I learn to obey His commands even in the setting up of the business. Many of these blessings are wonderful testimonies of God's providence, which I can't share at this moment.

One testimony that I will share is about the shoplot needed for the business. As I surveyed the areas that are suitable for the business, I found one good place for the business. And I also found one shoplot for rent in TBU, which is very strategic and would be the best place for the business. Called the owner Mr C and agreed with him that I would rent the place from him. However, since the money has not come in, I dare not put in any deposit with him. I told him that I would need more time to wait for the money to come in before I make the deposit for the tenancy.

Verbally, Mr C agreed to give me a call first should other people also wants to rent the shoplot. I trusted him. Then on 27 July I received an sms from Mr C saying, "Regret 2 inform d Bacang Utama shop has been rented. Unable 2 call as tenant place deposit on d spot". SMS received at 22.03pm but I only saw the sms at about 22.30pm. Tried to call him twice but to no avail. Voice message. I was very very disappointed and angry too. How could he do such a thing. Not keeping to his word. Also angry because the money has not come in earlier for me to clinche the tenancy.

Anyway, I'm reminded of the song, "In all things give thanks to the Lord, He is good". Though very disappointed, angry and frustrated, I know that I still need to give thanks to God, ... and I did. To me the non-availability of the shop signifies the death of a vision. There is no other strategic shop available for rent. But I'm reminded to bless those who persecute you, to love and bless your enemies.

As the Holy Spirit fills me with God's ways and love, I decided to reply to his SMS. I wrote, "Truthfully, I'm disappointed becoz you did not keep your word. Forgiven. I pray dat God will bless you abundantly - sincerely davidbong". SMS sent at 22.51pm. Though its hard todo, I prayed for God's blessing upon Mr C.

The next day, I was really down, wondering about God's plan for my life. In the evening as I passed by the same area, I saw another shoplot at a different block/location that is for rent. Called the agent and managed to see the inside of the shoplot. Not the best of shoplot for the business. Even my wife feels uneasy with the shop. I was disappointed because my wife doesn't like the place. Anyway, we did not confirm the shoplot. After much discussion, my wife and I agreed to pray for a shoplot at the same row as the previous shop in TBU. If no shoplot is available until this coming Friday, we will go for the existing available shoplot. As much as I want to start the business as soon possible, I also want a shoplot where both my wife and I are totally at peace with.

On Monday, at about 18.30pm I received a call from Mr C. He was very apologetic and told me that the tenancy with the other tenant does not come through and he is asking me whether I'm still interested with the shop. I was very surprised and excited. He asked me whether I'm angry at him for what happened, to which I assured him that I'm not. Also told him that I prayed for him. So I got the shoplot that I wanted... plus he is willing to reduce the rental by RM50.00. Praise God for His timing.

I know I've learned something... to trust God and give Him thanks in all situations. I also learned patience as God arrange all things according to His own timing, not my time or way. I pray that the owner will be ministered through this event... and will come to know Christ through me.

In His Time, He Makes All Things Beautiful.