Friday, November 21, 2008

Need time to relax

It has been a hectic time working full time at the shop. At my age, working the whole day in the shop can be very tiring indeed. I thank God that there are part time staffs who helps to break the monotonous schedule. Even then I had to work full days for 3-4 days in a week. Lack of sleep can take a toll on my health.

I am asking God for a full time staff. Honest, reliable and someone that can be depended on to provide good friendly service to the customers. I can't go on my own like this for long or else I would soon be in Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care before I know it. With a full time staff, I would be able to have enough rest and sleep and can have a balance lifestyle. I do want to spend more time with my family as the children are growing up fast, very fast. As for now, I need time to relax.

No hope for it now

There are so many students who called to see the apartment. Most of them say they want to rent the apartment. Most of them confirmed, saying that they will definitely rent the apartment. We went there for how many umpteen times to show the apartment to the students. But then they will call (or did not call) and say that they will not rent it. Each calls give hope but each hope was dashed to the ground. Now, I don't put any more hope that the students will rent the apartment. Even though they confirmed with me, I still have no hope about it. Even when they have confirmed, I still take calls and entertained other students who wants to see the apartment. ONLY and ONLY when they have paid the deposits then will I have more confidence in them. As for now, all they talks are bullshits.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It is faded now

The shirts that I wear to work have shown signs of aging. It is now faded. The black lines are no longer striking black and so is the orange color. I guess that vigorous washing by the maid really put a lot of pressure and tension on the shirts.

It is about time that I buy a few more working shirt for my staffs and myself. Maybe I will check out Dickies as I heard that their workwear is durable and yet comfortable too. Must make sure that the company logo and slogan can be printed on the shirts.