Friday, January 20, 2006

Greater accountability demanded of judges

Greater accountability demanded of judges

Read this article on The Star today. Interesting quotes about the role of judges and accountability.

“Given the very nature of their duties and responsibilities, judges were exposed to public scrutiny and criticism, Justice Shim added. 

“It has been said that public criticism of the judiciary within limits is permissible,” he said. 

“Justice is not a cloistered virtue; she must be allowed to suffer the scrutiny and respectful, even through outspoken, comments of ordinary men,” he added, quoting Britain's renowned Law Lord, Lord Atkin.” 

 This reminded me of what I learned in law school. “Nobody is above the law and nobody should act as though they are above the law. Everyone must be accountable to another.” Another thing/quote that I’m reminded of is “Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.”

May the judges of this country upholds justice without fear or biasness.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Clever doctor

A young man had completed medical school. He went back home to the small town to work with his father. They went out the first day to make house calls. As they went in the first house the father said now you watch me so you will know what to do.

Inside, a woman was in the bed and she looked terrible. The old doctor checked her out. He was making notes when he dropped his pen to the floor. He picked it up and told the woman she need to quit cleaning and working so hard in her house, she just needed rest.

When they got outside, the son asked how he knew that she was cleaning too much. The old doctor said that when he dropped his pen, the floor was so clean that there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere.

When they arrived at the next house, the father told his son that it was his turn to examine the patient. At this house too, the woman was in bed, looking terrible. The young doctor took her blood pressure and pulse, asked a few questions, and made some notes. Then he dropped his pen and reached down to pick it up. He told the woman that she was doing too much church work, and needed to cut down on what she did.

When the two doctors went outside, the old doctor asked the young one how he knew that she was doing too much church work.

The young one said, "Well, when I bent down to pick up my pen, I saw the preacher under the bed."

Thursday, January 05, 2006

So far so good

Well, so far so good. My pastor came and talk with me just now. Just a short time of talking about the church events. Nothing much to talk anyway since there's not many activities planned yet.

What is important to me is that my pastor is trying to keep his promise. We will try to meet at least twice a month, just to keep each other updated. Sounds good. Almost like what we did during my first 3 years in ministry. Though most of the time we didn't meet due to other unforseen circumstances but at least there was open communication. I pray that this year it will be a change to the better.

Looks like I'll be taking care of the monthly missions trip to various churches and outreaches. May this be the opportunity for the members to be excited again about serving the Lord. May this be the opportunity for them to exercise their spiritual giftings. And may this be their motivation to draw closer to God.

My pastor also asked me about starting a preaching outreach in Tanjung Minyak, a place near my house. Not keen at all to do this. I'm not a pioneer or church planter. I'm a team player. Anyway, that's an opportunity available to me should I want to.

The church backdrop for this year is "Relational Evangelism in 2006". Finished putting it up just now. More relationships to build this year.