Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Clarissa Bong is back at home.

Praise God! Now Clarissa Bong is back at home. Spent 3 days at General
Hospital because of jaundice. Thank God that she got better.

During the visits to the nursery ward, I managed to talk to a few
fathers. Learn a lot from them, just by hearing them. They need a
listening ear and I'm glad I could provide that for them. From what
some of them had experienced, I'm thankful to God for His protection
and love for me and my family.

Now Michelle, Annabelle and Clarissa Bong are at my in-law's house. As
for me, I'll be going back to office tomorrow.

David Bong

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Clarissa Bong in her grandmother's arm
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Mother and daugther at the ward
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Yawning away.
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Peeping to see who's taking the photo
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Clarissa Bong
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The Birth of Clarissa Bong

I witnessed the birth of my second daughter Clarissa Bong early this
morning (Thursday 9-12-2004).

Michelle experienced contraction pain beginning at 8.30pm yesterday. I
was in the church attending the Wednesday prayer meeting. Had asked
the members to pray for fast and smooth delivery for Michelle.

When I arrived home from church, Michelle told me about the pain. The
pain came regularly at 5-7 minutes interval. Decided to go to the
hospital that night. Sent Annabelle to in-law's house and went to the
hospital. Went straight to the "Wad Bersalin" and checked Michelle in.
After the check-up, Michelle told me that the cervix is already 6cm
dilated. Looks like the delivery will be fast.

I waited outside, waiting for the nurse to call me in. As I've taken
the "Kursus Peneman", I'm allowed to accompany Michelle at the labour
room. At 1.15am, the nurse called me in. She was surprised to see me
coming to her when she called for Michelle's husband. She wondered why
a Malay looking guy came as she expected to see a Chinese man. The
nurse gave me the white robe to wear but before I could tie the string
to the robe, the other nurse at the labor room called out to me to
hurry. Michelle is already going to give birth. Rushed to the labour
room Room 4. Michelle was already in the position to give birth, both
legs spread out and three nurses was beside her to assist.

Went beside her and just then Michelle had her contraction pain and
the nurse asked her to push. Michelle pushed and her face turned red
as she forced herself to push the baby out. Still the baby did not
come out. She rested for a while and about 30 seconds later the pain
came again. This time Michelle pushed harder and with the nurse's
help, the baby head came out. Wow, it looked big (compared to
Annabelle's head when she came out from the womb last year). After the
head is out, Michelle had to push again and then the whole baby's body
came out. Time: 1.25am.

And to my surprise again, the baby is a baby girl. Again, we thought
that the baby will be a boy (though we didn't inquire about it from
the scan). I know Michelle would be surprised, I just hope she will
not be disappointed. The nurse held the baby and showed her to
Michelle. Michelle was indeed surprised to see a baby girl. (Well,
Michelle's father will definitely be disappointed).

I was then asked to leave the room and the nurse needs to clean up the
baby. Waited outside until about 3.40am before they pushed Michelle
and the baby out to the ward. At the ward, I hold my Clarissa and
dedicated her to God.
Praise God for another precious gift to Michelle, Annabelle and I. All
thanks and praise be unto HIM.

David Bong