Saturday, March 31, 2007

Links, links, links

At first it is the online business world that talks about search engine and directory. Each company wants its website to be ranked first, if possible, in the world wide web. The more popular your website and the higher the ranking, the more chances there will be for people to visit your website. Now, even in the blogging world, page ranks, popularity and back links are the buzz words. The higher your PR and popularity, the more you'll be sought after by sponsors and companies.

Now I'm sure you have heard of Google page rank. It is not easy for a new website or blog to be on the top list of Google page rank. There are a lot of factors that are considered before determining your page rank. Even if you submit your websites to various other search engines and pay for it, chances are that it will take days for your website to appear in their ranking, or worse it might not appear at all. But don't be dismay.

Check out Big Web Links Bid Directory if you want to be sure that your websites or blog are ranked among the top. Depending on the amount you placed for your website, it will be ranked accordingly. It is the bidding system, where whoever bids more can get the top place in the ranking. They will even put your listing details if you manage to bid for the top 10 listings. This is indeed good because you can be sure of your website ranking.

I need exercises.

The wounds on my feet are healing. Praise God for that. Now I'm more determine to do some form of exercise to build up my stamina. It is difficult to exercise when you can't really move your feet, stretching it or stand in various positions. But now that it is healing, I'll be able to move more freely.

Will go for football every Sunday, should I be able to find another worker to work for me. The current one has stop working today. So looks like I'll be stuck looking after the shop all by myself for this coming month April. This may dampen my plan to exercise but it's okay. Will exercise in whatever ways I can, anywhere I am.

Stone Hawk drug detox

A few years ago, I was introduced to the word "detoxification". It was the buzz word then and I believes still is in the healthy living awareness programs and groups. In layman terms, it means to remove the toxins from the body. This can be done naturally or with the help of certain pills or equipments. Just check out any of the healthy living websites and I'm sure this concept of detoxification is part of their program or teaching.

Now, if you have been taking drugs, you should consider drug detoxification. Yes, that's what I wrote, drug detoxification. A person who uses drugs for a long time will have accumulated toxins from the drugs used. It is then necessary to go for a drug detoxification. If this is not done, the toxins can be stimulated later in life causing further cravings for drugs. Check out the Stone Hawk drug detox program for more information on this. Run by people who formerly were drug addicts, they know what is best to help you recover from your drug addiction.

Now, this drug detoxification is not just for drug addicts. Even if you are not a drug addicts but you have been taking drugs (maybe for your sickness) then you might want to consider Stone Hawk drug detoxification program.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tagged by the Drunken Tiger

Got tagged by the drunken Tiger . So I better do this tag or definitely be eaten by the giddy Tiger.



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If wishes come true

Got tagged by Nicole.

Here goes..

1. Be blessed spiritually so that I know who I am in God's eyes and at the end of the day to hear "Well done, good and faithful servant, come and rule with Me"
2. Be blessed physically, without sickness, always strong and fit, full of energy.
3. Be blessed mentally, full of wisdom and knowledge, of sound mind.
4. Be blessed with the ability to understand and speak all the languages in this world.
5. Be blessed materially, so that I can be a blessing to others.
6. Of course, my wish for a wonderful wife and children has come true, and still discovering new blessings in my family.

Business convenience.

Business are not and should not be static. It is always changing with time. New demands and market changes will definitely require some changes to be made in the business. One important aspect of business is of course on how payments can be made and received. The easier it is for customers to make payment, the better and likely they will be satisfied with your service.

One of the most important mode of payment now is via credit card. As society are moving towards a cashless society, every business be it small or big should have the option of receiving credit card payment. And if in your business your customers been asking about making payment via credit card and you have yet to provide this service, please check out As merchants, you can apply for Merchant Account and you are just a step away of providing better service to your customers.

Even if you are dealing with a High Risk related business, i.e, dealing with tangible goods, you can still find help from advantageprocessors. They do deal with many high risk businesses, helping them to accept and receive payments via credit card and online processing of credit cards. It is always good to be able to close a deal when the only mode of payment a customer has is by using his credit card.

Hmm... as for my cyber cafe business... in future I can see the possibility of accepting payment via credit card. Maybe not so soon lah.

Going for a vacation.

Planning and going for a vacation can be a hassle. Finding various information about the place you want to go and the available resorts or hotels there is sometimes a daunting task. But now, worry no more. There is this Best All Inclusive Resort website that you can check out. At you can easily find various places to go. Check out the various countries that are on their list. Find out the culture, customs and various info about the places you intend to go. The beautiful images of the places to go will give you a bit of indication of what you'll experience there. This will help you to enjoy your vacation better.

And better still, you can actually make reservations online. No need to make expensive calls to the hotels or resorts of your choice. Just key in you check-in date and check-out date and they will process and let you know the amount you need to pay. Don't forget to check out the various offers, promotions and discounts that they have. It may save you a lot of money if you are tight in your budget.

Now, I need to plan my own vacation. My wife has been asking me about it.

Praying for a new staff.

Lord, may you sent a new staff for this shop. And may you prevent any "bad" character people from applying, but only those that can be trusted, honest and reliable, having nice friendly personality. Lead him or her to apply for the job.

Waiting to see what You have in store for this shop.

Staff is resigning.

Went to the shop last night. Then, suddenly, without any indication before this, .... she told me that she wants to stop work by end of this month. What!... end of this month... That is like another 3 more days to go. She told me that her father met with an accident. Also that she wants to be back at home. Inquired from her whether she can work for another month while I find another worker. She is a bit reluctant on that idea.

Oh well... business is like that lah... workers come and go. Can't really expect much from them.

Now, I have to find another worker. Or else, it will affect many things especially the babysitting arrangement with MIL.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Free and easy.

Some people feel that there are no such thing as free things in this world. And when you tell them about free stuffs, they will immediately brush it aside. And some people feel that free things are always without quality or value. To a certain extent there may be some truths in what they say if we look from their perspective.

Well, the same goes for finding people to be a friend to. Most of the time, you need to spend a lot of money to get connected to someone. I know of someone who paid a huge sum to get a wife from another country. He paid more than US$6000 to the agent. Well, he got the girl and married her. But later, she insisted of going back to her country which she did. This poor guy is now without a wife and wasted his money too.

If you want to find someone, try It is FREE. You don't have to pay $6000 to find a suitable partner. Just register and go through the profiles of those who also looking for suitable partner. It is that easy. Of course there are many other online dating websites that offers free services but in reality it is not or only minimal services are given free. Some websites like eHarmony requires you to fill up pages of questionnaire before you finally got to have a look at other people's profile. So if you want it free and easy, check out

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Keeping quiet.

Did my Bible reading today on Proverbs 16-20. Just want to jot down the thoughts that came to mind while reading these wonderful Scriptures.

Proverbs 17:28, "Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue."

Appearance can be deceiving. It is definitely difficult to know a person's true character by just looking at his outward appearance. He may look so handsome and cool, but is actually a fool and mean in character. As another Scripture says that man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. That's what the prophet Samuel did when he was asked to anoint the sons of Jesse.

Even in my shop the same thing would happen. When new customers come in, there is nothing much to know about them except by their outward appearances. Only when they start talking to each other or to me, then only will I have a better picture of them. Some of them will freely use bad words (mostly Chinese guys) or sarcastic sentences. The way they responded to my questions will also give me some indication of their personality.

The above Scripture verse will be more apparent in meetings or discussions. A fool just want to say what is in their mind or heart, which is always said without tact. So if you don't know anything about an issue or matters that were discussed, just keep quiet. That is always the best option rather than proving that you are a fool.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Insurance quotes for you.

Life and death is at the hand of God but that does not mean that we live our lives like a robot. We have been given wisdom and knowledge and thus we have the responsibility to plan well for our lives. Life insurance is one of the things that we should consider if we can afford it. And if you have automobile, you definitely need to have auto-insurance.

Now, not every insurance policy gives you the best deal. Depending on the knowledge of the insurance agent, and of course his honesty, your insurance policy may not cover all the things you thought it will. So be more attentive and go through thoroughly the insurance plan that the agent offers you. And it is always wise to compare various quotations, not just from the same insurance company but with other insurance companies. You might find out certain things that will help you choose the type of policy that you really want.

Now, at you can just do that. You can ask for insurance quotations according to your own preference and compare them first before making any decisions. This is indeed a convenient service for you. You don't have to waste time and money to call many different insurance companies to get their insurance quotations. They will do that for you. And while you are at it, make sure you check their auto-insurance and homeowners insurance.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cool Video clips for you to enjoy

Most of my customers surf the internet either to do research, blog, hear music or watch video clips. There are some who would search through video clips host websites, not really sure what video clips that will appear on the screen. I myself have tried and it is indeed one of the more popular website for video clips. But more often than not, I'll not get the kind of video clips that I was looking for because many of the video was not sorted out accordingly.

It is always enjoyable to received funny or cool video clips from friends. It kinda gives a break during the hectic day at work. If you need to have a break by watching funny or cool video clips, do check out What you get is the best collection of video clips according to its category. The good thing is that these video clips are picked from not just one video website but from over 300 video websites including Youtube and Google video. They do the search job and make it available to you. So go and check it out.

High Court and Syariah Court of Malaysia - going the wrong way

Being a former lawyer and educated on the legal system of Malaysia, I find the current dichotomy of the Civil court and Syariah court a bit worrisome. In case you don't understand what is written by the press statement by Dato' Chee, let me summarize the few important points: -

1. There's seems to be a conflict of jurisdiction between the High Court (civil) and the Syariah Court (religious).

2. The High Court judges are giving unnecessary jurisdiction to the Syariah Court in matters of conversion, custody and reliefs that is related to Islam.

3. The non-Muslim seems to have no legal remedy because the Syariah law cannot be applied to them but yet they have to appear before the Syariah Court.

4. The judges seems to think that Islamic law should override the Malaysian Constitution.

5. The Malaysian PM has yet to fulfill his promise to amend the necessary laws to ensure that non-Muslim has legal rights in matters related to religious disputes.




Secretariat: Buddhist Maha Vihara, 123 Jalan Berhala, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

Fax 03 22739307 Email:


In the wake of the majority decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of Saravanan A/L Thangathony v. Subashini A/P Rajasingam [Rayuan Sivil No. W-02-955-2006] we, the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism, are greatly disappointed that once again, the non-converting non-Muslim wife of a convert to Islam has failed to get relief from our Civil Courts. Hitherto, in the case of Shamala a/p Sathiaseelan she was told by the High Court that it had no jurisdiction to declare as unlawful her young children’s conversion into Islam without her knowledge or consent and was advised to seek the assistance of the Islamic authorities. Then the widow of Everest hero, Sgt. M. Moorthy also failed to get relief from the High Court on the ground of jurisdiction.

Following an uproar from civil society, the Right Honorable Prime Minister had declared that although Article 121(1A) of the Constitution would not be amended, laws will be amended to remedy the situation. Though it has been more than a year since then, there have been no amendments to any law as yet to clarify the jurisdiction of the Courts.

It is our duty to inform the authorities that there is growing discomfort amongst the non Muslim citizens of Malaysia, who form 45% of the population, many of whom feel that the judiciary are failing in their constitutional duty to ensure the equal protection of the law for all Malaysians.

In Subashini’s case, the husband converted to Islam and converted the eldest son, aged 3, to Islam without the wife’s knowledge or consent. The husband then applied to the Syariah Court for custody of the son, again with no notice to the wife.

The wife then presented a petition for divorce and ancillary relief and applied to the High Court for an injunction restraining the husband from (i) converting the children of the marriage to Islam and (ii) commencing or continuing with any proceedings in any Syariah Court with regard to the marriage or the children of the marriage. The High Court initially granted an injunction after hearing only the wife who at that time did not know of the substance of the Husband’s applications in the Syariah courts. This injunction was continued whilst the case was heard in the High Court. After the husband submitted his evidence, and after the High Court heard both parties, it refused to give the injunction. However, the High Court granted an interim injunction to the wife pending the hearing of an appeal to the Court of Appeal, known as an “Erinford Injunction”.

The majority decision of the Court of Appeal dismissed the wife’s appeal and set aside the Erinford Injunction with costs, effectively shutting the door on Subashini’s rights as a mother to prevent the Syariah court making a determination as to her marriage and as to the custody of her children. To add to her problem, the majority have ruled that Subashini, a non-Muslim, must apply to the Syariah Court, instead of applying to the High Court. Of particular concern to us is the statement by YA Dato’ Hasan Lah, JCA that the High Court and the Syariah Court must be regarded as having the same standing in this country. We are also concerned to note that in his grounds of judgment YA Datuk Suriyadi Halim Omar, JCA quoted a verse from the Quran and appeared to be elevating the role and prominence of Islamic law and the Islamic judicial system in Malaysia.

We would respectfully remind members of the Judiciary that the Federal Court, Court of Appeal and the High Courts in Malaya and in Sabah and Sarawak are all civil courts and Judges of those courts take an oath of office to uphold the Federal Constitution, which guarantees all persons, including non Muslims, the fundamental liberty of professing and practising their faiths in peace and harmony.

It is very clear and specific in the State legislative list in the 9th Schedule of the Federal Constitution that the “Syariah Courts … shall have jurisdiction only over persons professing the religion of Islam …”. The learned Judges in the majority appear to note that requirement in their judgments, but with respect appear to contradict themselves by then requiring the non Muslim wife to go to the Syariah courts.

We express our objection to any requirement for non-Muslims to have to go to the Syariah Court for relief as such courts apply Islamic theological law. Religious laws cannot be applied to people who do not profess that religion. The Court of Appeal in this case and civil courts are expanding Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution. We are also concerned that Syariah Courts are usurping functions which are not theirs. Consequently, non-Muslims are unable to obtain relief when the Syariah Court makes an order which interferes with their fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Federal Constitution.

The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of Malaysia. Our highest court had declared in the case of Che Omar bin Che Soh v. P.P. (1988) 2 MLJ 55 that Article 3 of the Constitution was never intended to extend the application of Syaria to the sphere of public law.

We object to any interpretation of our Constitution or our laws that deprive any person of his fundamental liberties, and deny access to a non Muslim to the High Court applying the general civil law. We urgently call on the Government to immediately make the necessary legislative amendments to safeguard the rights of all Malaysians and to ensure non Muslims have full and proper access to justice in the civil courts.

Dato' Chee Peck Kiat,




There are a lot of ways you can learn more about law and a career in a legal field. There are legal sites to get more information on obtaining a paralegal certificate and online paralegal training programs where there are large selections of paralegal schools.

Drug Rehab Centre for you

Once addicted it is not easy for you to get out of it. That's drug addiction. When you play with fire and not careful, it can consume you. And once addicted, the best solution is to go through drug rehabilitation. Alcoholism is also as dangerous as drug addiction.

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It does not matter where you are, whether you are in Washington DC or even in Alaska, 4rehabilitation can refer you to the nearest drug rehabilitation centre. It is more like a one stop centre to assist you to find out about drug rehab centre and the various programs that are available. Each individual are treated differently according to his/her needs. Upon assessment by qualified and experienced addiction counselors, the best treatment program will be offered.

They even have After Care Program to ensure that the patient will be able to adapt back into society in a smoother way. Now, that is a holistic program. Not every drug rehabilitation centre has this kind of holistic program. So go and check out

Friday, March 23, 2007

Traffic lights in Malaysia

Been wanting to blog about traffic lights in Malaysia for a while but always forget about it when I faced the computer. So here goes.

As I work night shift at my shop, I would finish after 12 midnight. And by the time I closed shop and ready to go home, it is already after 1am. Driving home would be a breeze because there's not many vehicles on the road. That is good for me because I can reach home and go to bed fast. But then, there's the traffic lights at every junctions....

Imagine this....
you driving alone on the road...
no other cars except yours...
you reached the traffic light...
it just turned red as you reached the junction...
you had to stop....
no other cars from other directions as well...
you waited for 30 seconds, still it is red light...
you waited for 1 minute already, still it is red light... green light for other direction...
you waited for 1 1/2 minutes already, the only car at the traffic light, but still can't go... red light..
you waited for 2 minutes already, the only car at the traffic light, still red and u can't go...
you are tempted to just go but it is still red...
after 2 1/2 minutes then only it is green and you sighed and drove back to another traffic lights..

the same thing happened at another 2 more junctions.

if you dare to drive through the red light, you might be unfortunate if the police catch you. If you wait and wait.... it is like a fool wasting the car petrol waiting and giving way for no cars to pass by.

You might want to tell me that the waiting time at the traffic light is good for me to relax. But if you're already tired and want to sleep, reaching home is the only thing you want to do.

I was in Indonesia a few years back and there the system is more practical. After 11 or 12 midnight, all the traffic lights turned orange/yellow. The cars will slow down when approaching the traffic light and if there's no other cars approaching, they can drive on. Now that's the system that Malaysia should also follow.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back to the 90's

Got tagged by sweetpea.

Here's how the meme works:
  1. Go to PopCulture site.
  2. Pick the year you turn 18 years old.
  3. Get yourself nostalgic over the songs that year.
  4. Write something about how those songs affected you.
Well, here goes..
In random order, some of the beautiful and memorable songs when I'm sweet 18: -
- How Am I Supposed To Live Without You - Michael Bolton
- I'll Be Your Everything - Tommy Page
- Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor
- It Must Have Been Love - Roxette
- Step by Step - New Kids on the Block

Of the above, Nothing Compares 2 U is simply mesmerizing. Too bad I don't have any steady girlfriend or that's the song baby... that's the song for you.

But now hah... I think that song is really really so appropriate for my goatly wifey.

I need a contractor

I'm not a handyman and definitely not "Jack of all trade". I really wish that I am, and able to do repairs on my leaking roof, kitchen, bathroom. I would be nice if I know how and what to do to remodel or renovate my bedroom to make it more spacious, practical and look luxurious. But I'm not. If ever I need to renovate my house or even my shop, I need to find a good contractor.

Now, to find a good contractor is indeed a big problem. Like two weeks ago, I wanted to do a partition at the back of my shop. The first contractor is really busy and gave an expensive quotation. I then inquired for another contractor through a friend of mine. But this second contractor also did not give me a positive impression. So right now, the partition is still not done.

Then I came across this website and just wished that the same group is available in my place. It's amazing that these contractors have indeed agreed to raise up their standards in the construction industry by being accountable to one another. Every contractor is screened and had to pass certain requirements before they are accepted into the group. Now if you want to remodel your kitchen check them out and ask for Kitchen Remodeling Contractors.
And if you need to do some plumbing work or electrical work, you can also call them up. You don't have to search for individual contractor as they can provide various types of contractors for your specific need. Even if you are thinking of moving to another place, call them up and they can provide you with moving services.

Good idea and initiative by oncallcontractors to provide fast, good and quality service to serve your needs. Go and check them out.

Hi to you

This is normally the starting point of a friendship. When you just say,"Hi!". It's so simple and does not take even two seconds of your life but it could change your life forever. When was the last time you say "Hi!" to someone else? I hope it is not too long ago. Well, if you are out there and you see someone that needs a smile on his/her face, then do this. Walk to them, and with a sincere smile, just say "Hi!". I'm sure you will brighten up his/her day.

Now, it doesn't cost you anything to say "Hi!", at least not in monetary terms. Only a bit of courage to do. OK.. maybe a lot of courage if that person is the girl/guy of your dream. But generally, it is easy and free. However, if ever saying "Hi!" to a real person is a difficult thing to do for you, then do it online. At you can actually just say "Hi!" to people that you want to get to know better or just to be a friend too. You can choose whom you want to say "Hi!" and better still, you can read about his/her profile before you make the move.

There are many other free dating site online. Plentyoffish is one of them. I tried to register with Plentyoffish but somehow they do not want to accept my username though I tried at least 10 different usernames. Anyway, it is easy to register with And it is really free. Not in monetary terms at least, but you do have to go online, register, tell a bit about yourself and then you can start saying "Hi!" to the ones you see and want to meet.

So, go online and just say "hi" to make new friends.

More time at home.

Wifey told me that she wished that I could be at home more so that can spend time together with the children. I nodded in agreement but nothing much can be done.

Then wifey took the children to MIL house while I took the motorbike to go to work. I had to pass by a stretch of road that is kinda of sandy because of the roadwork that is being done. As I was riding, I saw a car coming towards me. As the road is narrow, I brake to slow down my motorbike. Unfortunately, because of the sandy condition, my motorbike skidded and I was thrown to the side of the road. Thank God that the car was still a distance from me or else, sure "kena gelek". Thank God also that I was not badly injured, and the motorbike was not badly damaged and I managed to ride back home. Got a few wounds on my feet.

Called my staff and asked her to work until 12midnight. Then took a bath and applied ointment (minyak gamat) on the wounds. Then I watched Storm Rider while waiting for wifey and children to come back.

Now, I still walk tempang.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Dislose

This policy is valid from 21 March 2007

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content will always be identified.

To get your own policy, go to

Monday, March 19, 2007

Service Centres without services.

Malaysia is a nice and beautiful country. The people are friendly. This is the place to be for holidays or even to stay. The food are something worth hunting for.

However, some of the services offered by the Government or even the local agencies are something that can be improved on. These are two incidences that I went through recently.

I registered my business with the EPF because I want to pay EPF for myself and my staff. I was told that I must pay the necessary amount to EPF within 5 days from the date of registration. Didn't pay immediately because didn't bring the money. A few days later, I went to send my mother to my brother's place who is in a different district. There I was informed that there is a EPF Service Centre. I went there gladly to pay the money.

After I've taken the calling number, one of the personnel asked me about what I want to do. I told him that I want to pay my EPF contribution. Surprise... surprise...To my surprise he told me that they don't accept payment for contribution. Hah!... a EPF service centre but does not accept payment for EPF contribution. I was then asked to pay through their agents i.e. through the banks. what lah!

Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah(Melaka District Council)
This happened within the same week as above. As dutiful member of the community, I want to pay the house assessment to MBMB. The main office is at Ayer Keroh. There is one MBMB service centre at Melaka Baru, which is definitely nearer for me. So I went there and again surprise... surprise... to my surprise there was a sign outside the premises saying that the service centre does not accept payment for house assessment.
*Scratch my head* Why waste money setting up a service centre which does not provide the basic services for the public.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Feel like dating again

*This is a sponsored post*

I loves to be in love again. It gives you a boost in your life, thoughts, mind and heart. When you are in love with someone, or even with God, it fills up your day and nothing else matters.

That's what I felt when I went dating with my wife recently. She's the love of my life for more than 15 years already. And I still loves her very much. I would say that she is the greatest wife in the whole world. And I really mean it. What I want to do now is to be beside her instead of taking care of my shop. But since I really can't do that, so I'll just think of her. Maybe, will try and arrange another date next week.

And for those of you who want to find the girl/boy/woman/man of your life, check out

This is truly a free dating services and I REALLY mean it. Go there and just write about yourself and what or who you are looking for. And even if you are "old" that does not mean that you can't find any friends or possible partner. Sometimes, we the "older" folks are the ones who really really need to find a friend.

I went to the website and I'm truly impressed. Just reading some of the profiles makes me feel like advertising myself there. So check it out and try it out. Who knows, you'll find someone there or better still someone will come to you.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Unless the Lord...

Today, my Bible reading is from Psalm 120-130. These are shorter psalms so I read 10 psalms instead of only 5. Psalm 127 strikes me the most.

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

Many times I was tempted to think that all my achievements are because of my own skills and abilities. Whenever there are successes in studies, work, projects, games or even personal goals, the tendency is to feel proud and say "I did it; I did this; I'm the one; Wow! I am good..." But God has always reminded me that it is not me, but it is He.

Though we wished that all our successes are because of our OWN talents and skills, they are actually God's. He graciously allows us to have those successes. He graciously grant us wisdom and talents and knowledge that enables us to be "successful". We need to always remind ourselves of this so that we will be humble. No matter how successful we may be, one day we still have to meet God our Maker. Then we have to account for every thoughts, actions, and words that we uttered. Then, all our successes are useless unless God is pleased with us. And how can God our Maker be pleased with us if we did not give God the due acknowledgment of all our successes in life.


Unless the Lord grant me good health, my healthy living will be in vain.
Unless the Lord grant me strong body, all my exercises and supplements will be in vain.
Unless the Lord bless my business, all my efforts will be in vain.

What is it in your life that "Unless the Lord .... it will be in vain"?

Friday, March 16, 2007

High Expectations

Sometimes things happened unexpectedly. One day you can be working, and the next day you are out of job. One thing for sure, you can't be really sure what others are expecting of you. In different areas of our life there will be different kinds and levels of expectation. As much as we possibly can, we tend to try to meet up to other people's expectation of us.

That's what happened in The Rockstartup episode thirteen. In this reality show the viewers were shown Xavier and the creative gift by his company Payperpost. I definitely don't want to be in Xavier's shoes. Who would thought of giving a dead dried rose to an employee? I really have sympathy for him.

Then the viewers are given the "privilege" to see Ted,Payperpost founder/CEO in action. As expected, a CEO wants all his employee to be like him in his motivation and passion for the company. That's kinda absurd since there will only be one founder/CEO and naturally his expectation should be the highest of all. None of the employees can have the same kind of motivation because they are just employees. If they do have that same kind of motivation, I'm sure they would already start a new company.

Having said that, I'm sure the bloggers are very happy to know that there's great vision and motivation in Ted. This is definitely needed to ensure that the company is moving ahead and there will be more available opportunities for bloggers to take. I'm sure there will be more bloggers who will get to know about Payperpost not just through online promotions but also by way of words of mouth.

I still not very sure what exactly will happen to Xavier. I presume that he will be fired by Ted. There's still some mysteries that are left unanswered. Anyway, will wait for further episode. What I would like to see in future episodes is how the employees are given the motivation to work passionately for the company. Not because of the high expectation of the big boss, but because they have already owned the vision that Ted has for the company.

what's in my bag?

Walah... I kena tagged lagi lah. This time got tagged by Sweetpea.

Guys where got bring bag one. I can't remember why I need a bag for. The only bag that I can think of is my sports bag that I bring when I want to go for a game.

Maybe I'll do on "What's in my wallet?"

1. money lah... don't go around without it.
2. NRIC and Driving licence....don't drive around without it.
3. Card -- credit card(s), Bonuslink card, bank card, telekom card,... no convenience without it.
4. Picture of my wifey and children... will forget that I'm married without it. hehehe.
5. others... stamps, my photo, list of bank accounts, a guiter spectrum, motorbike road tax, and a few shopping receipts yet to be thrown away.

those who wish to steal my wallet, forget it lah... not worth your effort, so little money in it. and my fist is bigger than the wallet.

6 weirded things about me

Got tagged by Nicole
about the weird things. Right now, can't really think of any..hehehe. but will try lah.

1. I don't like to be a lawyer. Study penat-penat but just don't feel being a lawyer. Ya..ya.. it sounds stupid but i think it is just not my taste of career.

2. Wears sandals (more like a slipper) to work, with a shirt and slack. I guess its weird and doesn't match but comfort is more important to me lah. hehehe.. now I remember, I board aeroplane also wear sandals.

3. I prefer tomboys rather than feminine girls. No, no.. not that I am looking for one now, but its my preference only. Something about them that makes it more interesting and exciting. (psst... my wifey was a tomboy before)

4. I don't like to study, and my worst nightmare is about still being a student. Also don't know why its like that.

5. this is more personal (for adults and married people only). I don't like to wear underwear lah. Prefers it to be airy and let loose. If have to wear also, prefers the loose and baggy underwear.

6. ok... really tak tau apa mo tulis lagi (don't know what to write somemore).. maybe my wifey can point out a few for me since she has to live with me.

ok, no tagging from me. If you feel like blogging about your weird stuff, just write it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spicy food can prevent cancer.

Got an email saying that eating spicy food can help to prevent cancer. How?

"Scientists have discovered the key to the ability of spicy foods to kill cancer cells.

They found capsaicin, an ingredient of jalapeno peppers, triggers cancer cell death by attacking mitochondria - the cells' energy-generating boiler rooms.

The study showed that the family of molecules to which capsaicin belongs, the vanilloids, bind to proteins in the cancer cell mitochondria to trigger apoptosis, or cell death, without harming surrounding healthy cells.

Capsaicin was tested on cultures of human lung cancer cells and on pancreatic cancers.

Lead researcher Dr Timothy Bates said: "As these compounds attack the very heart of the tumour cells, we believe that we have in effect discovered a fundamental 'Achilles heel' for all cancers."

I for one, loves spicy food. Sambal is my favorite dish. When mother was around the house, she will always cook sambal. Now, seldom eat because mother is staying in another place. Also because wifey seldoms cook sambal for me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mother's health

Send mother to the hospital this morning for the follow-up on her right index finger. Went there at 10.10am. Don't really know where to go. Asked the nurses and was shown to the right place. It's at the old block, opposite Block D. Had to wait for about an hour before she was asked to see the doctor. Too many people today wanting to see the doctor.

The doctor took out her bandage. I can see the stitches on her finger. Thank God that the wounds are dried-up. The doctor said that the stitches can be taken out today. So, off we went to another side of the block where we have to wait again. Only by 12noon was she able to go in and had her stitches taken out. While the nurse pulled out the stitches, I can see mother controlling herself because of the pain. Thank God that there are only about 5-6 stitches. The nurse said that it is not necessary to wrap her finger but mother requested for it. She's afraid that without any cover on her finger, it would be painful if she were to accidentally knock her finger on something.

Then we went to visit Michelle brother's wife who has given birth to a baby girl at 4am that day. The girl has thick hair. Mom commented that she can be fair as her face skin is reddish. Stayed there for a while before we went to Bro Andrew's house in Alor Gajah. Mom will stay there until the maid arrives. That is something which we all don't know when.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wirefly National Marathon

I wish I can be there. I wish I can be running for the marathon. But right now my back is aching and there's no way I can take part in any marathon no matter how desperate I want to participate. It's not easy to run for a marathon. You just don't show up on the day of the marathon and run for about 40-42 kilometers and won a trophy. There is so much preparation for it that some people started their preparation at least 3 months before the date. You need discipline and strong will to prepare for a marathon. Better still if you have someone else to run together with you, encouraging you when you don't feel like running during your preparation. Controlling your food is another area you must have self-control. It's all about self-control, in your food intake, in your physical exercise, in your mind and will.

Oh ya, do you know that Wirefly National Marathon is this coming March 24. Yes, its confirmed and you can be there if you want. Now, if you are like me, having backache or any type of physical ache, then most probably you won't be able to participate. But if you are not having any aches, and you are physically fit for a marathon, please, by all means register and run the marathon. This is their second year and I'm sure there will be many more years to come. You can even register online.

To help you better prepared for the marathon, the website has put up the marathon race map. If you can check it out and practice running using the marathon designated roads. Get yourself familiarize with the roads and lanes and sceneries. I tell you, it helps to be familiar with the roads. The organizer has team-up with a few groups of trainers for those who wished prepare in a proper way. Get their contacts and who knows, you might want to even think about preparing for next year's Wirefly National Marathon. It's never too early to start preparing for next year marathon.

It is more blessed to give than to receive. The Wirefly National Marathon is not only about giving prizes to people who win but it also directly benefits various organizations, groups and foundations. Among others are Joy of Sports Foundation, Prince of Georges Tennis & Education Foundation, Five-Star Foundation, and a few others. So this marathon is a worthy cause to support and participate in.

And if you can't run, just be there on March 24, be the enthusiastic spectators. Just stand along the road and give encouragements to the runners. They need every encouraging words they can get or they can easily give up. To all the runners, I wish you the best.


Having backache now. Wahh... so young already got backache! What to do... I think I'm young but then I already 35 this year. Already reaching half time. My body is no longer the young "stallion" though my mind still thinks that I am. hehehe.

Possible reasons for the backache: -

1. Lack of exercise. Since the Thcoukball Tournament in February this year, I haven't got any good session of exercise.

2. Due to over-eating, my stomach is growing bigger back. So with the heavy load in front, the back muscle can't take it... thus the pain. Had to trim back the belly.

Now, already put on 2 backache plaster-aid (koyok). It helps a bit.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Date a Christian

This is a sponsored post.

The word says that we Christian should not be equally yoke with non-believers. It is very important to find a Christian life partner. I personally have dated a non-believer and how it has pulled me away from God and His word. Praise God that I am now married to a Christian woman.

If you are still single and looking for a Christian partner, you might want to try out this new Christian Dating site. When you find that someone special, please tell him/her that I recommended you to this site. :D


In the 70's and 80' in the UK, endowment policies were issued with the thought to be able to pay off mortgage loan completely. However, it failed. It is not enough to cover the mortgage due.

When people are in need of extra cash, they surrender the policy to the issuing insurance company for a very low price. To the extend that the UK government stepped in with legislation to protect consumers by informing them that they may have higher value with a endowment policy selling service. Through such services, the endowment policy holder may receive up to 35% more for their policy.

First Payment from PPP

Yahooo!!! I got my first payment for PayPerPost today. After 30 days of waiting, today I see some money in my paypal. Not much but better than nothing. USD12.50. :D

At first I was not really convience about making money thru blogging but after much pestering from my wifey and also seeing her getting some extra income from it. I reluctantly sign up. After that my wifey has been reminding me and bugging me to write sponsored post almost everyday. Now I see the fruit. :D

If you are in need of extra cash, love writing and blogging. Do consider this option. Click on the PayPerPost badge you see up there.

BTW, PPP is not paying me to write this post. :P

Gold Invesment

This is a sponsored post.

Press Release:
Gold Expected to Dominate the Investment Horizon, Experts Advise Early Stock Purchases (Reno, NV – March 5, 2007) Traditionally, gold has had an inverse relationship with the stock market. When stocks go up, the price of gold usually falls; when stocks flounder, the price of gold usually skyrockets. Some experts believe it could mean a lot for investors in 2007, because gold is once again catching the eye of the investor. For General Metals Corporation, the news couldn’t come at a better time. “With our plans to begin drilling at Independence Mine, we’re more than thrilled to hear gold is making a comeback,” states company CEO Stephen Parent. “We’re even more excited with our location; it’s a proven producer.” General Metals acquired the Independence Mine in northern Nevada and became a public company last year, trading under the symbol GNLM. Predominantly a silver mine from 1938 to 1987, the Independence Mine is estimated to contain over two million ounces of gold, as well as over two million ounces of additional un-mined silver. As the Independence Mine is essentially an island within Newmont Mining’s Phoenix Mine, the area is already a proven producer. According to Parent, they plan to remove the precious metals in two phases. “Phase one includes our ‘shallow’ targets,” says Parent. “The shallow targets contain less gold, but they’re easily and quickly accessible, which will encourage early cash flow. Phase two is where the majority of our gold will come from. It’s deep mining, but we expect it to produce 1.4 to 2 million ounces of gold.” They expect to produce 20,000 ounces of gold in the first year, 60,000 ounces in the second year and 70,000 ounces in the third year -- approximately $101 million from early estimates. The company also anticipates an additional $1.36 billion to be gained from phase two production. In an effort to increase their mining production, General Metals has recently acquired the Nyinahin Mining Concession in Ghana. Located in one of the most active exploratory areas in the world, this concession shares borders with several major mining companies, including Newmont Mining, Napoli Gold and Dunkwa Continental Goldfields. “Financial experts are predicting gold to play a key role in investor’s profiles during 2007,” adds Parent. “But due to the timely nature, potential investors will need to act quickly in order to maximize their gains.”

I have been talking about gold, buying them to keep as an investment. Just fews day back, I found out that one of our local bank here is offering Gold Saving Account. I know for sure that gold will dominate the investment horizon. With the above press release, I am going to the bank once I got some cash in hand.

Gold and silver I have none...

Been thinking lately about investment and how to be a good steward of what God has given and will give to me. My brothers are into buying and selling shares. My wifey's colleague is into FOREX. A few days ago, I came across Gold Savings Passbook Account from Maybank.

As I reflect back on all these options, I think precious metals are still more stable in the long run. Of course I can buy gold or silver from the jewellery shop but these items includes workmanship cost.

Another way to buy precious metals is from Monex Deposit Company (MDC). You can buy silver or other precious metals and ask them to send it directly to you or to the storage place (banks etc) of your own choice. The good thing is that you can buy it in coin or ingot forms. If you are thinking of buying silver, the time is now. Statistic shows that the world demand for silver exceeds its annual production. These has been the case since 1990. Furthermore, with the declining amount of silver that can be mined, the value of silver has been and will continue to increase.

Well, looks like I've found the answer to my own queries.

There may never be a better time for buying silver bullion than right now. World demand for silver now exceeds annual production, and has every year since 1990. Above ground stockpiles of silver bullion are low, shrinking rapidly and approaching zero.

Maggi Mee

Had a bowl of Maggi Mee noodles for dinner yesterday. It tasted nice. Had it because the day before my wifey had it for dinner. Some more it has been a long time since I tasted it. After that, I went to work. Then at about 8pm, I started to feel light-headed. At bit dizzy and feel sleepy. Yawning all the way. By 11pm I'm already feel as though I want to close my shop but I can't. Still got customers and this goes on until 2.30pm when the last customer left the place. I actually closed the shop shutters at 12.30midnight but the remaining customers continued playing until 2.30am.

Went back home and straight away go to sleep. Didn't even touch my wifey.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Contact Lens Solution Recall

This is a sponsored post.

Are you using contact lens? Have you heard about the ReNu Contact Lens Solution Recall?

Yesterday, March 6, 2007, Bausch & Lomb recalled over 1 million bottles of ReNu MultiPlus contact lens solution. No patients reporting adverse effects from trace iron contaminant that may reduce effectiveness over time.

If you bought some, you can get replacement from the link provided.

This new won't bother you if have had Lasik. If you have not, have you ever consider doing it? When I have the extra cash, I will go for it too.


It is good to have a good dentist around. I am still looking for one. If I found someone that suits me, I will stick to that doctor as long as he does not hurt me.

If you are resident of Alexandria, you are truly blessed having Charles Brown DDS pc serving in your community. He is attached with Hayfield Dental Care. Charles Brown DDS has been employed by Hayfield Dental Care for over ten years and he has performed literally thousands of crown, root canal and surgical procedures. Graduated from Medical College of Virginia with numerous awards, perfect record with zero complaints and he is also one of the regions top dentists by the Washington Area Consumer Council and is a member of the ADA.

I wish I have a dentist like him here. Give them a call at 703-971-2220.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Since I am minding my children almost daily in the afternoon, I really got no time to do my errants. So, am requesting my MIL to babysit my children full day, twice a week. One day when my assistant is on leave and another day for me to do my errants. Wifey also request me to take a whole day off so that I would be able to spend time with her and the children at night. That can be arranged. Spend more to pay overtime but it's worth while. :D

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A walk in the past

I once bought a garden light to be placed at my house big compound. It is a solar garden light, looks nice and it saves me from paying more higher electricity bill. The only thing that didn't cross my mind is that my house compound is way too big for one solar garden light. It needs at least a dozen or more to really light up my compound.

One day, if it is God's will, I will live and light up my compound with the above outdoor post mount lights. There are other designs that are equally attractive depending on the atmosphere that is intended. Check out ShopPremier other interesting and attractive light fixtures. One thing for sure, with these lights in your house and compound, your place would never be the same. I want my compound to be transformed to beautiful and nicely romaticaally lighted so that I can just walk around the compound with my beautiful wife and just spend quality time together. Its just like walking in the past.

So, my wifey, what do you think?

The Making of A Bigshot

Reading about Belisi life story makes me look back upon my life. At least one thing both Belisi and I have in common. We were formerly bartenders. No, not at that same luxurious place, Palm Beach for Peter Belisi but only Restoren Peranakan for me. Other than that, we have nothing else in common except maybe we tried to be (or at least I am trying to be) the best that we are destined to be. Peter Belisi invested in a tie collection and it gain popularity. His co-workers and clients looked to him for his creative input. If you want to know one person who never wear the same tie twice, the answer is Peter Belisi.

Having said that, if you want to enhance your luxury wardrobes, check out Belisi Fashions, a name already synonymous with beauty. Besides good quality ties, they do have scarves and handbags. Too bad I don’t have to wear a tie to work because if I do, maybe the next big name would be Bong Brand…. Hehehe sounds like explosive products.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The policemen came again..

Today at about 4pm another 2 policeman came to the shop. They were riding motorbikes. I was on duty today as Bibi is on leave. At that time I was sort of trying to repair the photostat machine. One policeman named Azzul came and asked to see my company registration and the operating licence. So I pass it to him and straight away went back to my repair work. After he wrote whatever he wants to write on a piece of blank paper, he passed back my company registration and licence. I hung them back and went back to my repair work. Already felt irritated of their presence in my shop so I just ignore (malas mo layan)them. They then just walked around "inspecting" my customers and the PCs. Then they came to me and asked for name card. Gave them my Usana name card(courtesy of Mr Raymond Tan). Then they left.

I think these policemen also are "beggars" for bribe. Its just that somehow with God's protection upon me today, they dare not asked from me. If they are doing their normal check, surely they would have the courtesy to inform me. This one takde, just come in and ask for licence... as though I'll feel afraid immediately and straight away want to offer bribe to them.

Then asked for name card, I also don't know for what. Why would they want my contact? If I've done something wrong, just come to the shop lah. But no... must ask for name cards. Maybe in 2 or 3 weeks time, all the policemen in Balai Polis Batu Berendam would already have my Usana name card. Praying that they'll order Usana products from me (sarcasm implied here). Or better still, they will send their children, wife, father and mother here to use the internet (sarcasm also implied here).

Now, my respect for the Police Force is slowly dwindling.

VoIP questions answered

*This is a sponsored post*

Internet phones or VoIP phones are becoming more and more popular as it is cheaper than most fixed line phone rates. Of course, one has to own a computer that can be connected to the internet (broadband connection at least)before one can use VoIP. Vonage offers competitive calling rates to those of you who want to try VoIP.

As with many other computer hardwares and softwares, there bound to be problems occuring when trying to install and use new services. For me the best place to find the answer would be the forum. That's where Vonage forum the place to go to. Ask any questions you have about the problems you faced or better still browse through the various questions posted in the forum and find the one similar to your problems. Once everything is working fine, and if you're lonely and need a listening ear do call me at 06-2814308 (will answer only when I'm free...hehehehe)

Machine got jammed again...

The photostat machine got jammed again. This time a customer wants to photostat on a transparency. He brought his own transparency, which is thicker than the one I have at the shop. It got jammed. Tried to find it but can't find the transparency. It's as though it totally disappeared.

Tried to call the service guy. No answer from his handphone. Tried a few times then received this answer, "Sorry, this Maxis mobile user has barred all incoming call".
I think this guy is on after-CNY holiday.

So now I got a photostat machine that is jammed. Would loose some profit from there unless I can get through to the service guy.

Sandals for your feet

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Not everybody likes to wear shoes to work. And if you can wear sandals to work like me, life is a little bit easier. However, good quality and comfortable sandals is a must is you use it to work. One website that offers various choices of sandals is Active Sandals. You can choose from a variety of brands. Check out rainbow sandals and you might find the sandals that you are looking for before this. These sandals are of value because they are of high quality and last a long time. Do get a pair for yourself and if you are generous enough, send one to me. Hehehe.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The infilling...

Went to church service this morning. Had a wonderful time being in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Its amazing to see the work of the HS when the people are filled with Him. And though many times I know that He wants to touch and fill me, I'm still very much conscious of myself to the point of resisting Him. And at the same time, without the HS there is no life, no power, no boldness.

This week's emphasis is on prayer. O Lord, that there will be offerings of prayer from this mouth of mine throughout the day. And let there be proclamations uttered from this mouth that Christ is Lord in my life, my family, my business, my church, my nation.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

T-Mobile plan

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Mobile phones are now considered one of man's necessity in life. Even young people as young as 10 years of age are carrying handphones everywhere they go. And it would not be a surprise if some of them would carry more than one unit of it. Yes, I know of a few of my friends who have at least two mobile phones which they use at the same time.

Its nice to own a mobile phone. Its convenient to receive and make calls. But what makes the mobile phone worth its value is the calling plans that you subscribe to. There are many plans that you can choose from. Different companies will have different advantages and coverage. You just need to find one that suits your needs.

If you are searching for various mobile phones and plans online, check out T-Mobile phones. You can find various models of mobile phones at very competitive prices. Major mobile phones brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and many others are available there. Go through the various deals that they have and find the ones that suits your needs and budget.

And talking about budget, most people will look for the best deal on their mobile plan. T-Mobile has various offers that will fit your budget. They even offer rebate on your purchase online. Like if you order a new T-Mobile plan online, you will receive a $50 T-Mobile Rebate. Now that’s a big rebate they are offering. To be eligible for this rebate the plan you choose must be at least $34.99 per month. You have to act fast because this rebate deal is valid until 31st March 2007 only.

Planning for a vacation..

M asked me again about the plan to go Genting Highland for a vacation. I thought she would have a date in mind or everything planned out. But it looks like there's much more to plan becoz the plan is still at its infancy stage. Maybe she is waiting for me to give a more affirmative answer.

My only reservation about going vacation during this time is Barnabas. He is still very "clingy" and requires personal attention at ALL TIME. Would M or I alone be able to look after Annabelle & Clarissa in their excitement. Knowing how they loves to be in the playground and how Clarissa would just go find her own play things without fear, that itself raises a big concern.

I know M needs a break from the routine. I too would love to have a break. But would we have a break during this vacation or it will break us somemore.

Siblings Rivalry

In the past, Annabelle has been very caring and good sister. She seldom disturbs her sister Clarissa. Clarissa was the mischievous and "naughty" sister, always demanding and getting her way by force i.e. by biting or hitting Annabelle.

Recently I noticed that Annabelle starts to respond back to Clarissa. And now Annabelle likes to disturb Clarissa until Clarissa cry. Most of the time Annabelle would take Clarissa's bantal busuk. Clarissa will cry. Annabelle will run around with the bantal while Clarissa will chase her. Of course Annabelle being bigger and stronger has the advantage. If I'm around, I will scold Annabelle. Last time I kesian Annabelle got bullied by her sister. Now I kesian Clarissa got bullied by her older sister.

One thing good is that they still play together and Annabelle still looks after Clarissa.

Dress Up Games

*Sponsored Post*

Hey, don’t go away; you came to the right blog. David Bong here. You might be wondering why do I want to blog about Dress Up Games. I have 2 girls, and I took care of them almost daily now, in the afternoon. This is one of the ways of keeping them occupied. Belle loves playing dressing up games in Playhouse Disney. Dressing them up like how it should be. Changing their clothes, mix matches their attires and her favourite, dressing them into princesses! She would love this new site.

They have tremendous collection of doll graphics and pictures. They have all sorts of dolls from Princess Dolls, Blonde Dollz, Brown & Red Dollz, Gothic & Black Hair, Guys & Couples, Animated & Glitter Dollz, Celebrities Dollz and many others. You can even create your own dolls and enter a contest. That I got to help my girls with.

You can even choose the different types of body, face and eyes on top of their clothing and accessories. Wow! There are so many options too. Girls are complicated!

Besides dress up games to make dolls, you can also create animated personalized avatars in which you can use when participating in forums and chats. Put the avatar to represent you instead your actual photo.

Check the site and see for yourself.

It's windy now.

There's one 3HP air-conditioner installed in the front portion of my shop. Last month, it got short-circuited and the contractor told me that they need to change the motor of the air-cond. It will cost me about RM300 just to change that and they still can't give any guarantee that it will last long. So I just leave it as it is.

Lately, I can really feel the warm temperature when I'm at the counter. Even some of the customers complained about it. Today I got the ceiling fan installed. Went to Top Lighting shop and got one unit of Panasonic ceiling fan for RM100. Plus installation RM40, that's what they told me.

The contractor came and installed the fan at about 5pm. I was at home. When I went to the shop, there the ceiling fan installed and switched on. Now it’s nice and windy at the counter. In a way, it is costs saving for the business.

The bad news is that the installation guy gave a bill of RM70. That's way too much for the installation. What the heck, I've already paid the RM40 for the installation, now they are charging extras. Called the shop and made a complaint. In the end, by way of compromise, they agreed to give me back the RM40. Will go and collect it tomorrow.

Thank you Lord for the ceiling fan.

Reef Sandals

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If you love wearing sandals like I do, you should check out reef sandals at Active Sandals. Active Sandals is the #1 online source for sandals. You can get the largest selection of Reef Sandals there. Reef is the world's leader in authentic, surf-inspired footwear. If you want quality and stylish sandal, well, Active Sandals is the place to shop at.

I personally like the Leather Fanning. It is a signature sandal from surfer and Australian native Mick Fanning. The “Fanning” has a built in church key bottle opener, which is perfectly nestled in the sole of the sandal! This is unique.

Camomile tea... so cooling

Brought some packets of Boh camomile tea, courtesy of Leishia & Jason. It was meant for my wife becoz she has been stressed up lately. She has yet to drink any of it.

Now, I'm drinking camomile tea. Nice taste and mild aroma. Now its 2.03am in the morning. There are still customers using the computers. I can't say that the tea makes me fresh and awake, but it sure give me nice relaxing feeling. Sure taste better than normal tea.

Would recommend it to all of you.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Discounts Online

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If you always shop online, I would recommend you to make a stop at There you can get an online coupon codes. Why spend more when you get rebates for the things that you wanted to buy?

Since I am in the computer business, my favorite shop will be Dell and Gateway. With
dell coupons, I can get discount up to 25% discount on my purchase. I also can get free shipping on all Gateway LCDs with Gateway deals.

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Corrupted Policemen

At about 4.30pm, two policemen came to the shop. I was out dating with my wife when my staff called me and informed me about the policeman. I know for sure they are looking for extra side-income (bribe). Tried my best to tell the policeman that I've fulfilled all the requirements for the cc. But he talked and talked (using my shop's phone line calling my handphone). When I told him that I don't bribe, he started to "threaten" to "disturb" my cc. Exasperated with his request I told him to ask my staff to call me back as she is photostating something.

Since I know that these policemen would not go after if they did not get their money, I told my staff to give RM10 each but to make sure that she get their names and policeman number.

This is the details of the policeman (my staff managed to get only one person's name)

Police No: 102451

Now... should I go the Anti-Corruption Agency and report this incident? If yes, would it trouble my staff as she will have to go through all the process of giving information/details which can be quite demanding and horrifying. If no, would the policemen still come and "disturb" my cc.

Life is not a bed of roses.


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Not many of us are aware of staph infection. It is caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Many healthy people carry staph bacteria in their noses without getting sick. But when the skin is punctured or broken, staph bacteria can enter the wound and cause infections, which can lead to other health problems.

The main strain of staph out in the general population is called MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus). Recently some pro football players have been sidelined by it so that brought some attention to the problem. However, millions of others (high school wrestlers, children, and elderly people in long term care facilities) have been hard hit by MRSA.

The infections can be serious but can be treated very easily, if they're caught early. Good basic hygiene can help prevent it like washing your hands with soap and water or using one of the alcohol hand rubs that are available in the drug store, in the supermarket.

If you see something like the above on your children’s skin, be sure to bring them to the doctor as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

We went dating ...

Its been a long time since we last date each other. So it was nice to feel young and in love again. What better day that on our wedding anniversary. Requested MIL to look after the children while M took half day leave.

Drove to Mahkota Parade. Wanted to try out a new restaurant that M read in one blogger's post. Went there but it was closed. So we went to Dataran Pahlawan. Passed by Johny's Restaurant. They have steamboat and normal dishes. Ordered steamboat for one person and separate dishes for both of us. Pineapple rice for me and Fried Belacan rice for M. The food are good and delicious. Had a nice time talking about our children and our current issues. Then went for a stroll, exploring the place. Quite a high class shopping centre.

Really enjoyed our time together.