Saturday, March 29, 2008

Internet Cafe T-Shirt

At last I have done my Tshirt Printing for Starhawk Internet Cafe. After a long time thinking of doing Tshirt Printing for our business, we finally decided and went ahead with the printing. The main reason for us to have our own Tshirt with the business logo on it is to provide a better image to the business. All this while, both me and my staff have gone to work wearing our own Tshirts. I tried to wear suitable Tshirts to work but most of my Tshirt have various logos which is not really suitable for the business. New customers are not able to recognise the staffs as we look as though we are also the shop's customers. Now with the Tshirt Printing done and we have our own business Tshirt, the mistaken identity reduced greatly.

Now, after seeing the business Tshirt, even my wife wants to do the same for the family. Hehehe....maybe that one will have to wait.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


After watching the movie Cinderella, five-year-old Sarah started using her pinwheel as a magic wand, pretending she was a fairy godmother. "Make three wishes," she told her mother, "and I'll grant them."

Her mom first asked for world peace. Sarah swung her wand and proclaimed the request fulfilled.

Next, her mother requested for a cure for all ill children. Again, with a sweep of the pinwheel, Sarah obliged.

The mother, with a glance down at her rather ample curves, made her third wish, "I wish to have a trim figure again."

The miniature fairy godmother started waving her wand madly.

"I'll need more power for this!" she exclaimed.

Make my day brighter

Most of my days are fixed by daily routines of going to work, come back and spend time with the family. At times it can be very monotonous especially if there is no tasks scheduled for the day. When I know that the day is "free" from any schedules, I would try to look at the sceneries around me. I will enjoy the beautiful paddy field and flowers along my way to the shop. This is one of the benefits of staying in a village. There are plenty of greeneries that I can still enjoy everyday.

Just looking at the flowers can help enlighten the spirit and bring me near to my Maker and the flowers creator. If my mind are full of tasks to be done, the beautiful sceneries will just passed by unnoticed. Sometimes emails with beautiful pictures of flowers and nature like below can make my day brighter. Thank you all who know the beauty of God's creation and willing to email the pictures to me.

Smallest Countries - No 2

Monaco -
It is only 0.7 square miles - The tiny state of Monaco lies along the French Riviera on the French Mediterranean coast near Nice. An impressive 32,000 people live in this state known for its Monte Carlo casinos and Princess Grace. It has been independent off-and-on since the 13th century.

Smallest Countries - No 3

Nauru -
This country is only 8.5 square miles - The 13,000 residents of the Pacific island Nauru rely on diminishing phosphate deposits. The state became independent in 1968 and was formerly known as Pleasant Island.

Wedding cameras

The room looks clean after my maid cleaned it up. There are no longer layers of dust seen on the numerous things placed on top of the cupboard. There at one corner of the room lay my wedding photo. I wonder why the photo is placed there. It is supposed to be hung at the wall in the living hall, together with the wedding photos of my parents. My parents have only a few photos of their wedding ceremony. Maybe there are only two or three photos at the most of their wedding. I guess there are not many wedding cameras available during their time. Even if there are, it would be very expensive to own one. Unlike now, I have lots of my wedding photos nicely framed and kept for my remembrance when I am old. It is nice to have the photos to jog down the memory lane. Hmm...must put back the wedding photo on the wall now.

Smallest Countries - No 4

Tuvalu -
It is only 9 square miles - Tuvalu is composed of 9 coral atolls along a 360 mile chain in Polynesia. They gained independence in 1978. The former Ellice Islands are home to 12,000.

Smallest Countries - No 5

San Marino -
This nation is only 24 square miles - Located on Mt. Titano in north central Italy, San Marino has 29,000 residents. The country claims to be the oldest state in Europe, having been founded in the fourth century.

Wedding invitation

My mother told me that one of my relative came and asked for my full name. His son is getting married and he is collecting all the village's people's name so that he call invite them to his son's wedding dinner. That is how it is being done here in this village. It is all part of the Wedding Planning that the older folks have to do when their children are getting married. Well, of course not each and every village folks will be invited but those that has relations with the parents of the bride or bridegroom. And in a village where I stay, that could number up to a few hundreds.

That number does not include the friends and neighbours of the parents and the bride or bridegroom. If and if one is generous enough and do have the energy and money to call everybody in the wedding list, it would indeed be a BIG wedding dinner. Lately, the new generations are not following this traditions. They prefer to have a very much smaller scale of the wedding ceremony cum dinner.

As for now, I have still to receive the wedding invitation card. I was told that the wedding dinner would be somewhere in May this year. Still a long time for me.

Smallest Countries - No 6

Liechtenstein -
This country is only 62 square miles - This microstate of 34,000 is located on the Rhine River between Switzerland and Austria in the Alps.

Smallest Countries - No 7

Marshall Islands -
The country is only 70 square miles - The atolls (including the world's largest, Kwajalein), reefs, and 34 islands (population 58,000) gained independence in 1986

They were formerly part of the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands (and administered by the United States).

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fed up lah

My white car is giving problems again. Yes, again....and again...and again. Really fed up lah with this whole car problems. It seems there would be problems one after another with the two cars. It is quite irritating to spend countless time and efforts and not forgetting lots of money to correct the car problems. The last problem with the red car is the changing of the water tank. We thought that it is the radiator problem and is willing to consider buying Integra Radiator. However, it is the water tank that is leaking and we had to change the whole tank.

Now the white car could not start. Called my mechanic (who is always busy)and he told me to check the connnection which I did but to no avail. He promised that he would come to check the car. Hoping that he would fulfill his promise or else there would not be any Genting trip next week. Really getting fed up with the two old junks.

Smallest Countries - No 8

The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis (also known as the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, located in the Leeward Islands, is a federal two-island nation in the West Indies. It is the smallest nation in the Americas in both area and population.

The country is only 104 square miles - This Caribbean country of 39,000 gained independence in 1983. Nevis is the smaller island of the two.

Smallest Countries - No 9

Seychelles -
The country is only 107 square miles - The 81,000 residents of this Indian Ocean island group have been independent of the United Kingdom since 1976.

Meeting an old friend

I got a surprise call from an old friend today. Audra Darshini called me while I was at work. I have not met her for more than 5 years already. She said that she is here in Melaka for a week, supervising the work of the ministry. She is staying with her cousin in Jonker Street. The work that she is doing requires her to travel all over the country and overseas too. I can imagine her traveling through Europe and staying in Vacaciones Hoteles or any of the nice beautiful hotels.

It would be interesting to catch up on what has happened in the last few years. At least she is still faithful in the ministry while I has gone over to the "dark side". Hehehehe...but still faithful in the Lord. Hope that the meeting at Pay Chian's house this Wednesday would be a wonderful time together.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Making Real Money with BreakTheVault

All this while I have been earning MoSiang money which has no value in real life. Now, you and I got the chance to win real money and prizes too by participating in online contests.

If you love games and solving problems, BreakTheVault pays you to play the game. All you got to do is sign up as member. It is FREE.

The rule of the games is simple. The first participant to solve each game is the winner and members have unlimited chances to attempt to solve each game. Clues will be given too.

We will have new contest every Monday at noon EST. How's that? Come let's sign up. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cool website... give it a try lah



Wait for the lady to appear, then ...



No need to write your e.mail address.

4. Press the VISUALIZAR bar.

Amazed!! Can you explain how this is done

and you are allow to try again by changing your name if you still wondering why? haha....

Have a nice day folks... Thank you for your valuable time.

Smallest countries - No 10

Maldives takes the No 10 spot for the smallest countries. It is only 115 square miles. Only 200 of the 2000 Indian Ocean islands which make up this country are occupied by 340,000 residents. The islands gained independence from the U.K. in 1965.


Putting history aside about Sandinista and The Iran-Contra Affair, nicaragua land is a beautiful place to visit. Those who loves to surf would surely find nicaragua surfing a memorable experience. The Pacific Ocean on the west of the country and the Caribbean Sea on the east provide Nicaragua with many beautiful beaches and big waves suitable for surfing.

It is not a surprise then that the nicaragua beach property are in great demand. As much as I would love to enjoy the big waves, I am no waves surfer. The only surfing I know is surfing the net. Who knows, I will be able to visit Nicaragua some day and learn to surf the waves. That would be a memorable experience.

Will she do it?

Made a call to wifey asking her to come to the shop after her work. Need her to look after the shop while I go and look for a printhead for my printer. As always, she will use any calls as an opportunity to update me on whatever that happened to her. Today, she said that her boss bought a gold bar. The gold bar was bought from wifey colleague's brother. Now the gold price has increased and it is predicted that the price will keep on increasing. Wifey's boss bought a kilogram of gold bar at a slightly lower than the market price.

Told my wife to consider doing the same. Well, not a kilogram as we would definitely cannot afford it but maybe in a smaller weight. Told her that it is much better to invest in gold rather than in bank saving accounts while yields so little interest. Hopefully wifey would agree to do so. Will she do it?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fashion Schools

As parents, we always wants the best education for our children. If you are helping your children to look for fashion schools in california or fashion schools in los angeles, please check out

It has a list of all the universities in California that offers fashion courses. Enrolling your child in fashion school in california is not a bad idea because you are living in Star City. They need new clothes and new design practically everyday!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Both are mistaken

Ok...will take a break from talking about politics. Not everybody is interested in politics. Maybe a humor picture would be best here. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fight for your right

At the university graduation ceremony, the medical students received their scroll. As the names of the students are called to receive their scrolls, suddenly one voice from the back, a student from the law faculty shouted, "See you in court!". Hehehehe...... lawyers and doctors seems always at loggerhead.

As not all doctors are an expert in every medical cases, there tends to be miscalculated diagnosis of their patients. If you have been prescribed with Trasylol and have suffered the side effect of the drug, then you should engage Trasylol claim attorneys and claim for the damages. Never, never let negligence of others destroy your future. Let them pay for it or at least make sure that you are not the total victim. To all the doctors, please ensure that you know what you are prescribing to your patients. Their future are in your hand.

Do you want to join too?

Okay, for those who feels the same way like I do about the BN and want to find an alternative political party to support, do consider DAP. The DAP is doing membership drive campaign and are looking for future leaders of this country. If you are interested to join DAP, you can email me for further details. Come, join me.

Voice of tomorrow

Yeahhhhhhh.... I did it, I did it, I signed up as a DAP member. After considering the various facts that happened in this country, my choice of political party is now DAP. I have been a strong supporter of the BN in the past but what happened in the past few years have changed my mind. UMNO has been too arrogant (or at least, some of the leaders in UMNO) and think that they can bulldozed their way in everything that want to do. Their leaders think that they are invincible and that the Malays will blindly support them. Maybe they think the Malays are a stupid bunch who will just obey and follow the UMNO leaders.

My deepest condolences to MCA and also MIC, the component parties in BN who are mere puppets for UMNO arrogant leaders. Looks like MCA and MIC have failed to uphold the interest of their respective supporters. So now, I pledge my support to DAP. Show me how you leaders exercise the powers entrusted to you and if you do well, you will continue to gain my support.

Monday, March 10, 2008


"What is kratom leaf?", I asked my wife who was beside me doing her blogging and chatting with her friends at the same time. It was to my surprise that she has an answer to my question and without delay she answered. "It is to enhance and prolong sexual intercourse."

Wah! I heard of "kesum leaf" which is found in my country and the name kratom sounds familiar which I immediately equate it as kesum. However, kesum leaf is used for cooking especially if you want to cook curry dishes. Upon further research, the local names for the kratom is "ketum". Usage of kratom leaf can be addictive and it is banned in many countries. Like any other drugs, if it is use positively for the right purpose, kratom do have medicinal benefits. Do your research thoroughly before you purchase products that consisted of kratom as its ingredients as it can get you on high.

Friends who drinks with you

I always received emails that encourages me to treasure my friends. Well, in most circumstances it is true that friends would be there when we need them but not in all cases. I don't think it is wise to have drinking buddies who treats you worse than your enemies.... like this guy.

The moral of the story is...don't drink and be careful of who your friends are.

At the right time

Ever wish that you are at the right place at the right time? Most of us are at the wrong place or at the wrong time most of the times. It takes patience, insight and wisdom and sometimes perseverance to be at the right time in the right place. This bear is one example of it.

Hospitality offer

When told that we will be going to Genting for a short holiday, my brother asked me to stay over in his house for a day before the actual Genting trip. Well, his house is nearer to Genting than any of my other brother's house. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity to bring my mother along to visit him. Told him that we have yet to decide on the itinerary and would confirm the details of the trip later. We have yet to ask mother whether she would like to follow along.

I am sure there would not be any hospitality offer if we want to go to other countries. We would have to make our own arrangement for hotels and places to visit. Should we want to visit the Big Apple, we can find New York Hotel Deal online. Accommodation is one of the most important arrangement for a holiday. A good place to stay would always make the trip memorable. As for now, I am very thankful for the hospitality offer from my brother.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I Want It Too - Internet For Life

Why isn't there any opportunity here like what Charter is doing. I want to win their Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life. Yes, for my lifetime and the bid starts at $10 only. Unfortunately, I am not staying in Charter's coverage area or else I would definitely bid. Haiyaa....

If you are living in Charter's serviceable area, by all means register and starts bidding. It is a chance of a lifetime.

OK, maybe you are not an internet savvy guy but loves to play games. Well, here is your chance too. Visit Charter's website and register. When you register with an e-mail address and other personal information you will have a chance to win a Nintendo® Wii™. The winner will receive a Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Stand, 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling), 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter, 1 Wii AV Cable. Now, go and register fast.

If you are not the gamer type, why don't you register and if you win, give all the prices to me...hehehe....joking only.

Greener Pasture

One customer came to the shop and asked for help regarding his online game ID. He forgotten about this ID and asked me to check it out for him, which I did. Then to my surprise he started talking about his work. He told me that he is going to Bahrain to work as a chefs in one of the five stars hotel. That is also another surprise to me to know that he is the Sous-Chefs. It reminds me of the movie Ratatouille.

Anyway, as we talked he mentioned that it is better to work overseas compared to Malaysia. The pay is one factor to consider but another important factor is the way people treats you. Your success depends on how hard you work. Opportunities are given to everyone and there is not much favoritism based on colors. He told me that it is easier to get Unsecured Business Loans in other countries like UK and America. He said that it is not easy to apply for Unsecured Business Loans for the sum of $10000 - $250000, to which I can readily concur with him. Even for my own business, I cannot get any Unsecured Business Loans from the bank but had to depend on family members for the business capital. Looks like the pasture are greener in other countries. Hmm… should I work in other countries… maybe I should try.