Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time changes our perspective

Was reading wifey's blog about the birth story of Annabelle Bong. Wah... it reminded me of what happened on that blessed day. I remember that it was not so funny when I wrote it. But now, it seems funny to read that story especially the shitting part. Well, I guess time does wonder to change one's perspective of events.

I laughed reading the part where David Bong had to clean the shit. Blunt but funny.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ah... very comfortable now

Changed my Nokia 5300 to Nokia 3110 classic. Ah...I'm very comfy with it. Familiar setting, and easier to use. The keypad is not too sensitive, just nice for the power of my finger. Flat and sleek. I'm happy with it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No baby yet

It seems that this 4th baby is taking his own sweet time to meet his family members. His mommy has been expecting him to come out for more than a week but still no sign at all. Maybe he is afraid to meet his daddy after listening to the daddy from inside the womb. The voices of the sisters and brother screaming, shouting and crying does not help either. But don't worry lah baby. We will all love you very very much. We will all take care of you. Your sisters and brother have promised to look after and care for you. So don't worry and come out and meet your family lah. Daddy hope to be able to be there when you come out. See you soon.

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic problem

Traded in my IMobile handphone with recond Nokia 5300. It looks great and stylish. The loudspeaker is loud and my children enjoyed the songs and music played from the phone. However, I had to key in a lot of my contacts info into the phone, one by one, which is quite a hassle. Not so sure whether I can do that with the synchronize feature but I have yet to go deeper into it. My wife and I find that the sensitivities of the number pad is a bit irritating. Too sensitive. And the "Back" button does not make you go back to the previous page but it brings you back to the Main page. Should use the word "Home" instead of "Back".

Only after 3 days of using it, it started to give a problem. The screen goes haywire. Send it back to the seller and they managed to fix it. It seems that the cable that connects to the screen got dislocated and thus does not display properly. Wah... with that kind of problem I can foresee similar problem occuring in the future. Then while working, one of my customers told me that she traded in her sliding h/phone (similar to Nokia 5300) with a flat phone. She casually mentioned that the sliding h/phone has screen problem. Wah... the same problem that I had just an hour before.

So tomorrow, the Nokia 5300 will go and I will get a flat h/phone. New one lah... tired of wasting time and money sending the h/p for repairs.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sedentary lifestyle

Some people wants to have a happy merry life. "Eat, drink and be merry", they say. "Let's enjoy while we can". How I wish life could be just that. No worries, no cares in the world. I did tried to do that but after a few hours reality starts to soak into my heart and mind. Then I snapped out of that "illusion". Trying to live as if nothing in the world could bother you is a dangerous deception. Be aware of it and snap out of it.

Another dangerous lifestyle is the sedentary lifestyle. Routine day in day out. Do this and do that every day. Eat, sleep, work a bit, eat, sleep. No exercise at all. Seems like that is my lifestyle now. After a while the signs of sedentary lifestyle manifest themselves. The stomach growing bigger, the body getting weaker, the muscles disappearing, flabby muscles around the hand and legs. In the worst case scenario, the body will deteriorate and you may even have to wear cervical collars to support your weakened neck muscles. No, I do hope that I would not end up like that. I want to be active and fit physically. Must do something about it now.

Should I take the offer?

After giving it a thought, I am considering buying the cc business. I know that there is a certain income limit that one cc business can generate. And in order to get more income, I need to have more shops. I think I will wait until my baby comes out before giving it a more thorough consideration. But where would I get the money?

The offer is back

Last year, one of the cc owner approached me with the intention of selling his business. Well to cut the story short, I managed to find some interested buyers but then the owner rescind the offer. Two days ago, he called me again and said that this time he is really serious in selling his business. But this time the buyers are not in the position to buy it. Wrong timing.

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder

My wife and I have different tastes. In choosing our food, I prefers something more spicy and hot. She can take hot and spicy food too but not too much of it. Notwithstanding, I will eat whatever that is routinely served/cooked at home even though I sometimes gets bored with the same food everyday. I eat to live, not live to eat. My wife prefers different kind of food everyday, if that is possible. Beef steaks is her favorite though she does not get to eat that often.

I noticed that we have different perspective of beauty. Some of the girls that she says look beautiful does not look beautiful to me. Some girls seems normal looking to others but to me they have some kind of attraction. Hmmm... beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I like tomboyish girls. Well, not really the ugly manly look but sweet mixture of feminine and boyish look. I think if these girls were to study in
michigan cosmetology schools, they would know how to look more feminine. No, my wife did not go there to study even though she was a tomboy in her teens. Hehehe...that's why I got attracted to her.