Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another soul in the Kingdom of Heaven

Praise God! Hooray… another precious soul entered the Kingdom of Heaven.

On Thursday nite, I went to a NS camp, to give the “Ceramah Agama” or religious talk to the Christian trainees in the camp. After the talk, one of the trainee Nichol approached me and told me that she is not a Christian and she wants to know how to become a Christian. I told her to come again to the class the next day Friday which she did.

Yesterday, I manage to find a Mandarin Bible and a few literature from the Chinese church. Brought it to the camp last nite. After the talk about the various meaning of the word “love” in the Greek language and the 5 languages of love, I called Nichol to lead her to accept Christ. I also asked another trainee, Wendy to be a witness to the conversation.

Nichol was ready to accept Christ. She has lots of questions as to how she should live her life as a Christian. Told her that the first and important thing to do at that time is to accept Jesus as her Lord. Then I shared briefly salvation story using the bridge illustration. She understands it very well. Then I led her to say a prayer to accept Jesus as her personal God, in Bahasa. She followed the prayer… and we rejoiced together after the prayer.

Praise God… for another precious soul that is saved. Will share about Christian Living next coming Thursday nite.

Friday, February 10, 2006

A New Heart?

My heart is failing me in many ways. It is not strong as before. I’m indeed getting old. And it is shown by the performance of my heart. Had many problems lately with my heart. And it is affecting the body. A few weeks ago, while I was on the road, my body started to shake. Not enough energy flowing through my body. As though the blood is not reaching the place where it should go. Thank God that the shaking stops after a few seconds. I know my heart is getting weaker by the day. Can’t do much lately. Can’t even run as fast as I did the in the past. Getting tired easily. After a run, and while I was resting, the body started to shake. Had to breathe in faster to stop the shaking. This is not good… really not good at all.

Thinking of my heart. What’s wrong with it? Can I get another heart if my heart fails? What’s the cost of heart transplant? Where can I get the money? Is there a heart suitable for my body? ………………….. must rest now… not feeling good well.

I read that...

You can find healthy ways of weight loss and how to help with high blood pressure and heart disease. So if you feel like you may have high blood pressure or heart disease, talk to your doctor and get it treated.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Is he a Baba?

Went to Michelle colleaque’s house for CNY. One of her sister was there and saw me. The next day, Michelle was told that her colleaque sister asked about my race. She said that I don’t look like a Baba.

Hmmmmmm…. what do I look like? If not a Baba, then what. In the past, many has mistaken me for many other races…. among them… Iban, Indian, Kadazan, Philipino, Indonesian and of course a Malay. Wow… I’m a man of many faces/races. Yet, can only speak BM and English.

What I know is that I’m definitely OCBC.