Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Missing wallet.

I went to City Charismatic Centre (church) for a meeting last. The
Southern Division (AOG churches) is planning to have a Games Carnival
in May 2005 (Wesak Day). Meeting started at 7.30pm and dragged on
until 10.40pm. Overall, most of the things are planned and the
mechanism is running well.

Ride back after the meeting. Upon reaching the house, realized that my
wallet is missing. Where could I have lost it? My first guess and hope
that the wallet is in the church. Prayed to God that the wallet would
be there. There's peace in my heart about the matter.

Michelle called Citibank Centre to cancell the credit card (just in
case it was lost somewhere else and somebody picked it up and use it
at the petrol station etc). Have to pay RM15.00 for the new card,
which will come in 2 weeks time.

This morning, just received a call from Pastor Joanne. The wallet is
in the church. Praise God. When we trust God to handle things, we can
rest in peace (though some might not want to and starts worrying).

All thanks and praise to God Almighty.