Monday, February 16, 2009

Kuganized - a new English word

Kuganized or Kuganised (depending on which type of English you favors) is a new word in English originated from Malaysia after the famous incident involving the death of one Indian named Kugan while in police custody. Kugan's death in 2008 has been a mystery and the Attorney General has ordered the death to be classiffied as murder. Until now, there is no progress made on the police case.

tr.v. ku-gan·ized, ku-gan·iz·ing, ku-gan·iz·es
1. To abuse, torture and murder as in the police custody.
2. To be abused, tortured or murdered by or as if by the police authority.
3. To represent the brutality of the abuse, torture and murder of the police authority

[-izing, -ized] or -ising, -ised
1. to murder someone as though he died in police custody
2. to describe the death of someone as though died in police custody

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