Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The power of Words

Like her daddy, Belle's language of love is Words. And people who have this language of love are sensitive to the words spoken to them. They pick up certain words that they hear especially when it is about them. If they are very positive in their thinking, they would pick up the good words spoken about them and ignore the bad negative words. However, if they are prone to negative thinking, most of the negative bad words would affect them dearly.

What is unfortunate is when all the words spoken to them are negative. Then there is no good words that they can choose. And it takes maybe 5 to 8 times of good words to counter the effect of just one bad word. So please choose your words carefully, being considerate to others. It is easy to speak but it is not easy to nurse the hurts it can cause.

And Belle, with God's blessing, you will be clever and be a doctor when you grow up.

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