Friday, September 17, 2010

Cycling Adventure

September 14, 2010, Tuesday. Cycled for more than 10km with Annabelle. Started at about 6pm. Annabelle cycle her own bicycle while Clarissa sat behind my bicycle. From our house, we cycle to the residential area beside our house. Then to the paddy field, using the stone graveled road all the way to Sungai Lereh. Upon reaching the river, we cycled at the river bank and passed through Kampung Hj Jambol (I think that's the name of the village, can't remember exactly). And the road lead us to the coastal main road, came out opposite of Restoren Spring Garden, the main road where the Monday pasar malam is held.

From there, we cycled to Batang Tiga. Stopped by at the sundry shop to buy drinks (Clarissa complained of thirst or maybe she just made it up when she saw the shop). After quenching our thirst, we cycled back to our home, passing by beautiful sunset sceneries along the way.

Hahaha...can't imagine that Annabelle cycled that far. She didn't complain at all about the long journey. In fact, she wants to do again and has been bugging me to for for another cycling adventure.

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