Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dunson Luggage Bag

The tenants left the apartment without informing us. When I went there to check, there are still some of their things that is still left at the apartment. There are some big bags that are left in the apartment. They packed their stuffs in the bags, unimportant and unnecessary things like the curtains. Had to clean up the apartment and since new tenants are coming in, I had to bring back all the bags and other usable things. The three big bags are Dunson luggage bags. Still in good condition.

Maybe I will sell the bags as I don't need to use it. Furthermore, the tenants still owe me over RM2.5K in outstanding bills. I wonder how much can I get if I sell those big Dunson luggage bags. Anybody interested? I'm willing to sell it cheap just to get back some money to pay the unpaid bills.

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