Monday, February 28, 2011

10 years of marriage

Time passes so fast. I can't believe that I've been married for 10 years. I thought that I was only married for 2-3 years only. Ohh... ya... I have 5 children now... so it must be true. walao... 10 years married de lah.

Ok... time to look back at these 10 years that passes by unnoticed (most of the time).

Status : from married (husband) to family man (husband cum father)
Vocation : church worker to cybercafe operator
Weight : from 72kg to 78kg
Height : still the same lah
Fitness : from superb to lembik de
Face : from clean shaven to trimmed moustache and beard
Hair : from short to short + pony tail
Favorite food : still likes sambal and lempeng. KFC is recently dropped from the favorite list. Bread + salad has recently been added to the list.
Favorite color : not important any more
Favorite sexual position : u no need to know lah... hehehe
Best girl friend : still that tomboyish girl that I got to know almost 20 years ago
Best guy friend : from Jasonkalai to none so far (in the process of building new guyships)

Ok...if someone asked me the secret to building good marriage I would say, "hmmm...know your partner inside out and settled it in your heart, mind and soul all the things that you don't like about your partner. Oh ya, don't forget to know the love language of your partner. It would definitely save you lots of time, effort and money in building up your marriage."

What are some of the achievements that I'm proud of? Well, God tells us not to be proud, so I would say that I'm very happy of these achievements that God has allowed in my life. :
-able to relate with my wife, loving her more and more throughout these years
-have 5 adorable special unique children and counting
-clear my business debt
-still maintain my faith in Jesus

What are my fears?
That God would take my wife away first and leave me with the children.
Or that God would take away my family...not sure whether I can be like Job who stands firm when all things are taken away from him.
And that I will fall away from my faith.

What are my nightmares? Dreaming of still being a student and haven't got a clue of what I'm supposed to study and the exam is tomorrow.

What are my plans?
To do the will of God for my life and family.
To have a better and more beautiful relationships with my wife, children and family members in the next 10 years.
To handle the "half time" challenges in a positive way.

oh ya... I luv u lah Michelle.

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