Friday, October 19, 2012

Rain rain go away

Come again after 1am till 7am.

Yes, it's been raining for the past few days. And I'm grateful for the cool breeze that comes with it. The air is cleaner, now that there won't be any open burning by the village folks in Sumatera. And it is much nicer and comfortable to sleep at night.

Yet, it also brings the gloomy atmosphere to mind. Stuck at home, having less choices to do. Makes you want to eat more especially the warm or hot food. Slows down my body's metabolism. Doesn't help in my effort to reduce weight.

Not good for the business too. Customers not able to come and play. Low sales, less income, more sighing, more financial constraints and budget cuts for the family.

Why am I so downcast? Put your hope on God. He will lift you up and carry you on His wings above the storms (rain).

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