Monday, October 10, 2005

Football Coaching

Yesterday, we had our first football coaching under one ex-national player Wong Kuw Fu. It is great to be trained under him.

There are about 22 of us that came for our regular football game every Sunday 5–7pm. And Brother Wong has graciously enough made his time and effort available to train us to be coaches.

Learn 3 basic skills yesterday. Quite tiring after the practice. Had about 40 minutes of game after the practice. We played on a small school field but with “no high ball” rule.

I pray that the standard of the players will improve from now on. Bro Wong said he will come every Sunday. Origianally the plan is that he will only come evey 2nd Sunday of the month to give coaching clinic. Now that he is willing to come every Sunday, that will be an added bonus to us.

At the same time, I will have to talk to the headmaster of the school. In the past, he has not allowed us to play at the school field, but along the way… we sort of ignore that instruction and continued playing there. Will have to assure the headmaster that we would not hold the school responsible for any injuries incurred in the school.


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