Monday, November 21, 2005

Cinema Screen delayed

Looks like the construction of the big screen will be delayed. Not so much of budget cut or red tapes but because of the weather. It has been raining almost daily. This is not good for the plywood screen. Will have to wait until the weather changes to dry. Anyway, so far I'm busy with other things.


aish said...

got entrance fee ah? got mosquitoes?! is insect repellent provided? what about fan? or do u have like those giant mist shooter... i mean, mist fan? do we need to bring my own chair?

and the most important question, am i invited ah?

David Bong said...

hahahaha... no entrance fee coz the only entrance is the entrance to my house, which is free.

Insect repellant is not necessary unless you're watching porn and want to do the same stuff at the same time.

Fan - only if you watch from inside the living hall.

Mist fan - night time show only, so not hot.

own chair - nah.. can sit on the grass.

Are you invited? - when are you coming lah?