Monday, November 13, 2006


Plan to get 5 more PCs. But before that, have to add another phone line coz want to add in another streamyx line. Also have to buy the Prolink Multi Homing Load Balancer that will help set the bandwith used by each PC. Now a number of the customers are complaining of “lagging” while playing online game. Had to upgrade the service to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Cost to add another 5 PCs is about 11K. Wah… wonder whether I’m too daring and optimistic about the business.
Has yet to find workers for the shop. Need to go by word of mouth already.


Anonymous said...

God have been with you thus far, He will not slack. go to Him in prayers and see what He says. also never yforget your purpose for the shop.

David Bong said...

Chief --> Yes, indeed God have been with me thus far. He is in control and will always be. Yes.. a training ground for me to serve him in the marketplace.