Wednesday, December 13, 2006


many things to write about but its all somewhere in my brain. only a few in my thoughts right now but all jumbled up. business, family, church, faith, holiness, money, etc etc.... many times I purposed to blog about certain things but just don't have the time to blog or just don't feel like typing. so now here I am... with my brains still not fully working 100%... I feel like mumbling about something.... something lah...

oh... family...... Michelle is great.... doing household chores everyday. Really respect her for her initiative to look after the house. But the volume of household chores is taking its toll. Will try and help her out more. Especially taking care of the children. Lord please bless the business so that I will have more time to be with the family. I know she's trying her best to do something special for my birthday and I thank God for that. All I want for my birthday is a quiet time and just be with her... talking and sharing our hearts and feelings. Miss those times where we talk and talk and just share from our hearts.

Barnabas is very very very manja... always want to be carried. Too manja I would say. If I jaga him... sure cry coz I don't carry him... put him down so that he can try to crawl... but no... he don't want to crawl but want to cry. haiyoooooooooo. no wonder Michelle is so stressed.

The two girls are also very manja, always want to be carried (Clarissa) and want to sleep besides their mummy. But its' nice to hold them, hug them and let them tell what happened to them.
Next week, I'll be doing daytime shift, so will have time to be with my family at night. Hope to be able to help Michelle with the children.

ahh... business.... have been slow this past one week.... don't know exactly why.... but I'm praying that God will send more customers. My guesses. The Vietnamese are working night shifts so they didn't come. Somemore, I heard that the companies are not giving overtime (business not good).... so they've no money to spend. The college students that frequents my cafe are on holidays for a month. Giant Hypermarket has yet to open. Rained for the past few days. Looks like I've to get a Malay as my permanent staff. They are willing to accept a low paying job. Pray that God will send a trustworthy, honest and diligent worker.

Relationship with God..... a new phase. Faith, trust, obedience, prayer, righteousness, earnestness, fervency, blessings, enlarge, taking hold, claiming, promises, inheritance, giving, .... all these words came to mind. Hope that in due time everything will fit in its proper place.
Haven't fully decided where to attend church on a regular basis. At least one important criteria is that church must have a proper mother's room and clean (for Michelle, Barnabas and Clarissa).

Mother... from the emails... she is getting better.. and she looks better (from the photos). Maybe she'll be back by end of this month, after Christmas. Will be having her check-up on 21,22 and 26 of this month. That also, provided that the maid comes in. Without the maid, Mother will not be staying at home, coz nobody to look after her.

The front house auntie (acheh Eng) have been taking things from the house. Stealing.... things like starfruits, sukun, kelapa, bunga telang, pisang... and maybe other stuffs that we are not aware of. As though lah that all the things at our house is hers. Somemore, don't even ask permission and at least inform/request lah... nothing.... silent... and we heard it from other people. ..... Need to put up the wire fence soon.

ok lah.. will stop here for now. Right now, there's no customers in the cafe. it's raining outside. sales very low today. will wait until 12midnight before closing. oh.. need to paint the cement also.

Thank you Lord. Love you too for being in control.

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