Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Am I up to it?

My staff got another good job offer from an international company. Well praise God for His blessings upon him. I'm glad that God is opening doors of His blessings upon him and I pray that He will continue to do so.

That means that I will have to work full time at the shop until God blesses me with another trustworthy, honest and reliable staff. Yes, that means that I will have to work from 10am till 12 midnite. It would be a long day away from home, leaving house at 9am and reaching home at 1.00 or 1.30am. Okay, I've done it before when I first started the business, managing the shop alone but that was about 2 years ago. Now, I'm not so sure whether I'm as healthy and strong as before. Am I up to it? Well, whether I am up to it or not, I will still have to be up to it.

Okay, maybe I should also learn about the easiest way to earn from forex trading. Who knows, I might be good at forex trading and might be blessed with some extra income from forex trading. I am sure there are easy ways to earn from forex trading. I've tried forex trading before. Well, okay, only once I tried my hands in forex trading but hey, who knows I might be good in forex trading and can easily earn from forex trading.

Alrite, one thing at a time. Will see how things goes with me having to work all day at the shop, then only I will think about earning from forex trading.

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