Friday, August 08, 2008

Setting up wireless connection

My staff told me that when a few of my customers are playing online game simultaneously, the other customers would experience in a slow down in accessing the net. This would mean that it is time to add in additional internet line to increase the internet bandwidth so that all the customers would be happy with fast internet connection speed. Another option is to provide wireless connection to my customers. If you are thinking of setting up a wireless connection you will be needing a wireless: router, access point (if your router doesn't serve as one) and adapter.

Of course, a fixed cable line is much better than a wireless connection. As such, if you are thinking of playing online games or streaming videos and movies, then you would need 802.11g internet connection and invest in a digital-media adapter. Once you have all the necessary items, set it up and make sure you take time to ensure the computers are secured. You need to set up the NAT firewall setting and also the WEP or WPA setting so that your computers would not easily accessed by other visitors/customers computers. Well, if you do not have any inkling of what I have just wrote, please do not hesitate to pay the computer technician guy to set it up for you.

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