Monday, January 10, 2011

Garden pangkin

At last, I managed to finish the garden pangkin that I wanted to make long time ago. It took the whole of Friday evening and Saturday morning to finish it. And I am very happy and happy with the result. It is a simple roofing to protect the garden pangkin from rain. All the materials are available around the house so there's not much expenses involved. Only need to buy RM2.00 worth of long nails. Two pieces of the garden pangkin wood have deteriorated and had to be replaced.

After applying a layer of white paint, the garden pangkin is ready. Even managed to nap there on Sunday afternoon. I guess when the other brothers come back, they would want to add their "touch" to the garden pangkin. Maybe this CNY, I will sleep on the garden pangkin. Of course, must put up the mosquito net.

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