Monday, January 03, 2011

Father-in-law in the hospital

Received a call from wifey, saying that her father has been admitted to the hospital. He complained of pain when urinating. There are traces of blood in his urine. In the hospital the doctors did a scan and found the cause to be gall bladder stones. After consultation with him, he agreed to do the operation the same evening.

When we visited him at night he told us what happened before the operation. He was given four jabs of anesthetic by a nurse. All the nurse there wear uniform but the ones in the operation theater wear different nursing scrubs. He said that the injection was painful, similar to an electric shock. The operation took about an hour and the doctors managed to take out the stones. He complained of the cold (almost freezing) temperature in room. After the operation, the nurses changed his scrub clothing and brought him to the ward where he will stay for a night. Mother-in-law was there to accompany him. Ezra was happy to see his grandpa but I doubt he understands what has happened to his grandpa.

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