Saturday, July 02, 2011

Buying over another business

I'm excited with the buying over of another internet cafe shop. Another friend agreed to come out half of the amount and also to manage the shop. There are many things that needs to be done to make the shop more attractive to the customers. I guess the next few months, I would be busier trying to manage one shop and helping my partner manage another shop. But it would be exciting to see the progress of the business.

We have many plans to attract more customers to the shop. The previous owner does not offer many services to the public which we intend to make available. We trust God that with more services made available, the business would grow and we would be blessed with additional income. I know we can get financial advice from Missoula, MT wealth management group as to manage our money wisely. We hope to be God's channel of blessings to the needy especially those who are serving God in the rural areas. As for now, we can only do our best knowing that only God can bring success in the business.

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I am glad to listen it that you are having another business and I want to wish you good luck for your new business. Thank you for sharing with us.