Monday, August 22, 2011


Had a dream a few days ago. Can't really remember what the dream is all about. Must be the aging effect on my brain. Anyway, the only part I remember about the dream is where I saw the number 7273. Then I found myself winning something and was very excited about getting the prize. When I reached the podium, to my surprise I was given a basket of fruits. The organizer told me that they don't have cash so they are giving me the fruits instead. Huh..!

So I woke up remembering the number. And then told my mom to buy the number. I don't know why I want to buy the number. I've never buy numbers before nor do I advocate buying numbers. Someone said that it is against Biblical principle and I agree to that (though I've yet to do a Biblical study on that). And lo and behold, the number came out wrong. The nearest number is 2273. Hahahahaha... padan muka.

The moral of the story is... Don't gamble coz the gambling company is the one that will always win.

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