Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Old House

Contributed by Milford Woods

My house is an older one and I’ve spent a lot of time and money fixing it up exactly the way I wanted to. I love the idea of living in something historical and every creak and bump makes me love it more, not less. I like looking online endlessly for things like glass doorknobs and old stained glass windows and I know that the harder I try, the better this place is going to look and the more I can get for it when I sell it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t modernize anything though since I’m from the city and I couldn’t handle some stuff! I got internet so I could get online all the way out here and installed a high-efficiency shower head, too, so my showers would be pleasant. I put up a fence made of metal rather than wood but I think it’s all just going to add value to the property. I like living here for now though and I have no plans to sell anytime soon!