Thursday, September 22, 2011

The times are tough

Almost every day I have to deal with cash. Looking at the sales for the day can be an up and down experience. When the sales are low for the day and expenses are high, it is very difficult to be optimistic. More so when I know that there are huge unpaid bills still in the drawer. Credit cards bills are the ones that came to mind when the sales are low. How and when can I pay all the bills and still have extra money to spend?

No, I am not a shopaholic and I do not make unnecessary purchases at the shopping centers. I use my credit cards to pay for the necessary purchases. It is just that the cost of living has increased, while there has not been a change in income. The amount that I can save every month keeps on getting smaller. I seldom use my credit card to do online purchases as the risks of identity theft are real. For those of you who are not familiar about it or have just received your first credit card, do have a look at this IdentityHawk Commercial. There are also many other companies similar to IdentityHawk that provide identity theft protection.

The times are tough and will definitely get tougher if I become a victim of identity fraud.

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