Saturday, September 03, 2005

My collection

Read about Johanna’s fascination for serviettes. Wah… she collected more than 600+ serviettes. That made me reflect on my fascination for collecting things. NONE. No fascination at all.

Maybe the only fascination that I have right now is computer softwares and cracks. I think it all started because of one program called SwishMax which was introduced to me by one girl called aish. Since then there is no stopping me from finding softwares/programs and the best part of it… finding the cracks/keygens/serials for the softwares. And with streamyx connection, this fascination was given much boost. It is much easier and faster to download whatever programs that I want. Of course there’s the risks to it. Not so much of anti-piracy enforcement officers but more of the viruses that comes together with the downloaded crack/keygens files. Had to reformat the hard disks twice but still the fascination does not dies off.

Do I feel guilty about using pirated softwares. Well… not yet. I guess it is because I didn’t sell the crack softwares for financial gains. By the way, most of the programs are just to satisfy my curiousity. I found good softwares for database management, wedding, video, web edit etc. Now I must learn how to crack the program itself rather than waiting for other to do it. 

Well… my collection continue growing….



aish said...

oh good! go and crack all the wedding stuff and give us. we need help ! hehe

David Bong said...

Yeah.... got one. Smart Wedding version 4. You search and download it lah.It's too big for me to email you the setup.exe. But I'll email you the crack.