Friday, September 09, 2005

Why is life worth living?

If you were given just 2 minutes to convince a person that this life is worth living for, what would your answer be?

Being a person who seldom thinks… or very lazy to think, I would find difficulty in answering this question. I enjoy living, about 90% of the time. It is there, so why should I think about such question? Maybe the problem with me is that I am not surrounded by people who have problems living their lives. Thus I’m not forced to think of such issues. I have the habit of thinking that if only people live the way I live…. well, to be precise… think the way I think… then the question does not need to arise.

Is life worth living? Of course, it is!…

Why? …umphh… don’t know lah. It is just worth living lah.

Maybe I’ll take some time to ponder on this question. Surely there are reasons to why my life is worth living. For the meantime, I’ll use the new Miss Malaysia / World 2005 winner Emmeline Ng’s answer. 

The 22-year-old Ng's answer was:

“I would tell him to live on for his family because they are always there for you, that you should never give up as life is full of miraculous twists and turns and that it is worth taking risks in life, as the greater the risks, the greater the returns.

Okay… after a little bit of pondering… I’ll change the answer to, “…to live on for those who cares for you because you made their lives beautiful and wonderful. That there is hope in a better future as God has laid down the best plan for your life, as you follow God’s path to an abundant life.”

Of course, if given more than 2 minutes to answer this question, I’ll be babbling and babbling of a lot more things that is worth living for. But then… who would want to listen?


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